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Percy Edward Newberry Collection
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Griffith, Francis Llewellyn - correspondence

Correspondence from Francis Llewellyn Griffith including relating to Newberry's work at Beni Hasan; comparison of Newberry's copies of inscriptions with Hay's work by Blackden; publication of Beni Hasan and El Bersheh; Rekhmara inscriptions; corrections to the publication of text from the tomb of Nebamun; readings and corrections of texts.

Correspondence includes notes on inscriptions in Beni Hasan tomb 2 belonging to Amenemhat [known as Ameny], tomb 13 belonging to Khnumhotep, tomb 14 belonging to Khnumhotep I, tomb 15 belonging to Baqet III, tomb 21 belonging to Nakht, tomb 23 belonging to Netjernakht, tomb 26, and tomb 33 belonging to Baqet II.

Also includes:
-Correspondence from Newberry to Griffith relating to arrangement for Blackden at Beni Hassan and M de Morgan’s refusal to allow him to work at Tel el Amarna
-Correspondence from Griffith to Newberry’s brother John E. Newberry reporting news from Beni Hasan and on available work
-Copy of letter sent to Selima Harris relating to acquiring her father Anthony Charles Harris’ papers

MSS 21/1 is also numbered 149
MSS 21/2 is also numbered 148
MSS 21/3 is also numbered 128
MSS 21/4 is also numbered 130
MSS 21/5 is also numbered 146
MSS 21/6 is also numbered 134
MSS 21/7 is also numbered 121
MSS 21/8 is also numbered 129
MSS 21/10 is also numbered 153
MSS 21/11 is also numbered 152
MSS 21/12 is also numbered 120
MSS 21/13 is also numbered 142
MSS 21/14 is also numbered 21
MSS 21/15 is also numbered 21a
Letter without Dawson reference numbered 22
MSS 21/16 is also numbered 141
MSS 21/17 is also numbered 119
MSS 21/18 is also numbered 126
MSS 21/19 is also numbered 132
MSS 21/20 is also numbered 155
MSS 21/21 is also numbered 142
MSS 21/22 is also numbered 127
MSS 21/23 is also numbered 117
MSS 21/24 is also numbered 137a
MSS 21/25 is also numbered 154
MSS 21/27 is also numbered 136
MSS 21/28 is also numbered 123
MSS 21/29 is also numbered 58
MSS 21/30 is also numbered 58
MSS 21/31 is also numbered 37
MSS 21/32 is also numbered 62
MSS 21/25 is also numbered 25
MSS 21/36 is also numbered 23
MSS 21/38 is also numbered 27
MSS 21/40 is also numbered A.225
MSS 21/41 is also numbered A.259
MSS 21/42 is also numbered 56
MSS 21/45 is also numbered 58
MSS 21/47 is also numbered 43
MSS 21/49 is also numbered 12
MSS 21/57 is also numbered 44
MSS 21/63 is also numbered A.155
MSS 21/64 is also numbered A.145
MSS 21/66 is also numbered A.174
MSS 21/67 is also numbered A.175

Griffith, Francis Llewellyn

Hall, Harry Reginald Holland - correspondence

Correspondence from Harry Reginald Holland Hall (1873-1920) including relating to work of the Egypt Exploration Society (EES), purchase of antiquities for the British Museum and research.

Includes correspondence relating to: accomodation arrangements in Cairo including a letter possibly sent to Carter; Bab el Hosan and the archaeological report of the EES, 1904-5; a visit to Beni Hasan; James Teackle Dennis and his work for the EES; T. Eric Peet; an article by Albright titled 'Menes and Narâm-Sin' in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (1920); arrangements for excavation work, discussion of future sites and the role of the EES in excavation and survey work; inspection of Lord Sandwich's collection for inclusion in an exhibition at Burlington Fine Arts Club; purchase of items for the British Museum including from the Hood and Maxwell collections; collecting ladanum with a flail; getting antiquities from Egypt and Pierre Lacau.

Also includes: a postcard featuring a photograph of a stela labelled during previous archival processing 'Zeyak, Abu Skereb?'; a postcard of British Museum papyrus number 10470 showing a ceremony of the 'Opening of the Mouth' on the mummy of Hunefer; a postcard showing a photograph of an Italian ship called 'Scilla'; and a list by Newberry of people invited to a dinner to celebrate Hall's appointment to Keeper, Briitsh Museum, 21 October 1924

MSS 23/8 is also numbered 339
MSS 23/10 is also numbered A.157
MSS 23/11 is also numbered A.156
MSS 23/12 is also numbered A.158
MSS 23/17 is also numbered A.196
MSS 23/18 is also numbered A.196a
MSS 23/19 is also numbered A.25
MSS 23/20 is also numbered A.27
MSS 23/30 is also numbered A.72
MSS 23/31 is also numbered A.73
MSS 23/32 is also numbered 204b
MSS 23/33 is also numbered 307
MSS 23/38 is also numbered 19
MSS 23/39 is also numbered 24
MSS 23/40 is also numbered 14
MSS 23/41 is also numbered 16
MSS 23/45 is also numbered 204
MSS 23/50 is also numbered 318

Headlam, A. K. - correspondence

Correspondence from A. K. Headlam including letter describing a journey in Egypt and the sights including paintings and inscriptions. This letter has been dated 1892 during previous archival processing.

Hodson, Cass - correspondence

Letter from Cass Hodson (Secretary, The Eugenics Education Society) inviting Newberry to give a paper on racial aspects of Egyptian civilisation.

There is also a note by Newberry which states he answered 'no'.

Hogarth, David George - correspondence

Correspondence from David George Hogarth (1862-1927) (Ashmolean Museum) including relating to the arrival of a coffin and writing formal acknowledgement to Whitaker; recommendations for digging at Sakha; requesting Newberry to bid on items at auction; and photograph of the Scorpion Macehead.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry including list of amounts offered by people towards purchase of a prehistoric figure at auction.

MSS 24/37 is also numbered A23a
MSS 24/39 is also numbered A.23b
MSS 24/40 is also numbered A.23

Holden, Thomas - correspondence

Correspondence from Thomas Holden relating to flora and gardening including enquiry from Lord Rennell relating to the discovery of old seeds.

MSS 24/45 is also numbered A.167
MSS 24/46 is also numbered A.167b

There are two letters without reference numbers, one of which is numbered A.167a

Holmes, Edward Morrell - correspondence

Correspondence from Edward Morrell Holmes (1843-1930) including relating to oil, seeds,

Egyptian gardens, gardening, depiction of plants in Punt, labdanum and perfumery.

Also includes letter to the secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society requesting books from the library for Newberry.

MSS 24/48 is also numbered A.301
MSS 24/49 is also numbered 23

Ingram, Bruce Stirling - correspondence

Correspondence from Bruce Stirling Ingram (Editor, The Illustrated London News) relating to photographs and illustrations for publication and lectures by Newberry. Also includes reference to the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun and Howard Carter's negotiations with the Egyptian authorities.

Iversen, Erik - correspondence

Correspondence from Erik Iversen and draft replies from Newberry relating to research, publications and arranging to meet. Includes draft reply from Newberry on a monument at Copenhagen of the Vizier Washptah (5129) and the double axe cult. Also includes draft letter relating to the establishment of an international association of Egyptologists.

Jonas, Mary C. - correspondence

Correspondence from Mary C. Jonas (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Society) relating to the work of the Egypt Exploration Society (EES).

Includes correspondence relating to: donations to the EES and fundraising including donations from Mrs Hubbard and distribution of the money; work at El Amarna including copy of a letter from Francis Giesler Newton to Henry Reginald Holland Hall on work at El Amarna and Francis Llewellyn Griffith's illness (Dec 1923), and correspondence following the death of Newton and relating to continuation of his work by Thomas Whittlemore; management on the EES including reports of meetings, discussion of committee members and appointment of officers; Jonas' resignation as Secretary.

Also includes letter to Warren Dawson from T. Eric Peet relating to work for the EES and copy of an agreement for work with Peet, 12 Nov 1915.

MSS 26/80 is also numbered A.182

Jones, Harold - correspondence

Correspondence from Harold Jones including relating to his health and work in Egypt for John Garstang and Theodore Davis. Also includes reference to Howard Carter and correspondence relating to nome signs.

MSS 27/2 is also numbered A.251
MSS 27/3 is also numbered A.277
MSS 27/4 is also numbered A.372
MSS 27/5 is also numbered A.92
MSS 27/7 is also numbered A.42
MSS 27/10 is also numbered A.40
MSS 27/13 is also numbered A.84
MSS 27/14 is also numbered A.43
MSS 27/17 is also numbered A.349

Jones, W.G. - correspondence

Correspondence from W.G. Jones (Dean, Faculty of Arts, University of Liverpool) including on Newberry's resignation from the Brunner Chair of Egyptology.

Kelly, R. Talbot - correspondence

Correspondence from R. Talbot Kelly (1861-1934) including relating to travel in Egypt and a framed picture being sent to Newberry.

MSS 27/66 is also numbered 350
MSS 27/67 is also numbered 99

Kendrick, Albert Frank - correspondence

Correspondence from Albert Frank Kendrick (Department of Textiles, Victoria & Albert Museum, London) relating to the Victoria & Albert Museum including items in the collection, exhibitions, purchase and sale of items, items belonging to Newberry including a Persian brocade, research enquiries from Newberry including on gloves, reference to textiles from the tomb of Tutankhamun, and the effects of the second world war. Also includes requests for information including about the pomegranate in Egyptian art and draft replies from Newberry, as well as a plain linen shirt from an unknown site in Egypt with enclosed sketch.

MSS 27/68 is also numbered 317
MSS 27/74 is also numbered A.19

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