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Schäfer, H. - correspondence

Correspondence from H. Schäfer (Königliches Museum, Berlin) relating to the delivery of some imprints (1901); and apologising for not being available when Newberry visited the museum (1928) [in German].

MSS 39/41 is also numbered 20

Schweinfurth, Georg - correspondence

Correspondence from Georg Schweinfurth including relating to tombs near Drah abu'l Negga including sketch map and drawing (1902); Quartz, Emery and its possible mining in Assuan (1914); plant remains in the tomb of Tutankhamun and a publication by Keimer on the flora of ancient Egypt (1923).

Smith, Cecil Harcourt - correspondence

Correspondence from Cecil Harcourt Smith (VictoriaAlbert Museum) relating to a lecture by Newberry on the tombs of the Kings.

MSS 40/52 is also numbered A.313
MSS 40/53 is also numbered A.314
MSS 40/55 is also numbered A.315

Stearn, William Thomas - correspondence

Correspondence from William Thomas Stearn (Royal Horticulture Society) relating to botany and gardening including identification of plants, Moringa and his research on the genus Allium (onions). Also includes draft reply from Newberry on the pomegranate.

Winlock, Herbert Eustis - correspondence

Correspondence from Herbert Eustis Winlock relating to: purchase of the Amherst papyri and excavation work in Luxor (1913); publication of a 12th dynasty tomb at Lisht, news from Egypt including on Arthur Weigall and the Service des Antiquités (1913); mounting the amherst papyri and purchase of the Hood collection (1919); referring to Ernest Wallis Budge, purchase of the Morgan papyri and planned excavation work (1920); research relating to Khety (1924); origin of a bead bought by Newberry including post script from S. C. Bosch Reitz (1929); Tomb of Meryet-Amun and identification of flowers (1930); disagreement with Budge (1930); history of the fleur-de-lys with enclosed letters to Mr Ivins, and from WM I. Jr. and Barbara Lyndon and notes (1935); research on the Egyptian calendar (1935); three bowls found in the outer courtyard of the tomb of Rekhmara, with notes by Newberry (1935); travel to England and visting Newberry and Alan Gardiner (1934); retirement from the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (1939); mummy of Wah (1939); employment of Herman Ranke and Georg Steindorff in America and research on 12th dynasty priest graffiti (1940); war and the death of Harry Burton (1940); health, politics and war (1940-2).

Also includes draft letter from Newberry on three bowls found in the outer courtyard of the tomb of Rekhmara (1935) with extract of a letter from Newberry to Theodore Davis on clearing the tomb of Rekhmara (1900).

MSS 46/5 is also numbered 377
MSS 46/10 is also numbered 231b
MSS 46/11 is also numbered 231a
MSS 46/12 is also numbered 231c
MSS 46/13 is also numbered 231
MSS 46/14 is also numbered 290
MSS 46/17 is also numbered 221
MSS 46/18 is also numbered 304
MSS 46/20 is also numbered 5
MSS 46/21 is also numbered 10
MSS 46/48 is also numbered 22
MSS 46/50 is also numbered 22a
MSS 46/52 is also numbered 254

Bankes, Burton, Hay - Notes by P.E. Newberry

Notebook titled by Warren Dawson 'BANKES, BURTON, HAY - Notes by P.E. Newberry' and inside 'BANKES - BURTON - HAY - Notes made by P.E. Newberry Given to me by him, March, 1949'. There is also a label on the inside cover 'Mr Warren Dawson October 1960'.

Typed notes (with hieroglyphs added by hand) on William John Bankes and Robert Hay, and one page on James Burton.

Note: There is correspondence from Raymond O. Faulkner referring to a manuscript on Bankes and Hay in 1943.

Notebook on birds

Hardback notebook containing handwritten notes on birds. The spine of the notebook has been labelled CULTS - NOMES.

The start of the notebook contains a list of birds, a bibliography of publications relating to birds (1872-1930), a list of birds in museum collections, list of domesticated birds. The notes are then organised by bird. The notes include bibliographic references, sketches of birds and cuttings of museum objects and wall paintings. Also includes handwritten extract from Petrie's benedictory address on 'souls and future life'. There are also loose pages of notes which have been inserted in relevant places. Some pages are titled but do not contain any notes.

Research journal

Notebook numbered by Newberry 'NB 29' with title inside front cover 'Journal - April 1929'. Notebook has also been titled (not by Newberry) 'Miscellaneous notes refs. Newspaper cuttings etc.'.

Notebook contains very short notes mostly of a couple of lines, with several to a page, on a wide range of topics. A lot of notes and pages have a line through them which could indicate they had been written up elsewhere, or in the case of references could indicate they had been followed up.

A lot of the notes are bibliographic references. There are also addresses and a business card.

Notebook also contains rubbings, sketches, newspaper cuttings, cuttings from sale catalogues and two postcards from Jean Capart.

Notes on early Egyptian travellers

Notebook with title on first page 'Notes upon Early Egyptian Travellers' and below 'Henry Light - Giovanni d'Athanasi - Henry Salt - E.W.Lane 14 25tc 34tc - G.A. Hoskins 16tc - Dodwell Collection 1827 p.14 and 32'. Inside front cover a note says 'Garstang' and below 'Care of Mrs Howard - Bank House - Blackburn'.

Inside back cover there is a list 'Note on the title [O17] - The Persea tree of ancient Egypt - The head dress of the [?] - The title [?]' and upside down at the bottom of the page 'Cardboard - Tracing paper - [?]'.

Includes notes from accounts of Henry Light, Giovanni d'Athanasi, Henry Salt, Edward William Lane and George Alexander Hoskins. Also includes notes on other travellers including James Burton, Joseph Bonomi, Piccinini and James Silk Buckingham. Notes in french from 'Un Manuel de Hiérarchie Égyptienne' by Gaston Maspero (OEB 144774).

Notebook on Tehenu

Notebook with handwritten title on front cover 'TEHENU'. There is an index inside the front cover.

Notes relating to Tehenu (also known as Temehu) including: discussion of hieroglyphs, millstones, throw sticks, the county name initial, boundaries of Tehenu-land, Libya, dress, products, cults, flora.

Notebook also contains loose notes.

Reference to 'Weapons folder' and 'Notebook on Morocco'.

Notebook on Sais

Notebook titled by Newberry 'Sais and 8.X - History and C'. There is an index inside the front cover.

Contains notes relating to Sais including on: the Saite nome, Neith, Neith temple, related hieroglyphs and their variants, Gynacopolis, Andiopolis, Ceramicus, coins, history of Sais, and Queen Merina (or Myrina).

Notebook on Queens

Notebook titled 'NB 10 Queens' containing notes on Egyptian Queens. The front of the notebook contains loose pages of notes. Roughly a third of the notebook has been used.

Seals from the Naqada Royal Tomb

Notebook titled on the first page 'Sealings. Garstang. Naqada Royal Tomb' containing drawings, tracings and cuttings of seals.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

Research notebook

Notebook titled on inside page '1908-9 - Percy E. Newberry - University of Liverpool - c/o Thomas Cook and Sons - Cairo or Luxor'. It has also been labelled during previous archival processing 'Miscellaneous - Mainly sealings and other early dynastic material'.

Notebook contains short notes on a range of different topics, copies of inscriptions, drawings, cuttings and rubbings of scarabs and seals.

Includes notes on religion, geography, museum collections and objects, genealogy of the Newberry family, nome ensigns or standards, cult symbols and architecture.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

Notes on shabtis

Notebook which has been labelled during previous archival processing 'Shabtis and Figures of gods' containing descriptive notes, drawings and copies of inscriptions on shabtis and other figures. The notes appear to have been written around the same time so it is possible the objects are part of one collection.

The reference PEN/G.XIX/N.A on the front of this notebook is incorrect and the reference PEN/G.XXX/N.E has been written on the first page.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Objects'.

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