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Shaw, Mary Stout - correspondence

Correspondence from Mary Stout Shaw including relating to travel, research on shabtis and persea wood, and requesting an article for inclusion in a book on Egyptian gardens with draft reply from Newberry.

Sethe, Kurt - correspondence

Correspondence from Kurt Sethe including relating to corrections to the inscriptions of the tomb of Rekhmara [1 letter in German]. Also includes notice of Sethe's death in 1934.

Also includes draft letter from Newberry to Sethe regarding some philological questions and the Hebrew Yah (1909)

MSS 40/10 is also numbered A 35

Seligman, Charles Gabriel - correspondence

Correspondence Charles Gabriel Seligman including relating to his and Newberry's research from research. Includes correspondence on: totemism and animal cults (1912); Faragab (1915); the Sed festival (1923 and 1933); iron (1924); wearing of the rahat and wedding ceremonies in Sudan (1927); milk customs (1927); E. E. Evans-Pritchard and his appointment as Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Egyptian University, Cairo (1931); Ritchie's analysis of Newberry's collection of ancient Egyptian glass; gardening and sending seeds; Newberry's paper on olives and his reference to a camel stick (1938).

Also includes two letters from Seligman's wife, Brenda, on the practise of incision and the health of 'Sligs' (1926).

MSS 39/66 is also numbered 39
MSS 39/67 is also numbered 249
MSS 39/70 is also numbered 247
MSS 39/73 is also numbered 207

Schweinfurth, Georg - correspondence

Correspondence from Georg Schweinfurth including relating to tombs near Drah abu'l Negga including sketch map and drawing (1902); Quartz, Emery and its possible mining in Assuan (1914); plant remains in the tomb of Tutankhamun and a publication by Keimer on the flora of ancient Egypt (1923).

Schäfer, H. - correspondence

Correspondence from H. Schäfer (Königliches Museum, Berlin) relating to the delivery of some imprints (1901); and apologising for not being available when Newberry visited the museum (1928) [in German].

MSS 39/41 is also numbered 20

Scarleti, P.W.[?] - correspondence

Letter from P.W. Scarleti [the signature is uncertain] (Private Secretary) making appointment for Newberry to meet the High Commissioner in Cairo.

This letter is also numbered A122

Sayce, (Rev.) Archibald Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce (1845-1933) including relating to: owners of tombs at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna; publication of the Song of the Harper in the tomb of Neferhotep; application for a concession north of Esna (1904); discovery of a cemetery by a Mr Fischer; arrangements for excavation work including cheque for £75; work with Garstang and news of finds (1904-5); obelisk uncovered by Reginald Engelbach with copy of inscription (1924).

Also includes letter of thanks to Mrs Newberry (1912).

MSS 39/21 is also numbered A.89
MSS 39/22 is also numbered A.85a and A 88
MSS 39/23 is also numbered A.88
MSS 39/24 is also numbered A 85
MSS 39/25 is also numbered 301
MSS 39/26 is also numbered A.85.b
MSS 39/29 is also numbered A.339
MSS 39/30 is also numbered A.54a
MSS 39/32 is also numbered 314

Savage, Spencer - correspondence

Correspondence from Spencer Savage (Assistant Secretary, The Linnean Society of London) relating to Newberry's paper On some African species of Olea and the original home of the cultivated Olive Tree.

Sanborn, Ashton - correspondence

Correspondence from Ashton Sanborn (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) including relating to a photograph of the Nofer stela showing the shell palette requested by Newberry.

MSS 39/13 is also numbered A.373
MSS 39/14 is also numbered A.374

Sampson, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Sampson (Librarian, Liverpool University) including a letter on the benefits of having the books from Lord Amherst's collection at Liverpool University (1907) and referring to the publication of a new journal (1909).

MSS 39/7 is also numbered A.50
MSS 39/8 is also numbered 280
MSS 39/9 is also numbered 327

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