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Francis Llewellyn Griffith Collection Stuk Engels
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1-31. Naga. Views of Roman and "A", "B", "D" & "E" Temples
14-15. Gebel Geili. Views

  1. El-Murabba. Views
    17-18. Naga, Temple "D". Views shewing rams
  2. Ram in War Office at Khartûm
    21-31. Unidentified small objects from O.U. Excavations in Nubia

Turin Museum - Demotic Papyri

Turin Museum - Demotic Papyri. Breasted and Schiaparelli photographs and letter from Breasted dated 18 December 1900:
-1: Papyrus 2123. Photographs, transliteration, translation.
-2: Papyrus 2128. Photographs (verso only), transliteration with hand-copy of verso, translation.
-3: Papyrus 2129. Photographs, with hand-copy and translation of verso.
-4: Papyrus 2130. Photographs.
-5: Papyrus 2131. Photographs.
-6: Papyrus 2132. Photographs.
-7: Papyrus 2133. Photographs.
-8-14: Papyri 2134-2141. Photographs.
-15:-17: Papyri 2144-2146. Photographs.
-18: Papyrus Supp. 6081. Photographs. Cf. Botti, Giuseppe, L'archivio demotico da Deir el-Medineh, 2 vols (1967) (OEB 12260), plate VII.
-19: Papyrus Supp. 6083. Photographs. Cf. Id. ib, plate XXXV.
-20: Papyrus Supp. 6084. Photographs. Cf. Id. ib, plate XXVIII.
-21: Papyrus Supp. 6087. Photographs. Cf. Id. ib, plate XLV.
-22: Papyrus Supp. 6092. Photographs. Cf. Id. ib, plate XXXIV.
-23: Papyrus Supp. 6093. Photographs. Cf. Id. ib, plate XXIV.
-24-29: Unidentified.

Translation of Vienna Papyrus No. 27

-3. recto: Translation of Vienna Papyrus No. 27 Cf. Bergmann, Ernst Ritter von, Hieratische und hieratisch-demotische Texte der Sammlung aegyptischer Alterthümer des Allerhöchsten Kaiserhauses (1886) (OEB 134186), platess X-XVIII.
-3. verso: Translation by Kate Griffith (corrected by F. Ll.Griffith) of the Story of Ahure compiled in Griffith, Francis Llewellyn, Stories of the high priests of Memphis: the Sethon of Herodotus and the demotic tales of Khamuas, 2 vols (1900) (OEB 140799), vol. I, p. 17-29, with discussion by F. Ll. Griffith on the title Pḥry.

Griffith, Kate

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