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Northampton, (Lord) William George Spencer Scott Compton - correspondence

Correspondence from Lord William George Spencer Scott Compton Northampton, 5th Marquis (1851-1913) including relating to Newberry's excavation work with Wilhelm Spiegelberg, permits for excavation, payment for work done and travel in Egypt.

Also includes letter from Newberry and Spiegelberg at Drah abul Negga reporting on excavation work including on the Temple of Queen Aahmes Nefertari and tomb of Nekht (1898).

Also includes letter of thanks from Margaret Compton with the date of her arrival in Egypt (1898).

MSS 33/70 is also numbered 22
MSS 33/71 is also numbered 19
MSS 33/72 is also numbered 17
MSS 33/73 is also numbered 21
MSS 33/74 is also numbered 8
MSS 33/75 is also numbered 15
MSS 33/76 is also numbered 8a
MSS 33/77 is also numbered 20
MSS 33/78 is also numbered 7
MSS 33/79 is also numbered 6
MSS 33/80 is also numbered 2
MSS 33/81 is also numbered 3
MSS 33/82 is also numbered 4
MSS 33/83 is also numbered 5
MSS 33/85 is also numbered 22a

Osborn, Theodore George Bentley - correspondence

Correspondence from Theodore George Bentley Osborn (Department of Botany, University of Oxford) relating to identification of leaves used to make an 'apron' or pectoral found at El Amarna in 1934. Includes draft reply from Newberry including details of his work identifying plant remains and related notes.

Osler, (Sir) William - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir William Osler (1849-1919) arranging to meet Newberry.

One letter is undated, the other has a date stamp that is a little smudged but looks like 1918.

MSS 34/46 is also numbered A.293
MSS 34/47 is also numbered A.293a

Peet, Thomas Eric - correspondence

Correspondence from T. Eric Peet including relating to his work for the Egypt Exploration Society (EES), University of Liverpool, as Editor of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (JEA) and the University of Oxford, as well as letters during the First World War including relating to his work for the Army Service Corps and Infantry.

Includes correspondence relating to: study of Egyptology and requesting books (1908-9); evidence of cults in Crete (1910); excavation work at Abydos with John Garstang including details of workers and warning Newberry of theft by a particular worker (1910-11); seeking work for his brothers; the issue of dealers selling antiquities in Egypt (1911); lecturing for Newberry at the University of Liverpool; work on Petrie’s copies of Sinai inscriptions with Alan Gardiner; election to the Brunner Chair of Egyptology at the University of Liverpool; news from the Institute of Archaeology, University of Liverpool; work for EES and a retaining fee paid to Peet during the war (1920); Bosanquet’s resignation from the University of Liverpool (1920); Pro-German tendencies of the EES (1920); publication of a guide to the Egyptian collections at Liverpool Museum; publication of the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus and Turin Papyri; teaching and students of Egyptology including Egyptian students; application for position at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford; publication of articles by Newberry in the JEA; research on girdle or belt with possible inscription of Ramesses III (1933); on taking up position at University of Oxford.

Also includes draft correspondence from Newberry to Peet on Peet’s election to the Brunner Chair of Egyptology, changed attitudes in Egypt to the English with reference to treatment of Howard Carter (1924), and on providing a reference for Peet for the position at the Ashmolean Museum (1928).

MSS 36/1 is also numbered 96
MSS 36/15 is also numbered 161 and 162
MSS 36/33 is also numbered 359

Pemberton, William S. Childe - correspondence

Correspondence from William S. Childe Pemberton including relating to the possibility of helping Newberry at Tell el Amarna and referring to making arrangements with Petrie (1892), travel in Egypt and reminiscences of time spent in Egypt (1923).

MSS 35/26 is also numbered 13c
MSS 35/27 is also numbered 13a
MSS 35/28 is also numbered 13b
MSS 35/30 is also numbered 13
MSS 35/31 is also numbered A.198
MSS 35/32 is also numbered A.379

Petrie, (Lady) Hilda - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Hilda Petrie (wife of Sir Flinders Petrie) including invitation to dinner with sketch map; recommendation for an anti-Bolshevist speaker; reference to work during the First World War (1918); circular advertising publication of unpublished manuscripts by Flinders Petrie (1947).

MSS 37/1 is also numbered 5
MSS 37/3 is also numbered 50
MSS 37/4 is also numbered A.298

Petrie, (Sir) William Matthew Flinders (1853-1942) - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Flinders Petrie including relating to excavation work, finds, objects purchased from dealers and research questions.

Includes correspondence relating to: Newberry 'sticking to Botany' (1886); squeezes from the 'plant chamber', drawings of which had been published by Mariette (1887); botanical specimens found including wreaths; excavation work and finds including 'opening the pyramid' with sketch (1888) and Kahun (1889); chapter written by Newberry on ancient botany for a book by Petrie on Hawara; a system of numeration for Nile antiquities (1890); copying work with sketches (1890); agreement on the distribution of finds; on finding the Temple of Snefru with sketch (1891); survey of pyramids and description of graffitti (1891); Frasier's deception (1891); purchases from dealers in Cairo; a scandal relating to de Morgan (1896); figs found in Den's tomb (1900); a cylinder relating to Assa with copy of inscription (1901); listing finds in letter sent from Baliana (1901); finds relating to Zer (1901); a letter from Newberry in The Times on Hittites (1903); excavation at Ehnasya and finds relating to Senusert (1904); a paper by Newberry on Neith; clearing the Herakleopolis cemetery and the distribution of finds (1921); excavation of first dynasty tombs at Abydos (1922); paper written by Newberry for Ancient Egypt (1922); Howard Carter and discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun (1923); the possibility of excavating at Byblos for the French (c.1925).

Also includes letter from Petrie to Myers, draft letter from Newberry to Petrie and response from Petrie relating to paper in which Petrie disputes views of Miss Murray (1908). Also includes letter to Wainright relating to article for publication (1914).

MSS 37/41 includes watercolour painting of view from Petrie's bedroom door at sunrise, (c.1895).
MSS 37/66 includes post script from Hilda Petrie on Newberry’s subscription to publications.

MSS 37/6 is also numbered 89
MSS 37/8 is also numbered 68
MSS 37/9 is also numbered 77
MSS 37/10 is also numbered 79
MSS 37/11 is also numbered A.61
MSS 37/12 is also numbered 78
MSS 37/13 is also numbered A.62
MSS 37/14 is also numbered 156
MSS 37/15 is also numbered A.63
There is a letter without a Dawson reference numbered A.64
MSS 37/16 is also numbered 69
MSS 37/17 is also numbered 80
MSS 37/18 is also numbered A 65
MSS 37/19 is also numbered 87
MSS 37/20 is also numbered 70
MSS 37/21 is also numbered 89
MSS 37/22 is also numbered 88
MSS 37/24 is also numbered 72
MSS 37/25 is also numbered 73
MSS 37/26 is also numbered 86
MSS 37/27 is also numbered 83
MSS 37/28 is also numbered 90
MSS 37/29 is also numbered 85
MSS 37/30 is also numbered 84
MSS 37/31 is also numbered 74
MSS 37/32 is also numbered A.86
MSS 37/33 is also numbered 76
MSS 37/34 is also numbered 82
MSS 37/35 is also numbered 75
MSS 37/36 is also numbered 94
MSS 37/37 is also numbered 95
MSS 37/38 is also numbered 35
MSS 37/39 is also numbered 8
MSS 37/40 is also numbered 10
MSS 37/42 is also numbered A.227
MSS 37/43 is also numbered 12
MSS 37/44 is also numbered 5
MSS 37/45 is also numbered A.226
MSS 37/46 is also numbered A.236
MSS 37/48 is also numbered A.369
MSS 37/49 is also numbered 11
MSS 37/50 is also numbered 12
MSS 37/51 is also numbered 10
MSS 37/52 is also numbered 2
MSS 37/53 is also numbered 1
MSS 37/54 is also numbered 47
MSS 37/55 is also numbered 45
MSS 37/56 is also numbered 2
MSS 37/57 is also numbered 65
MSS 37/64 is also numbered 373
MSS 37/65 is also numbered 283
MSS 37/66 is also numbered 316
MSS 37/72 is also numbered 315
MSS 37/73 is also numbered 240
MSS 37/75 is also numbered 239
MSS 37/83 is also numbered A.318
MSS 37/84 is also numbered A.320
MSS 37/85 is also numbered A.320
MSS 37/86 is also numbered A.324
MSS 37/89 is also numbered 239a
MSS 37/94 is also numbered 193 and 51

Rankin, Helen M. - correspondence

Correspondence from Helen M. Rankin (Wife of John Rankin) including sympathy on death of Newberry's parents, congratulations on his fellowship from London University and relating to a trip to the Lake District.

MSS 38/39 is also numbered A.337

Rankin, P.S. - correspondence

Letter from P.S. Rankin on behalf of his Father, John Rankin, in response to a letter from Newberry and relating to Newberry referring to himself as a 'Sectional President'.

This letter is also numbered A.308

Savage, Spencer - correspondence

Correspondence from Spencer Savage (Assistant Secretary, The Linnean Society of London) relating to Newberry's paper On some African species of Olea and the original home of the cultivated Olive Tree.

Sayce, (Rev.) Archibald Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce (1845-1933) including relating to: owners of tombs at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna; publication of the Song of the Harper in the tomb of Neferhotep; application for a concession north of Esna (1904); discovery of a cemetery by a Mr Fischer; arrangements for excavation work including cheque for £75; work with Garstang and news of finds (1904-5); obelisk uncovered by Reginald Engelbach with copy of inscription (1924).

Also includes letter of thanks to Mrs Newberry (1912).

MSS 39/21 is also numbered A.89
MSS 39/22 is also numbered A.85a and A 88
MSS 39/23 is also numbered A.88
MSS 39/24 is also numbered A 85
MSS 39/25 is also numbered 301
MSS 39/26 is also numbered A.85.b
MSS 39/29 is also numbered A.339
MSS 39/30 is also numbered A.54a
MSS 39/32 is also numbered 314

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