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-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-Handwritten by W. M. Flinders Petrie.
-'Photographs from the Ghizeh Museum'
-'This museum is not only shamefully perilous, in view of a fire occurring, but it is also altogether unsuitable for a collection. There is but one hall where any top light can be obtained for sculpture; and everywhere else side lights, often of most inappropriate kinds, make it difficult to see sculptures, & almost hopeless to photograph them. The insecurity of the cases makes it needful to keep them screwed up & pad locked, so that it is very troublesome to open any case.
-These photographs are very far from being what they should be; but their defects are largely due to the miserable light, & the need of frequently photographing through glass cases.
-I have to thank the curator, Brugsch Bey, for granting me permission to photograph whatever I desired. These were done in the course of three days.'

Page 41

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-547 Uaset.ankh [M13-t-S34] Salle 2
-548 Boatmen (under No 93 cat.)
-549 Fight of boatmen. (Cat. 94)
-550 Man seized by baboon. (over 93 cat.)

Page 42

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-551 Sculptors (cat. 83)
-553 Stele of [i-d-A17-i-i] (old no. 6963).
-554 Stele of Neternefer. [R8-F35-f:r]. (cat 63)
-555 Altar with sculpture of tank in which is the depth of water stated for different seasons. Inscriptions in tank [1-1-.-1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-?-M8F(?) / 1-1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-r-? / 1-1-.-10-10-.-?-Aa19-t-n-?]

Page 43

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-556 Carved wooden head. (Cat 908) called "Saitic", but pobably XII dyn. (in glass case)
-557 Black stone bowl with figures in boat. (in glass case) Salle 70
-558 Mummy of Ament priestess of Hathor, with original bead necklace. (in glass case) (Cat 115) She has original tattoo lines across the stomach, like a modern Sudanic.
-559 Remains of the stele of king Antef & dogs. (Cat 112)

Page 47

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-573 Enigmatical inscription of Tahutmes I. (cat 159)
-574 Queen of Pun (cat 236) (now placed about 7 feet high)
-575 Trial piece of Tahutmes III. &c. Salle 55
-576 Colossal red granite head. Court 26.

Page 51

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-588 Butler, & girl dancing (after tasting the wine?) cat. 171
-589 Zay & Naia: late XVIII dyn. (cat 179)
-590-1 Head of Zay, a perfect example of the refined type of the XVIIIth dynasty. (but in an atrocious light) (cat. 179)

Page 53

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-597-8. Colossal head of Ramessu II (cat 166)
-599 Heads of Asiatic & Negro, altar of Ramessu II. (cat 699)
-602 Rushwork stand, baskets &c. In glass case. (cat. 508)

Page 60

-Giza, Bulaq Museum.
-623 Stela of Alexander Aegus. dedicated by Ptolemy I. (cat. 283)
-624 [626 in pencil] Porphyry colossus of a Roman Emporer. Alexandria. (cat. 298)

[480] Step Pyramid, South face.

Saqqara (Saqqâra). Step Pyramid of Neterikhet (Djoser).
Caption reads:
'Step Pyramid, South face.
Shewing two earlier casings, 3 & 4, at a steeper angle than the later.
The oldest part shews smaller stones.'

There are also two arrows numbered 3 and 4 and a '5 ft rod' labelled.

[413] Passage of pyramid cut in the rock.

Abu Rawash (Abû Rawâsh). Pyramid of Radjedef (Razedef). Interior.
Caption reads:
'Passage of pyramid cut in the rock.
Formerly lined with stone. Taken at 1 minute before noon
the sides being equally illuminated, or the E. a little more so.
Azimuth therefore about 20'W of N.'

[56] Pyramid of Medum from S.S.W.

Meidum (Maidum). Pyramid of Sneferu (Snefru; Snofru).
Caption reads:
'Pyramid of Medum from S.S.W.
Shewing remains of finished casings outside the present pyramid
(at the spots) in rubbish heap: and the rough bands of stone on the
pyramid. Where the steps joined the remaining masonry.'

[365] W. Side of granite temple.

Giza (Gîza). Pyramid Complex of Khafra (Khafre; Khephren). Valley Temple and Pyramid.
Caption reads:
'W. side of Granite temple.
Shewing the passage going askew out of it,
but direct to the temple in front of second pyramid'

Also label for 'door of passage'.

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