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Harrison, Benjamin - correspondence

Correspondence from Benjamin Harrison (1837-1921) including letter of thanks and requesting the return of 'The Bevington Letter'. Also includes letter from James Reid Moir to Harrison relating to flints and eoliths.

MSS 23/103 is also numbered 241

The letter from James Reid Moir is numbered 242

Gann, Thomas - correspondence

Correspondence from Thomas Gann including two letters to Professor J. L. Myres relating to the shipment of antiquities and two letters to Newberry relating to sending him orchids and the sale of Gann's collection.

MSS 17/3 is also numbered A.342
MSS 17/4 is also numbered A.343
MSS 17/5 is also numbered 286

Hall, Harry Reginald Holland - correspondence

Correspondence from Harry Reginald Holland Hall (1873-1920) including relating to work of the Egypt Exploration Society (EES), purchase of antiquities for the British Museum and research.

Includes correspondence relating to: accomodation arrangements in Cairo including a letter possibly sent to Carter; Bab el Hosan and the archaeological report of the EES, 1904-5; a visit to Beni Hasan; James Teackle Dennis and his work for the EES; T. Eric Peet; an article by Albright titled 'Menes and Narâm-Sin' in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology (1920); arrangements for excavation work, discussion of future sites and the role of the EES in excavation and survey work; inspection of Lord Sandwich's collection for inclusion in an exhibition at Burlington Fine Arts Club; purchase of items for the British Museum including from the Hood and Maxwell collections; collecting ladanum with a flail; getting antiquities from Egypt and Pierre Lacau.

Also includes: a postcard featuring a photograph of a stela labelled during previous archival processing 'Zeyak, Abu Skereb?'; a postcard of British Museum papyrus number 10470 showing a ceremony of the 'Opening of the Mouth' on the mummy of Hunefer; a postcard showing a photograph of an Italian ship called 'Scilla'; and a list by Newberry of people invited to a dinner to celebrate Hall's appointment to Keeper, Briitsh Museum, 21 October 1924

MSS 23/8 is also numbered 339
MSS 23/10 is also numbered A.157
MSS 23/11 is also numbered A.156
MSS 23/12 is also numbered A.158
MSS 23/17 is also numbered A.196
MSS 23/18 is also numbered A.196a
MSS 23/19 is also numbered A.25
MSS 23/20 is also numbered A.27
MSS 23/30 is also numbered A.72
MSS 23/31 is also numbered A.73
MSS 23/32 is also numbered 204b
MSS 23/33 is also numbered 307
MSS 23/38 is also numbered 19
MSS 23/39 is also numbered 24
MSS 23/40 is also numbered 14
MSS 23/41 is also numbered 16
MSS 23/45 is also numbered 204
MSS 23/50 is also numbered 318

Guppy, Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Henry Guppy (1861-1948) (Librarian, John Rylands Library) relating to a lecture and Newberry's introduction for Dives Pragmaticus.

MSS 22/77 is also numbered A.36

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