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Walter Ewing Crum Collection
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Walter Ewing Crum Collection

  • Crum MSS
  • Collection
  • c.1890-1944

Card indexes used in compilation of the <i>Coptic Dictionary</i>, photographs, photostats, notebooks, notes, correspondence, newspaper cuttings, negatives, and casts.

Crum, Walter Ewing

Woide Collection

Material relating to the Woide Collection held at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. Includes notebook on the Woide manuscripts, two page handwritten list of the Woide Collection, and two envelopes of photostats. Envelopes are labelled:Wo...

Hunt, Marshall, Fraser

Envelope containing photographs and photostats from the collections of Robert Huntington, Thomas Marshall and James Fraser collections held at the Bodleian Library, University of Oxford. Envelope labelled:Photographs and photostats of: Hunt 3, 5, ...

114 - Arabic

Photostats: 114 - Arabic. Published by E. Amélineau. Includes notes and letter from Heinrich Jantsch [in German], 1 September 1926.


Photographs of material from Leningrad including the Golenischeff collection.

Golenischeff collection

88A. Photographs from the collection of Golenischeff (literary and non-literary).Mostly published by von Lemm.88B. Golenischeff - 6 plates.

Ostraca from Deir el Bahari

Photographs of ostraca from Deir el Bahari (M.M.A. excavations circa 1929, photographed by Burton).Note on envelope: Photographs taken by Burton of ostraca found in Naville's dumps at Deir el-Bahri by Winlock and (originals) received in Bath ...

Literary fragments

Photostats: Literary fragments sent by Simaika.Another four in Notebook 106.Includes notes and first page of a letter enclosing the photographs, 20 May 1908.

Morgan MSS

Photostats: dated Morgan MSS: II p. 133 893 XXXIV p. 17 872 XIII p. 52 895 XXXVII p. 124 823 XIV p. 5 893 XXXIX p. 10 902 XV p. 11 855 XLI p. 177 848 XVI p. 78 906 XLIII p. 268 855 XX p. 13 893 XLVIII p. 79 ...

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