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[208] Half relief statues on limestone.

-Sheikh ʿAbd el-Qurna.
-Rock-cut statues, a woman holding child and man squatting on the ground holding child.
'Half relief statues, on limestone.
On the hillside at Shekh abd-el-Gurneh, at the
North end overlooking El Assassif.'

[205] Brick galleries around the Ramesseum.

-Brick buildings (storehouses).
'Brick galleries around the Ramesseum.
Wilkinson thinks them early Christian, but Maspero says
they are of XIX dyn. As they are arranged symmetrically
round the Ramesseum, and I found early blue ring in
the mortar, they are Ramesside, and for garrison?. XIX'

[254] Queen Tausert

-Valley of the Kings.
-KV14, Tausert, wife of Seti (Sethos) I, usurped by Setnakht.
-Corridor A.
-Upper part of Queen offering ointment in scene 2.
-TopBib i2.529(3).
'Queen Tausert
In Siptah's tomb in valley of Kings tombs.

[96] Isis, Horus, and Nebhat(?)

-El-Siririya (El-Sirîrîya; el-Saririya).
-Rock-chapel of Hathor of Akhwi.
-Three rock-cut statues of Hathor with a king and queen(?).
-TopBib iv.127(5).
'Isis, Horus, and Nebhat(?)
on back of small rock cut temple at the quarries
Es Shereriyeh. temp. Ramses III.'

[257] Ramessu VI

-Valley of the Kings.
-KV9, Ramses (Ramesses) VI.

'Ramessu VI
From his tomb in valley of Kings tombs. The design
has been altered, & the plaster falling shews two hands'

[91] Quarries at Nezlet Shekh Hassan.

-el-Sheikh Hassan (near Oxyrhynchus).
-Roman mud-brick buildings.
'Quarries at Nezlet Shekh Hassan.
Cracks in the rock are left untouched in a wall of rock;
these walls dividing the quarries into courts, which are
connected by a neat cut slit through them.'

-With arrows pointing to entrance:
'↑entrance slit

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