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Theban topography

Notes and photographs relating to Theban topography.Much of this material is published in W. E. Crum & H. Winlock, The Monastery of Epiphanius Part I (New York, 1926), Chapter V.


Medinet Habu graffiti, 1937 (from pls.)Oxyrhynchus inscriptionMusée Guimet inscription, 1900Copies by Wilkinson (Crewe)Aberdeen Limestone 110Copy of vase inscription sent by SobhyInscription on bronze censer belonging to Major Gayer AndersonCoptic...


(a) Deir el Gebrawi - tracing of graffitus by N. de Garis Davies Dendera - three photographs of graffiti with covering letter.(b) Deir el Gebrawi - copies of graffiti by Newberry and Fraser.Deir Abu Hennes - Fraser’s copies of inscriptions inc...

Lord Carnarvon’s papyrus

Copy, notes and photograph of Lord Carnarvon’s papyrus:Heidelberg: 500, 501, and 579 (notes); 498 and 578 (copies).Michigan: 136 (a few lines only), 593, and 603 (copies).GenevaP. ChassinatIncludes letter from Howard Carter, 1921 and H.J [Herman J...

Arabic texts

(a) British Library Or. 5660 fol. 50b(b) British Library Or. 1331 fols. 8b, 9a Ibu al-‘ Assâl(c) British Library Or. 5019(d) Fuhrer Rainer 725(e) Synaxarium - Bib. Theol. Laur. MS. Ar. 189, fols. 50-51

Martyrdom of St. Mark

Copy of the Martyrdom of St. Mark from a MS. of the Acts and Martyrdoms of the Apostles in the Patriarch’s Library, Cairo. (Note by Crum “=Malan 181 ff.”).

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