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Peake, Harold T. E. - correspondence

Correspondence from Harold T. E. Peake including relating to: publication of an article; visiting Newberry; research topics including wild barley, minerals in Armenia, pot forms, Egyptian chronology, Egyptian script; gardening; work during World War II.

Also includes letter of thanks from Mrs Newberry for the donation of a palm leaf book.

MSS 35/5 is also numbered 206
MSS 35/6 is also numbered 213
MSS 35/7 is also numbered 205
MSS 35/8 is also numbered 205a
MSS 35/9 is also numbered 298
MSS 35/12 is also numbered A106a
There is also a letter without a Dawson reference numbered A106b

Paterson, Emily - correspondence

Correspondence from Emily Paterson (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Fund) relating to Newberry's work for the Egypt Exploration Fund including payment of his salary. Includes correspondence relating to the work of Naville at Deir el Bahari, publication of Beni Hasan, work at Tell el Amarna and communication with Jean-Jacques de Morgan, work by Howard Carter.

Also includes copies of letters from Newberry to Paterson reporting on his work. Includes letters relating to work at Sheikh Said and Gebel el Gebrawi, work by his brother John Newberry and Howard Carter.

MSS 34/69 is also numbered 28
MSS 34/70 is also numbered 26a
MSS 34/71 is also numbered 2
MSS 34/72 is also numbered 3
MSS 34/73 is also numbered 26

Palmer, (Sir) Herbert Richmond - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Herbert Richmond Palmer relating to tumuli near Katsina, Northern Nigeria (1910) and ladanum and its collection (1936).

Includes memorandum on the collection and use of ladanum gum in Cyprus, a page of notes on ladanum in Cyprus (numbered 289a) and a draft letter from Newberry thanking Palmer for the information on ladanum and asking a question relating to olive trees in Cyprus.

Osler, (Sir) William - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir William Osler (1849-1919) arranging to meet Newberry.

One letter is undated, the other has a date stamp that is a little smudged but looks like 1918.

MSS 34/46 is also numbered A.293
MSS 34/47 is also numbered A.293a

Osborn, Theodore George Bentley - correspondence

Correspondence from Theodore George Bentley Osborn (Department of Botany, University of Oxford) relating to identification of leaves used to make an 'apron' or pectoral found at El Amarna in 1934. Includes draft reply from Newberry including details of his work identifying plant remains and related notes.

Oppenheimer, (Lady) Bertha V. - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Bertha V. Oppenheimer to Mrs Newberry inviting her and Newberry to stay. Also includes postcard from Frankfurt with Christmas wishes.

MSS 34/34 is also numbered A.193
MSS 34/36 is also numbered A.194

Oliver, Francis Wall - correspondence

Correspondence from Francis Wall Oliver (Professor of Botany, University of Cairo, 1929-1935) relating to botany, gardening and life in Egypt including travel, social life, climate and building a house. Also includes correspondence relating to spartina, the possibility of collecting samples to date the distributiton of plants, Cistus and the extraction of oil and questions for Newberry including relating to botany in ancient Egypt and the tomb of Minna. Also includes sketch of a large cabinet offered to Newberry.

Northampton, (Lord) William George Spencer Scott Compton - correspondence

Correspondence from Lord William George Spencer Scott Compton Northampton, 5th Marquis (1851-1913) including relating to Newberry's excavation work with Wilhelm Spiegelberg, permits for excavation, payment for work done and travel in Egypt.

Also includes letter from Newberry and Spiegelberg at Drah abul Negga reporting on excavation work including on the Temple of Queen Aahmes Nefertari and tomb of Nekht (1898).

Also includes letter of thanks from Margaret Compton with the date of her arrival in Egypt (1898).

MSS 33/70 is also numbered 22
MSS 33/71 is also numbered 19
MSS 33/72 is also numbered 17
MSS 33/73 is also numbered 21
MSS 33/74 is also numbered 8
MSS 33/75 is also numbered 15
MSS 33/76 is also numbered 8a
MSS 33/77 is also numbered 20
MSS 33/78 is also numbered 7
MSS 33/79 is also numbered 6
MSS 33/80 is also numbered 2
MSS 33/81 is also numbered 3
MSS 33/82 is also numbered 4
MSS 33/83 is also numbered 5
MSS 33/85 is also numbered 22a

Nicol, Erskine E. - correspondence

Correspondence from Erskine E. Nicol (husband of Cecile Nicol) including relating to the purchase of a picture and arranging to meet Newberry.

Also includes letters of thanks to Mrs Newberry including reference to travel and Howard Carter.

MSS 33/54 is also numbered A.350
MSS 33/55 is also numbered A.347
MSS 33/56 is also numbered A.347b
MSS 33/57 is also numbered A.347a
MSS 33/63 is also numbered A.325

Newton, Francis Giesler - correspondence

Letter from Francis Giesler Newton relating to excavation work for the Egypt Exploration Society and discovery of a palace north of El-Til.

This letter includes notes by Newberry including a sketch possibly of a palace façade, and a name, possibly of a vizier, written in hieroglyhs.

Newberry, John E. - correspondence

Correspondence from John E. Newberry (Newberry's brother) including relating to his work for Henri Edouard Naville in Deir el Bahari, people he met whilst travelling in Egypt, forwarding correspondence and news to Newberry including relating to the work of the Egypt Exploration Society, and his career as an architect.

Includes correspondence relating to: the work of Marcus Blackden; visitors to excavation site including Lord and Lady Edward Churchill (1890); Howard Carter including his manners (1893); excavation at Deir el Bahari including a sketch plan of the house he was staying in with Naville and David George Hogarth's report to the Egypt Exploration Society (1893); health of his and Newberry's Mother; purchase of a house in London.

Also includes several letters from Newberry to his brother John including on courting and engagement to his first wife Nelly (1893-4) and on the tombs at Assiut (n.d.).

MSS 33/18 is also numbered 66 and 34
MSS 33/22 is also numbered 18
MSS 33/26 is also numbered 104
MSS 33/27 is also numbered 111
MSS 33/30 is also numbered 1
MSS 33/31 is also numbered 17
MSS 33/32 is also numbered A.214
MSS 33/33 is also numbered A.216
MSS 33/34 is also numbered A.217
MSS 33/35 is also numbered A.206
MSS 33/36 is also numbered A.264
MSS 33/37 is also numbered 9a

Naville, Henri Edouard - correspondence

Correspondence from Henri Edouard Naville including arranging to meet Newberry and discussion of the plunder of tombs in Egypt, Egyptologists (Friedrich Bissing, Ludwig Borchardt, Francis Ll. Griffith) and the 'School of Berlin'.

Nash, Walter Llewellyn - correspondence

Correspondence from Walter Llewellyn Nash including relating to: photographs of a vase of Ptahmes and a heart amulet; photographing drawings by Newberry; requesting translation of an inscription on a gold ring found at Karnac; a proposal for a publication on 'Egyptian monuments as they existed in the 19th century'.

MSS 33/3 is also numbered 26
MSS 33/4 is also numbered 37 or 38
MSS 33/5 is also numbered 42
MSS 33/7 is also numbered 389

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