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Jaroslav Černý Collection

Jaroslav Černý Collection

  • Černý MSS
  • Sammlung
  • 1918-1988

Notebooks, notes, card indexes, copies of inscriptions, a corpus of transcribed hieratic ostraca and papyri, photographs, correspondence, and personal items.Series 1 to 4, 6, 7 contain photographs, copies, transcriptions and translations of Egypti...

Černý, Jaroslav


867 groups of documentation, mainly for ostraca with hieratic inscriptions, as well as a small number of ostraca with demotic or Coptic inscriptions, or ostraca with figures.Writing boards with hieratic inscriptions are also included.Most of the d...

History of Dynasty XXI

Notes, mainly on Dynasty XXI. Includes photographs of a Late Period block from Saqqara, with four rows of ancestors, 'Genealogy of a Memphite Priest', in Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum, 23673 (see TopBib iii2.751).

Translations of ostraca and papyri

Workmen in the Place of Truth.Translations of parts of:O. DM 45, 14 ff.O. Berlin 12630O. Berlin 12654O. Cairo 25515O. BM [50722]O. Leipzig 2O. Turin 9753unnumbered ostracon from Chicagounnumbered ostracon from the Metropolitan Museum of Art"L...

Les équipes de Deir el Médineh

Two notebooks of L.-A. Christophe , Les équipes de Deir el Médineh:Notebook I: Ramesses III - An XXIV - An XXXI.Notebook II: Ramesses IV - An I - III.

Christophe, Louis-Antoine

Drafts for The Valley of the Kings

Early incomplete drafts for different chapters of The Valley of the Kings (Černý MSS 43.1).Draft of chapter on 'Draughtsmen and their Work' for The Valley of the Kings not published (Černý MSS 43.2).Draft and notes for a chapter on '...


The majority of the notebooks are A5 or similar. Most of the content is handwritten unless specified otherwise.Many of the notebooks contain transcriptions of hieratic texts from ostraca, papyri and other objects. Also recorded are transcriptions ...

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