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[841] Shekh Gedullah.

-Faiyum(?): Tomb of an local figure, named in all likelihood Sheikh Gedullah.
'Shekh Gedullah.'.

-Also two arrows labelled '!' and '!!', pointing at a child and a dog(?) in the background.

This photograph is in a section titled 'XIII'.

[947] Small objects Kahun XII & Gurob XVIII-XIX.

-el-Lahun, town ('Kahun") (K in the captions) and Kom Medinet Ghurab ("Gurob") (G in the captions): stamp of Ipep (K), base of statue of Inpy (K) (Cairo, Egyptian Museum, CG 456), ivory ape (K), lion-hunt scarab (K), stone figure of girl playing harp (K), wooden lion (K), ivory fragment with scene of vineyard with bird (G), stela with Tueris and prince(?) (G) (Cambridge, Fitzwilliam Museum, E.31.1937), (G) blue plaque with a goddess, (G) knob of box lid with Tiy's name (Berlin, Agyptisches Museum, 20567).
-Caption above photo:
'Small objects Kahun XII & Gurob XVIII-XIX.'.

-Caption below photo:
'Stamp Apepi K Base of statue K Ivory ape K
Taurt & prince G Lion scarab K, Ivory G alabaster cup G
Ivory, vine G Head G Knob, Thii G wooden pot G Girl harpiing K
Isis plaque G
wooden lion K Hippopotamus in boat K'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952'.

[619] Painting near [capital of Hathor column]

-el-Maabda, quarry?: graffito depicting a funerary scene.
'Painting near' [capital of Hathor column].

-Funerary scene; also labels for 'Nebhat mourning', 'Deceased on bier, Anubis by him.', and 'Isis mourning.'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'II to Denderah'.

[949] all Gurob XVIII-XIX

-Kom Medinet Ghurab ("Gurob"): objects made of 'faience' or glass.
-Main caption:
'all Gurob XVIII-XIX'.

-Items have been labelled around the photograph as follows:
'blue & yellow glass'
'blue bowl'
'blue kohl tubes'
'glazed inlay'
'wood inlayed with cut gems & gilding.'
'blue jar'
'monkey & captive'
'blue gazelle bowl'
'blue jar'
'blue pot with ducks'.

[950] Bronze & alabaster. Gurob XVIII-XIX.

-Kom Medinet Ghurab ("Gurob"): objects made of bronze (blades, razors) and of calcite or 'alabaster' (various vases); a vase made of 'faience' or 'Egyptian blue'.
Bronze & alabaster.

  • Also label for 'blue vase'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952'.

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