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Harden, Donald Benjamin - correspondence

Correspondence from Donald Benjamin Harden (Ashmolean Museum) and draft replies from Newberry including relating to donations to the Ashmolean Museum and Newberry's research.

Includes correspondence relating to: Newberry leasing his house to St Thomas's Hospital during the Second World War; donation of Newberry's embroidery collection to the Ashmolean and Liverpool Museum; donation of Newberry's collection of millefiori glass fragments from Alexandria; donation of Howard Carter material; research including on bows and the figure-of-eight shield; drawing of the Scorpion Macehead requested by Newberry.

Harrison, Benjamin - correspondence

Correspondence from Benjamin Harrison (1837-1921) including letter of thanks and requesting the return of 'The Bevington Letter'. Also includes letter from James Reid Moir to Harrison relating to flints and eoliths.

MSS 23/103 is also numbered 241

The letter from James Reid Moir is numbered 242

Hebblethwaite, Percival - correspondence

Letter from Percival Hebblethwaite (1849-1922) (Registrar, Liverpool University) informing Newberry of the resolution of the Council that a Professorship in Egyptology be instituted and he be appointed Brunner Professor of Egyptology.

Hill, (Sir) Arthur William - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Arthur William Hill (1875-1941) (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) including relating to the donation of plants and photographs and the results of an analysis on a walking stick handle, walking stick, bow and throwstick from a tomb at Thebes.

Also includes: letter to Professor F.W. Oliver (Egyptian University, Cairo) from Hill asking whether there is any work available for L.A. Boodle identifying Egyptian fossils; draft letter from Newberry relating to research on the olive.

Hornblower, George David - correspondence

Correspondence from George David Hornblower relating to various research interests. Includes correspondence relating to: hyksos objects; the origin of scarabs; heb sed festival; Newberry's lecture to the British Association; Carter's problems with the Egyptian Government in 1924; Egyptian climate during the 18th dynasty; financial support for the Egypt Exploration Society; Osiris; use of oil including for coronation, anointing and in the religion of mandaeans; Menes; and Mnevis.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry on Menes, Hor-Aha and Narmer.

MSS 25/37 is also numbered 218

Howarth, Osbert John Radclyffe - correspondence

Correspondence from Osbert John Radclyffe Howarth (Secretary, British Association for the Advancement of Science) informing Newberry of his appointment as President of the Anthropological Section of the British Association for the Advancement of Science for the annual meeting in 1923; suggesting he give a lecture to children on toys and a note by Newberry to say he accepted; and inviting him to accept the office of Vice-President of the Anthropological Section for the annual meeting in 1924.

Kelekian, Dikran - correspondence

Correspondence from Dirkran Kelekian including relating to the purchase and sale of Egyptian antiquities and the publication of his collection of scarabs and cylinders. Includes letter to Sidney Smith (British Museum) relating to the sale of cylinders and seals. Also includes draft reply from Newberry referring to the condition of his collection of antiquities after the war, 30 June 1947.

Also includes postcard of a statue of King Chefren.

Lamacraft, Charles Tandy - correspondence

Correspondence from Charles Tandy Lamacraft (British Museum) relating to the conservation and mounting of items including glass and papyri. Also includes enclosed bills for materials and work done and letter from Thomas Cook & Son relating to the shipment of papyri (no reference number).

Lansing, Ambrose - correspondence

Correspondence from Ambrose Lansing (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) including inviting Newberry to visit, reference to Georg Steindorff, dating scarabs, and in response to an enquiry from Newberry on standards on predynastic pots.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry relating to his research on standards as featured on predynastic red-on-buff pottery (1948).

Last, Hugh - correspondence

Correspondence from Hugh Last (Honorary Secretary, Egypt Exploration Society) relating to meeting Newberry in Cairo, pictures of Tell el Amarna and Beni Hasan, and Mary Jonas' retirement.

Lehmann-Haupt, Carl Ferdinand Friedrich and Therese - correspondence

Correspondence from Carl Ferdinand Friedrich and Therese Lehmann-Haupt including relating to the Chair in Greek at the University of Liverpool.

Also includes letter of thanks from Lehmann-Haupt's wife Therese to Mrs Newberry.

MSS 29/15 is also numbered A.195
MSS 29/16 is also numbered 273
MSS 29/17 is also numbered 37 (38 crossed out)
MSS 29/18 is also numbered 39

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