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Unwin, A.H. - correspondence

Correspondence from A.H. Unwin (Inspector of Forests, Cyprus) relating to Newberry's research on the collection of labdanum and cypress trees.

Turrill, William Bertram - correspondence

Correspondence from William Bertram Turrill (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) including referring to Newberry's trip to Morocco, Newberry's paper on the olive, and requesting botanical specimens. Also includes draft letter from Newberry on Euphorbia resinifera.

Trefusis, Robert - correspondence

Correspondence from Robert Trefusis (Nephew of Theodore M. Davis) including relating to his engagement, work, and visiting Newberry.

Also includes a telegraph without a reference number.

Tirard, (Lady) Helen Mary - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Helen Mary Tirard (1854-1943) including asking Newberry to put in a good word for Pendlebury (1929) and Newberry's resignation from a committee [?] (1929).

Thurburn, Isabel - correspondence

Correspondence from Isabel Thurburn including relating to an exhibition of embroideries.

MSS 43/64 is also numbered A 272
MSS 43/65 is also numbered A 273

Thorpe, Jocelyn - correspondence

Correspondence from Jocelyn Thorpe including relating to his nomination by Newberry to the Burlington Fine Arts Club (1923) and apologising for not using an article by Newberry (1938).

Thompson, (Sir) D’Arcy Wentworth - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson including relating to his research on the Great Frigatebird; an Egyptian dog like a greyhound; philology; comments on Newberry's paper on the Shepherd's Crook.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry referring to Thompson's question about dogs in ancient Egypt, war work and the crane dance (1942).

MSS 43/45 is also numbered A.100

The Editor of Nature - correspondence

Correspondence from the Editor of Nature relating to the publication of Newberry's presidential address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1923), and obituaries of Sir Robert Mond (1938) and Howard Carter (1939).

Tait, G.A.D. - correspondence

Correspondence from G.A.D. Tait (Eton College) relating to the museum at Eton College of Egytian antiquities (known as the Myers Museum) including refurbishment, display of objects, objects of interest, visits by Newberry and his donations and assistance, exhibitions, affects of World War Two, and the involvement of the 'boys'. Also includes draft letter from Newberry on his activities during the War (1943).

Stoneborough, Jerome - correspondence

Letter from Jerome Stoneborough including relating to his family and work in Vienna and enclosing correspondence with Baron Weisz relating to an inscription on a stela belonging to him (3 letters, February 1932).

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