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Notebook on Cairo Palette 14328

Notebook titled by John Harris 'Notes on Olive - Cairo Palette 14238 ??nw - The hieroglyph [S17]'. Roughly half of the notebook has been used. Notebook relates to the Cairo Palette also known as the Tehenu or Libyan Palette (Cairo Museum, CG 14328), and includes discussion on the trees depicted on the palette, Tehenu-land, and the palette's interpretation.


-Draft of a possible publication (not identified) on the Cairo Palette, notes are written in prose and include footnotes.

-Discussion of hieroglyph for a handmill used in North Africa for obtaining oil from seeds and fruit, and its variants.

-Notes relating to the trees depicted on the Cairo Palette and oil derived from the trees (??nw-tree oil and ??nt-oil)

-the deity i3?s

Research journal

Notebook titled by Newberry 'Dessication' and later, possibly during archival processing, 'Miscellaneous - Sylphium'. Roughly half the notebook has been used.

Research journal which contains mostly short notes as well as notes on articles, letters which have been copied into the notebook and draft letters.

Includes: notes relating to a forthcoming publication including chapter layout and books to refer to; extract from a draft article by Newberry titled 'The Unification of Egypt: The contemporary monuments and their evidence'.

Also includes notes on Sais, fluted columns, pomegranate, silphium as well as a rubbing possibly of part of an offering list.

Reference to notebook for 'Neith and Sais' and 'Libya with hieros'.

Copy of 'Description of Egypt' by Edward Lane

Notebook titled by John Harris 'PEN/G.VII/N.D. - M.S. copy by Mrs Newberry of Lane's manuscript in B.M.'. Inside the cover there is a note by Helena Newberry '(be at hand p.5) and 'Helena Newberry - 39 Palace Mansions - Kensington W.'.

Handwritten copy by Helena Newberry of Edward Lane's unpublished manuscript 'Description of Egypt', volume 1 chapters 1-2 and volume 2 chapters 1-7 (British Library: Add MS 34080-34088).

Roughly half of the notebook has been used with additional loose pages which appear to be from different notebooks.

Notebook 30 on the olive

Notebook numbered by Newberry 'NB 30'. This has been covered by a label by John Harris 'PEN/G.XIII/N.A - Miscellaneous notes, references and photographs'. There is an index at the front of the notebook.

Contains notes mostly relating to the olive and olive tree. Including notes on: types of oil, composite hieroglyphs with T14 (throw stick); the olive-land; bibliographic references to the location of olive trees; climate and environmental conditions in parts of Egypt and suitability for olive trees including Marmarica and Cyrenaica; use of olive wood for clubs; different names for olive; presses used to extract oil; remains of the olive from ancient Egypt; hieroglyph for a handmill, products of Tehenu-land; the translation of thnw and thnt.

Also includes notes relating to: the pomegranate, Maqui flora, Min emblem, variations of the composite hieroglyph representing Lower Egypt, and the cedar tree. As well as a newspaper cutting on Agriculture in Mariut and Siwa, 21 October 1932, notes by Hermann Grapow in German on the olive tree, and letter from Joachim Spiegel also in German.

Some notes have been crossed out and pages cut out.

End of the notebook contains several photographs with handwritten captions including of: olive branches discovered in tombs; olive trees; olive presses; collecting labdanum. Also includes cutting and tracing of olives on a branch.

Research notes on deities and religion

Notebook titled 'Cults: Introduction' and beneath 'Miscellaneous' although this has been crossed out. Contains notes and beginnings of a draft on deities and religion. Roughly a third of the notebook has been used.

Also includes note at the front of the notebook on a conversation with Eduard Meyer before the First World War, with reference to intention of writing a volume on Egyptian deities and the religion of ancient Egyptians.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.


Notebook containing drawings of scarabs and scarab rings.

Also includes envelope containing drawings of rings and notes on scarabs, seals and coins.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

Lord Northampton's Excavation Diary

Diary titled by Newberry 'The Theban Necropolis - Excavations 1898-1899 - Account of Men's wages for the Marquis of Northampton'.

Front section contains lists of men, the days worked and their wages.

On the front page of the diary Newberry has written 'Small service is true service whilst it lasts - of friends however humble scorn not one - The daisy by the shadow that it casts - Protects the lingering dew drop from the sun' and below 'If by such rose we see - A thorn there grows - Strive that no thorn shall be - Without its rose'.

Diary contains a brief daily log of activities and details of payments made, 1 January 1899 to 9 April 1899.

This item has been digitised and transcribed.

Biographical material including history of the Egypt Exploration Society

Folder contains:

-First page of a report titled 'Report on the work of the Archaological Institute' written by Newberry on his involvement establishing an Archaeological Institute at the University of Liverpool

-Short history of the Archaeological Survey of Egypt (now known as the Egypt Exploration Society) by Newberry including his involvement, with hand written corrections and notes c.1931-2 (written for the 50th anniversary meeting of the EES (see AHG/42.222.33, Griffith Institute)), and list of Officers-in-Charge of the Survey, 1890-1932

-Letter lists 1887-1892 with a short summary of contents and numbered, these numbers correspond to numbers written on letters held in this collection

-Handwritten notes on the history of the Archaeological Survey of Egypt

-One page of typed notes on people who worked on the tomb of Tutankhamun

Genealogical material

Genealogical material including correspondence relating to genealogy, family trees, notes on members of the family.

-Financial summary of the late Mrs Newberry's estate, 1871.
-Newspaper clippings relating to a court case between a Mr. Newberry (possibly Newberry's father Henry James Newberry) and his neighbour over the death of two of the neighbour's horses after they ate Yew tree cuttings from the latter's garden, March 1872.
-Order for the burial of the dead for Caroline Newberry, 4th January 1919.
-Sale catalogue for the property of the late Mrs Newberry, 1871.
-Letter of probate relating to the estate of Caroline Elizabeth Newberry (-1863), 16th October 1866.
-Reprint from The Parmaceutical Journal, 24th February 1906, on the history of Francis NewberySons Limited
-Wyatt family trees
-Typed article on Ralph Newbery (1560-1605) and correspondence relating to a children's book called 'Dives pragmaticus - the Great Marchant Man - a book in English Metre' written by Thomas Newbery in 1563 and reprinted with an introduction by Percy Newberry in 1910.
-Newspaper cutting on the funeral of Robert S. Johnston
-Photograph of a woman and child, c.1855-1880
-Bill for funeral arrangements for the late Amy Louisa Newberry, April 1859
-Financial details relating to the division of the late Mrs Newbery's estate
-Remembrance cards
-Copy of an indenture relating to the sale of property
-Sketches of family crests


Copies of lectures by Newberry including:
-Typed and handwritten lecture on foreign relations during the 18th Dynasty
-Typed lecture on the debt of western civilisations to ancient Egypt
-Handwritten lecture on the Delta as the origin of Egyptian culture delivered to the British Association for the Advancement of Science in Brighton, 1948
-Typed lecture possibly given at the opening of the Institute of Archaeology established by the University of Cairo, c.1925
-Typed introductory lecture given in Cairo two years after the Institute of Archaeology was established by the University of Cairo on history and archaeology, c.1930
-Typed lecture on the history of ancient Egypt and ancient Egyptian culture

Album of newspaper cuttings

Album of newspaper cuttings relating to the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, excavation of the tomb and finds. The album includes a partial index. Roughly half of the album has been filled.

Tutanchamon - Sonderheft Der Woche

Folder has been labelled 'German Publication (1924) of photographs from Tutankhamuns Tomb. (found amongst the material of the late Percy E. Newberry)'.

Folder contains a German publication titled 'Tutanchamon - Sonderheft Der Woche' or in English 'Tutankhamun - Special Weekly Issue' (OEB 151539) on the tomb of Tutankhamun. The pages of the publication are not in order within the folder. There are also two newspaper or magazine cuttings of an image of a buckle in the form of a leopard's head from a Sem Priest's robe, copyright 1923.

Amherst, (Lady) Florence - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Florence Amherst (3rd daughter of Lord Amherst of Hackney) writing on behalf of her Mother, Margaret Susan Amherst, relating to the publication of an article by her Father and on his death.

Dates of letters:
10 September 1898
January 1909
26 August 1922

Amherst, (Lady) Sybil Margaret - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Sybil Margaret Amherst (d. 1926) (2nd daughter of Lord Amherst of Hackney) on topics including relating to the purchase of items in Egypt; the sale of the families book collection to Liverpool; the identification of museum papyri.

Bailey, J. R. - correspondence

Correspondence from J. R. Bailey (Secretary of Burlington Fine Arts Club) relating to membership of the Burlington Fine Arts Club and arranging an Exhibition of the Arts of Ancient Egypt in the gallery of the Club.

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