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Lawrence, (Lady) Iris - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Iris Lawrence including relating to Newberry's photograph of climbing goats, Newberry putting his name down for the Red Cross Interpretation List for Arabic and a draft reply from Newberry on gardening, plant cuttings an article by Thomas Henry Huxley on Gentians and referring to meeting him in 1887.

Leeds, Edward Thurlow - correspondence

Correspondence from Edward Thurlow Leeds (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) including corrections to Newberry's list of nome signs (1916), relating to relocating material during the war including two predynastic bowls belonging to Newberry, Newberry sending his filing cabinets to the Griffith Institute (1939), damage during World War Two, donation of items by Newberry including Egyptian textiles (including draft reply from Newberry), museum acquisitions and copyright ownership of the Howard Carter material.

Also includes: copy of a letter from Newberry to Leeds on copyright ownership of the Howard Carter material; draft letter from Newberry on work during World War Two and gifting books to the Griffith Institute; draft letter from Newberry on donating Persian tiles to the Ashmolean Museum.

Legge, George Francis - correspondence

Correspondence from George Francis Legge including news from Egypt and reference to James Henry Breasted, T. Eric Peet, and Henri Édouard Naville.

MSS 29/8 is also numbered A.348
MSS 29/9 is also numbered A.345
MSS 29/10 is also numbered A.346

Lyons, (Sir) Henry George - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Henry George Lyons (1864-1944) including relating to his research on technical tools and requesting publication references from Newberry. On several letters Newberry has made a note of the relevant publication.

Also includes correspondence relating to: excavation work in Egypt; Lyons' position at the Science Museum, London; giving a lecture on Tutankhamun; reference to Newberry's work Cyprus; publication of an atlas of ancient Egypt with Francis Llewelyn Griffith; donation made by Newberry towards the museum purchasing 'Napier's Bones'; the effect of earthquakes in Egypt.

MSS 29/72 is also numbered 222
MSS 29/74 is also numbered 203
MSS 29/75 is also numbered A.188
MSS 29/76 is also numbered 17a
MSS 29/77 is also numbered 17
MSS 49/16 is also numbered A 364
MSS 49/17 is also numbered A 366
MSS 49/18 is also numbered 24
MSS 49/19 is also numbered 4
MSS 49/20 is also numbered A 329
MSS 49/21 is also numbered A 316
MSS 49/22 is also numbered 12

Mackay, Dorothy - correspondence

Correspondence from Dorothy Mackay (Assistant Keeper, Ashmolean Museum) and first page of a reply from Newberry relating to textiles donated to the Ashmolean Museum.

Martin, F. R. - correspondence

Correspondence from F. R. Martin including arranging to visit Newberry and relating to purchases made by the dealer Benochi for a museum.

MSS 30/66 is also numbered 211a
MSS 30/67 is also numbered 211

McClure, Marie Louise Dora - correspondence

Correspondence from Marie Louise Dora McClure including relating to the Egypt Exploration Fund, social events and accommodation for Egyptologists visiting for a congress.

MSS 30/15 is also numbered A.247
MSS 30/17 is also numbered 17
MSS 30/18 is also numbered 22
MSS 30/19 is also numbered 16
MSS 30/20 is also numbered 30
MSS 30/21 is also numbered 30

Morse, R.D. - correspondence

Letter from R.D. Morse (Ginn and Company Ltd., Publishers) relating to the production of colour blocks made from Newberry's Queen Tiy miniature and referring to the death of James Henry Breasted.

Naville, Henri Edouard - correspondence

Correspondence from Henri Edouard Naville including arranging to meet Newberry and discussion of the plunder of tombs in Egypt, Egyptologists (Friedrich Bissing, Ludwig Borchardt, Francis Ll. Griffith) and the 'School of Berlin'.

Newton, Francis Giesler - correspondence

Letter from Francis Giesler Newton relating to excavation work for the Egypt Exploration Society and discovery of a palace north of El-Til.

This letter includes notes by Newberry including a sketch possibly of a palace façade, and a name, possibly of a vizier, written in hieroglyhs.

Oliver, Francis Wall - correspondence

Correspondence from Francis Wall Oliver (Professor of Botany, University of Cairo, 1929-1935) relating to botany, gardening and life in Egypt including travel, social life, climate and building a house. Also includes correspondence relating to spartina, the possibility of collecting samples to date the distributiton of plants, Cistus and the extraction of oil and questions for Newberry including relating to botany in ancient Egypt and the tomb of Minna. Also includes sketch of a large cabinet offered to Newberry.

Oppenheimer, (Lady) Bertha V. - correspondence

Correspondence from Lady Bertha V. Oppenheimer to Mrs Newberry inviting her and Newberry to stay. Also includes postcard from Frankfurt with Christmas wishes.

MSS 34/34 is also numbered A.193
MSS 34/36 is also numbered A.194

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