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Cook, Beatrice - correspondence

Correspondence from Beatrice Cook to Newberry and Mrs Newberry including on the health of Mrs Newberry; travel in Egypt; auctions.

MSS 9/72 is also numbered 219a
MSS 9/75 is also numbered 219
MSS 9/76 is also numbered A.70

Cooney, John D. - correspondence

Correspondence between John D. Cooney (Brooklyn Museum) and Newberry including on: predynastic pottery with boats; requesting information from Newberry on items in the Amherst collection to be auctioned as well as other sale catalogues; purchase of cylinders and scarabs; Kelekian collection.

Copies of Aswan and First Cataract inscriptions

Envelope labelled 'Aswan and Cataract Inscriptions' and numbered A.106.

Envelope includes copies of rock inscriptions at Aswan. Also includes four photographs of numbered rock inscriptions (photographs taken from a distance and inscriptions not clearly visible).

Description from Harris catalogue:

Transcription headed "Keep in Aswan and Cataract inscriptions" A.106. Transcription from Urk. IV, 89. Copy of an inscription of a royal son of Kushtemp. Seti I from Cat. De Morgan, 177. 11 pages of copied inscriptions from Aswan, Sehel, etc., some from publications - some may have been done on the spot? Pages from a notebook with inscriptions and sketches headed: Aswan tombs - Elephantine Museum garden: stelae, statues and other objects. Copies from blocks and stelae evidently from roads in the district. One headed 'end of Aswan Road by Shellal near Ba (Many others with similar types, Aswan , Sehel, Bigeh.) Inscriptions from de Morgan: Aswan, p.4O, no.174. XIII, 334. Sehel, p.90. no.79. de Morgan, p.38, no.157; p.26, no.188, no.189. Four pages of inscriptions from Aswan Tombs and many more from Aswan district. Most of them as though they may have been copied from originals.

Copies of Theban graffiti

Envelope labelled 'Graffiti : Thebes 1912' and numbered A.15.

Contains copies of graffiti including from the chamber above Deir el-Bahari. Includes reference to NB [Notebook] 5 and numbered notes by Howard Carter e.g. Carter 47.23.

Copies of inscriptions from objects

Copies of inscriptions from objects as well as notes, tracings, drawings, and rubbings.


-Copy of inscriptions from items in the Hood collection

-Rubbing of black granite fragment found at Borg el Arab

-Sketch of a bronze vase from El Bersheh (Cairo Museum, JE 30973)

-Pages from a notebook labelled by Newberry 'NB [Notebook] 1900-1' containing notes, drawings and copies of inscriptions from items in Cairo Museum

-Sketch of armlet from cemetery of 'Ahhotp (Cairo Museum, CG 52642) (TopBib i.600)

-Rubbing from naos of Kemwer of Athribis dedicated by Amasis (Cairo Museum, CG 70011) (TopBib iv.66)

-Rubbing from shrine (Cairo Museum, JE 43281)

-Paintings of leather tabs showing Yewepet adoring Amen-rec (TopBib i.666)

-Envelope containing material identified as relating to cartonnage of Pedemut (TopBib i.620)

-Rubbings from coffin of Amenemhet (TopBib i.607)

Copies of papyri and texts

Handwritten copies and translations of papyri. Notes by Diana Magee suggest that these are second hand copies or copies of copies done by somebody else.


-Handwritten copy of the text and translation of 'The Destruction of Mankind' (PEN/G.II/E.G.)

-Handwritten translation of Papyrus Berlin 9784

-Handwritten copy of British Museum Medical Papyrus mentioning name of Khufu and tracing (PEN/G.II/E.F.)

-Handwritten copy of the Tale of the Eloquent Peasant

-Handwritten notes and extracts including chronology from 'Obeliscus pamphilius' by Athanasius Kircher (1650).

-Extract in Coptic titled 'Sections of Acts of Apostles missing in Hosner supplied by the MS of Chester Beatty'.

Copy of 'Description of Egypt' by Edward Lane

  • NEWB3/15
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 1894? - 1904? - Approximate date based on dates of Helena and Percy Newberry's marriage.
  • Parte dePercy Edward Newberry Collection

Notebook titled by John Harris 'PEN/G.VII/N.D. - M.S. copy by Mrs Newberry of Lane's manuscript in B.M.'. Inside the cover there is a note by Helena Newberry '(be at hand p.5) and 'Helena Newberry - 39 Palace Mansions - Kensington W.'.

Handwritten copy by Helena Newberry of Edward Lane's unpublished manuscript 'Description of Egypt', volume 1 chapters 1-2 and volume 2 chapters 1-7 (British Library: Add MS 34080-34088).

Roughly half of the notebook has been used with additional loose pages which appear to be from different notebooks.

Copy of inscriptions and notes on sites


-Copy of inscription from Stela of Khunes, son of Iufni at el-Mialla (TopBib v.170)

-Notes and drawings of inscribed objects including lotus pattern, canopic jar, alabaster shabti leg, clay shabtis, and relief identified during previous archival processing as possibly Zawyet el-Amwat (TopBib iv.139)

-Copy of tomb inscriptions not yet identified

-Sketch plan of tombs and cemeteries at Meidum

-Letter from Newberry to George Willoughby Fraser offering to assist him study hieroglyphics by sending him texts with transliteration and translation notes, including example from a stela of Akhenaten from Amarna, 8 September 1890

-Copy of inscriptions from tomb of Haremkha'uef at Kom el-Ahmar (TopBib v.196)

-Notes on tombs at Deir el-Gebrawi

-Notes on inscriptions titled 'Carnarvon Excavations 1912 - Newberry Note-book PEN/G/II/F.A' which copied by Dr Rosalind Moss from one of Newberry's notebooks

-Copy of inscription labelled black granite seated figure, identified during previous archival processing as an official of Hurbeit (TopBib iv.26)

Copy of inscriptions at Deir el-Bersha

Copy of inscriptions at Deir el-Bersha.


-Copy of inscription from interior wall of small tomb on the lowest level at Deir el-Bersha (TopBib iv.183)

-Copy of texts from tomb of Ankhy at Deir el-Bersha (TopBib iv.185)


Newberry's correspondence was sorted and listed after his death by Warren Dawson and donated along with the rest of his material to the Griffith Institute Archive in 1950. The correspondence was arranged alphabetically by surname, with the exception of Arabic names which were arranged by first name. In the new numbering system these Arabic names have also been arranged by surname. A few letters have also been added to this series which were previously among the research material.

Dawson's reference codes have been included as alternative identifiers and his catalogue of correspondence has been included as the first item in this series.

Towards the end of his life Newberry began to organise his papers including listing and numbering some of his correspondence. These numbers have been included in the description of items. The letter lists are in items NEWB1/03 and NEWB1/04.

Correspondence catalogue by Warren Dawson

Notebook containing the catalogue of correspondence written by Warren Dawson. A note on the first page states that it was presented to the Griffith Institute by Mrs Newberry in 1950. The letters are organised alphabetically by the correspondent's surname, and appear to have been subsequently numbered, possibly on accession to the Archive. Arabic names have been sorted according to the first name.

Also includes a description of the biographical and diary notes in the collection (NEWB1/03-06), and calling cards which have been glued into the notebook.

Cosson, Léonie de

Correspondence from Léonie de Cosson (wife of Anthony F.C. de Cosson) relating to her plan to publish the Bonomi diaries and draft reply from Newberry (1947).

Also includes letter of thanks to Mrs Newberry (1933).

Crane Dance

Folder titled 'Crane Dance' containing notes, drafts, correspondence, tracings, cuttings and drawings relating to the Crane Dance.

Also includes:
-Postcard and card with pictures of cranes
-Letter from Battiscombe Gunn referring to an article by Newberry on the Crane Dance, 14 January 1938
-Versions of draft titled 'The Crane Dance in Ancient Egypt'
-Draft on cranes in Egypt, c.1940s
-Notes on Muu dancers
-Notes on the Muu head-dress
-Draft titled 'The Crane Dance'
-Letter from Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings to Essie Newberry on the Crane Dance with related extract enclosed from 'The Yearling', 29 March 1939
-Cuttings of scenes from the southern wall of the tomb TT15 Tetiky (TopBib i.26) taken from Carnavon, Carter et al, Five years' explorations at Thebes : a record of work done 1907-1911, (1912) (OEB 136376)
-Postcard with bas-relief from the tomb of Ankhafitka [Nenkheftka], Saqqara, in the Cairo Museum, CG 1533 [TopBib iii2.580(4)]
-Notes on the labyrinth, swastika and Dipylon geometric style

Also includes reference to the tomb of Sehetepibre (TopBib i.679) and the location of the Ramesseum papyri.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Special Subjects 1'.

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