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Jaroslav Černý Collection
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Notebook Černý MSS 17.66

Transcriptions of hieratic papyri in:Chicago, Oriental Institute Museum, 25622 [copied from a photograph, sent by R. Hughes]Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 1985(?) [copied in autumn 1950]

Notebook Černý MSS 17.7

Lower Egyptian nomes. Map of Nubia with some toponyms (33 verso - 34 recto).Facsimiles of cubit-measures:Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum, 7358London, British Museum, EA 36656New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art, 25.7.41 & 41.160.102

Notebook Černý MSS 17.71

Enclosures include 1 letter from Peter Kaplony, sent to Černý in 1956 (2 typewritten pages with annotations).Stela, in Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, No. 20.Second Kamose stela (Luxor Museum).Transcriptions of hieratic papyri in:Paris, Musée du Lo...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.73

Coptic ostraca. Nagel 1, 5, 6.Abu Simbel. Marriage stela of Ramesses II and many texts from the Temples. Notes on graffiti and rock inscriptions.Karnak. Marriage stela of Ramesses II.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.76

Stelae of Ramesses II at Tanis and Beisân. Copies by B. Grdseloff, collated by Černý.Statue of Merneptah at Nabêsha, copied by B. Grdseloff.Larger stela of Sethos I at Beisân.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.77

Texts from:objects from Thebes, TT 1, Sennedjem.Thebes, Valley of the Kings, KV 19, Rameses-Mentuhirkhopshef, son of Ramesses IX.hieratic inscriptions/graffiti from royal tombs in the Valley of the Kingsstatue group, in Philadelphia, University Mu...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.78

Beni Hasan.Notes for a projected revised edition of Beni Hasan volume i (OEB 146347), with some texts and transcriptions of hieratic graffiti in Tomb 3, Khnemhotp III.TopBib iv.147.List of Hay, Burton and other manuscripts, in relation to Beni Hasan.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.8

Unfinished table of contents at front of notebook.Transcriptions of papyri:London, British Museum, new fragment of EA 10052, verso, col. 16London, British Museum, EA 10100London, British Museum, EA 10190London, British Museum, EA 10284London, Brit...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.81

Transcriptions of hieratic ostraca all formerly in Gardiner collection, now in Oxford, Ashmolean, Museum:Gardiner collection 277Gardiner collection 278Gardiner collection 279Gardiner collection 280Gardiner collection 281Gardiner collection 282Gard...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.82

Texts copied from the Wilbour MSS and Seyffarth MSS consulted by Černý in Brooklyn Museum of Art.:Museo d'Este, TivoliKaestner collection, Romeex-Malaspina collection, Milan

Notebook Černý MSS 17.84

Transcriptions of hieratic ostraca from Deir el-Medîna during I.F.A.O. excavations (IFAO O.DM 550-623) published by S. Sauneron:IFAO 550IFAO 551IFAO 552IFAO 553IFAO 554IFAO 555IFAO 556IFAO 557IFAO 558IFAO 559IFAO 560IFAO 561IFAO 562IFAO 563IFAO 56...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.9

Papyri, transcriptions of:London British Museum, EA 10055London British Museum, EA 10068London British Museum, EA 10335London British Museum, EA 10375London British Museum, EA 10383London British Museum, EA 10403London British Museum, EA 10417Lond...


277 groups of photographs. Most black and white images. Series includes photographs taken at sites including wall scenes in temples and tombs, and objects in museums, private collections, seen with dealers, location not known and not identified:91...


Professional and personal correspondence, the majority of letters date between 1946-1970 and are addressed to J. Černý in London, Oxford, Prague and other European, American and Egyptian addresses and locations. The letters contain Egyptological i...

Albright, William F. - correspondence

5 letters from Albright, 2 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Albright.reading of papyri, particularly Sallier IV - BM EA 10184, 7Egyptian loanwords from Semiticreading of Egyptian toponyms related to Syria-Palestinesocial contact, personal me...

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