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[111] Tomb of

Zawyet el-Amwat (Zâwyet el-Amwât; El-Maiyitin; El-Kom El-Ahmar). Tomb of Nefersekheru.
Caption reads:
'Tomb of [F35-s-x:r]
Ibis in boat with shrine? and attendant.
XIth dyn. Kom Ahmar'.

[493] S.E. corner of E. pile, and part of surrounding enclosure.

Biahmu (Biyahmu). Colossi of Amenemhat (Amenemhet) III, bases/pedestals.
Caption reads:
'S.E. corner of E. pile, and part of surrounding enclosure.
Shewing the ground to be clear between them; hence the outer
slope was not part of a pyramid, but rather of a mastaba-like
court; from the Arab name there were probably statues on
the piles: this resembling the pyramids with statues on them of Hdtus II.149.'

[119] Wrestlers. Tomb No 17 Beni Hassan.

-Beni Hasan (Beni Hassan).
-Tomb 17, Khety.
-TopBib iv.156-7(8)-(14).

Tomb No 17 Beni Hassan.
All these are very difficult to photograph, being painted in
red on a dirty yellow wall, & only lighted by sunset light
shining into the chambers.'

[228] Rock tomb of A-ā-ī in valley of Deir el Medineh.

-Thebes. Deir el-Medina.
-TT210, Raweben.
-Lintel with double-scene.
-TopBib i2.307(1).
'Rock tomb of A-ā-ī in valley of Deir el Medineh.
Aāī, his wife, son, brother, and four daughters, offering to
Horus, Ptah-sokar, Hathor, Amenhotep I, Queen Nofretari,
Osiris, Thoth, Isis, Hathor of Thebes, and Ptah. XVIII dyn.'

[535] Cavern partly fallen in, Masara.

-Tura (Tora; Masara).
'Cavern partly fallen in, Masara.
This is about 50 feet high, and in the further side is the
way to a hall 300? feet square, with enormous columns
left in quarrying, but too dark to photograph'

-Also, an arrow indicating:
'↑ donkey boy.'

[223] N. Side of Deir el Bahari valley.

-Deir el-Bahari (Deir el-Bahri).
-View of tombs.
'N. Side of Deir el Bahari valley.
Shewing enclosure walls of the properties of differen
tombs, running up the slope. Path to kings' tombs dotted.'

-The path to the Valley of the Kings is indicated on the photograph by a series of dots
-Also a label indicating path:
'path ↑'.

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