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Percy Edward Newberry Collection
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Scarabs and seals

Notebook containing cuttings and drawings of scarabs; cuttings and rubbing of cylinder seal impressions, (one dated 1929); notes on scarabs, seals and the sealing process.

Also includes envelope containing photographs of scarabs.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.


Notebook containing drawings of scarabs and scarab rings.

Also includes envelope containing drawings of rings and notes on scarabs, seals and coins.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

Sayce, (Rev.) Archibald Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Rev. Archibald Henry Sayce (1845-1933) including relating to: owners of tombs at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna; publication of the Song of the Harper in the tomb of Neferhotep; application for a concession north of Esna (1904); discovery of a cemetery by a Mr Fischer; arrangements for excavation work including cheque for £75; work with Garstang and news of finds (1904-5); obelisk uncovered by Reginald Engelbach with copy of inscription (1924).

Also includes letter of thanks to Mrs Newberry (1912).

MSS 39/21 is also numbered A.89
MSS 39/22 is also numbered A.85a and A 88
MSS 39/23 is also numbered A.88
MSS 39/24 is also numbered A 85
MSS 39/25 is also numbered 301
MSS 39/26 is also numbered A.85.b
MSS 39/29 is also numbered A.339
MSS 39/30 is also numbered A.54a
MSS 39/32 is also numbered 314

Savage, Spencer - correspondence

Correspondence from Spencer Savage (Assistant Secretary, The Linnean Society of London) relating to Newberry's paper On some African species of Olea and the original home of the cultivated Olive Tree.

Sanborn, Ashton - correspondence

Correspondence from Ashton Sanborn (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) including relating to a photograph of the Nofer stela showing the shell palette requested by Newberry.

MSS 39/13 is also numbered A.373
MSS 39/14 is also numbered A.374

Sampson, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Sampson (Librarian, Liverpool University) including a letter on the benefits of having the books from Lord Amherst's collection at Liverpool University (1907) and referring to the publication of a new journal (1909).

MSS 39/7 is also numbered A.50
MSS 39/8 is also numbered 280
MSS 39/9 is also numbered 327

Sais and Neith

Folder titled 'Sais (8)' containing material relating to Sais and the goddess Neith.

-Tracing of soldier stringing a bow from scene at Beni Hasan
-Notes on symbols of Neith
-Notes on shields including the figure of eight shield
-Notes on the temple of Neith [TopBib iv.46A]
-List of names compounded with Neith
-Notes on Uzahorent or Uzahor-Resenet, the King's physician and responsible for the King's navy
-Notes relating to Athena
-Copy or reprint of Newberry, P.E., 'Note on the Hieroglyph ', in <i>Zeitschrift für ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde</i>, Volume 73, (1937) (OEB 146379)
-Notes on bows, crossed bows and the composite bow
-Notes on textiles from Sais
-Tracings of a fragment found by Émile Amelineau at Abydos published in Keimer, L. 'Pendeloques en forme d'insectes faisant partie du colliers Egyptiens', in <i>Annales du Service des antiquités de l'Égypte</i>, Volume XXXI, plate II, (1931) (OEB 142417)

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 3'.

Rylands, William Harry - correspondence

Correspondence from William Harry Rylands (1847-1922) relating to contributions from Newberry to the Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology.

MSS 38/104 is also numbered 40
MSS 38/105 is also numbered 41

Royal titulary

Folder titled 'Royal Titulary' containing notes and drafts on royal titulary including the Horus title.

Harris description:
Notes and refs. On royal titles: the title the Smsw-Hr, the Vulture Goddess Nhbyt, the Griffon Vulture, the titles Noty Osiris priesthood. Coronation of Hatshepsut (copy). The Predecessors of Menes. The union of Upper and Lower Egypt, The royal titulary, etc. Notes on thnw and thn.t. (Transfer to G.XIII] Aiguptos - A derivation and some suggestions: a note on the origin of the name Egypt.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Special Subjects 4'.

Roeder, Günther - correspondence

Correspondence from Günther Roeder (Pelizaeus-Museum, Hildesheim) relating to travel to England and visiting Newberry.

Two letters are in German.

MSS 38/89 is also numbered 55
MSS 38/90 is also numbered A.75
MSS 38/91 is also numbered A.75a
MSS 38/92 is also numbered A.75b
MSS 38/95 is also numbered 9

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