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Aberdeen Anthropological Museum

-Griffith MSS 1.22.1 [upper]: No. 1012. Drawing of scarab. Gardiner, Alan H., 'The Delta residence of the Ramessides', in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 5 (2, 3) (1918), 127-138, 179-200 (OEB 139901), esp. fig. 3, p. 198.
-Griffith MSS 1.22.1 [lower]: No. 1551. Hand-copy of text on lower part of donation-stela of Hatihati, temp. Takelothis I. Provenance not known. Wiedemann, A., 'Stela at Freiburg in Baden', in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology 13 (1890-1891), 31-39 (OEB 152503), esp. p.36 [middle].
-Griffith MSS 1.22.2: No. 1578. Stela of Ahmosi before Reshef-Shanwana. Griffith, F. Ll., 'The Aberdeen Reshep stela', in Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology 22 (1900), 271-272 (OEB 140705), esp. plate opposite p. 271.

Turin Demotic Papyri; transliterations and translations

-1-2: Papyrus 2122 (with hand-copy of verso) and transliteration and hand-copies of witnesses on the verso of three unidentified papyri.
-3-4: Papyri 2124, 2125 (with hand-copy of verso).
-5-6: Papyri 2126 (with hand copy of verso) and 2127(?).
-7: Transcription of Colin Campbell fragments.

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