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Deshasheh (Dishasha; Dishâsha).
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'Deshaheh is a village on the western edge of the Nile Valley, about twenty miles south of the entrance to the Fayum. At about two miles back in the desert is a low range of cliffs about 80 ft high. The southernmost end of these cliffs is an isolated hill which contains the inscribed tomb of Anta and many unnamed tomb pits; the cliffs for half a mile north of this are pierced with many more tombs, and contain another inscribed tomb, of Shedu. A serdab of a great mastaba, now destroyed, contained the series of statues of Nenkheftka. While in the hill above was the tomb and coffin inscribed of his son Nenkheftek. The excavations were made in Feb. and March 1897 for the Egypt Exploration Fund.
W.M. Flinders Petrie.
The whole cemetery is of about the Vth dynasty 3600 BC.'

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