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Grenfell, Bernard Pyne - correspondence

Correspondence from Bernard Pyne Grenfell (1869-1926) including relating to his excavation work at Fayoum (or Faiyum).

MSS 20/60 is also numbered A.367
MSS 20/61 is also numbered 5a
MSS 20/63 is also numbered 326

Gunn, Battiscombe George - correspondence

Correspondence from Battiscombe George Gunn (1884-1950) including relating to excavation work at Amarna and Asyut (1922); Sethe's book Urgeschichte und aelteste Religion der Aegypter and his opinion on Newberry's theories on labdanum, and Min and the thunderbolt; Gunn's wife and child; application for position including the readership at Oxford University; work at the University Museum, Philadelphia; Newberry's house in Cairo; work at Cairo Museum; travel; work at Oxford University; requesting articles and reviews for the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology; obituary of Howard Carter; and work by Rosalind Moss on the Topographical Bibliography.

MSS 22/10 is also numbered 325
MSS 22/11 is also numbered A.9
MSS 22/15 is also numbered A.6
MSS 22/27 is also numbered A.164
MSS 22/28 is also numbered A.165
MSS 22/29 is also numbered A.169

H., C. B.[?] - correspondence

Photocopy of a letter presented by José Manuel Galán on 12 July 2004, found by the Proyecto Djehuty in TT 11 in February 2003; from C. B.[?] H. referring to enclosing a copy of the publication Beni Hasan and a sports race.

Halton, E.G. - correspondence

Correspondence from E. G. Halton ("The Studio", Publishers) relating to the publication of an article on embroideries and preparation of proofs.

MSS 23/58 is also numbered A.20
MSS 23/59 is also numbered A.21A
MSS 23/60 is also numbered A.21

Hardy, Jean M. - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean M. Hardy (Associate of Theodore M. Davies) thanking Newberry and relating to travel in England and Florence.

MSS 23/96 is also numbered A.285
MSS 23/97 is also numbered A.248

Holme, Geoffrey - correspondence

Letter from Geoffrey Holme (Editor, "The Studio" Publishers) asking to speak to Newberry about a volume on embroidery.

There is a note by Newberry to say that he will call at 11am Wednesday, 20 February 1921.

Home, Gordon - correspondence

Correspondence from Gordon Home including relating to a letter written to The Times opposing the industrialisation of part of Surrey and the loan of books on North Africa and the Swedish expedition to Cyprus.

MSS 25/1 is also numbered A.136
MSS 25/3 is also numbered A.176

James, M. R. - correspondence

Correspondence from M. R. James (Provost of Eton) relating to selling a blue faience chalice and cataloguing the Myer collection of Egyptian antiquities.

MSS 26/42 is also numbered A.179

Kirwan, Larry P. - correspondence

Correspondence from Larry P. Kirwan including relating to his application and interview for a post at the Victoria & Albert Museum and draft reply from Newberry on the post and referring to T. Eric Peet's death.

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