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[220] Pylon and arch of brick.

-ʿAsâsîf (Asasif).
-View showing the brick superstructures of tombs including that of Pabasa (TT279).
'Pylon and arch of brick.
This pylon had a staircase in its thickness
like the stone pylons of Karnak.'

-There is also a label for:
'B of 224 seen through A.'.

Page 29 - Notes under [233]

-ʿAsâsîf (Asasif).
-Brick superstructures of tombs.
'These brick arches at Deir el Bahari have been supposed by some to be Coptic; but as they are directly connected with the brick court (222) around the mouth of a large tomb of Pharaonic times, they can hardly be later than that.
That they were built irrespective of the avenue of Deir el Bahari, only shews them to be as late as 26 dyn. at which time mummies were rudely packed into the royal chambers there. The bricks of 222, 221 & 203 are of the same size as the Ptolemaic bricks at Deir el Medineh (p 31).'

[134] Door of cat-mummy vaults, Speos Artemidos

-Isṭabl ʿAntar (Speos Artemidos).
-Small Speos.
-View of entrance doorway showing lintel with cartouches and scenes of Alexander II.
-TopBib iv.165.
'Door of cat-mummy vaults, Speos Artemidos,
with cartouches of Alexander Aegus.
The hollow remains in middle where a globe & serpents
was inserted in metal.'


-Loose note with a list of ancient quarries, with names of sites and photograph reference number:


-Loose note with a list of columns, with names of sites or monuments, column type, occasionally king's name given for date, and photograph reference number:

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