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Dawson, Warren Royal - correspondence

Correspondence from Warren Royal Dawson including on: situation regarding excavation work in Egypt; translation of hieroglyphs; publications Dawson is working on; references to the tomb of Ay; funerary papyri of the 21st Dynasty; Queen Nozme; 21st dynasty burial sites; Newberry's articles on the Pig and the Olive; discussion of various Egyptologists in relation to biographies Dawson is writing and draft replies from Newberry; requesting collection sale catalogues.

MSS 12/17 is also numbered 343
MSS 12/18 is also numbered A.199
MSS 12/19 is also numbered 343a

Elton, Oliver - correspondence

Correspondence from Oliver Elton, University of Liverpool, including relating to the University, publication of a book in honour of Professor J.M Mackay (1913), Mackay's retirement, and his sons.

MSS 14/7 is also numbered 366
MSS 14/11 is also numbered 310
MSS 14/12 is also numbered A.200

Evans-Pritchard, E. E. - correspondence

Correspondence from E. E. Evans-Pritchard referring to research and making arrangements to visit Newberry. Also includes correspondence and draft response relating to the use of the sistrum and Major Macpherson's letter on the subject.

MSS 14/51 is also numbered A.101

Fairman, Herbert Walter - correspondence

Correspondence from Herbert Walter Fairman mainly relating to work and applications for jobs. Includes correspondence relating to: copying inscriptions for Newberry; his application for a job at the British Museum; copying work for Gardiner; work on the Beatty Papyri; the death of Peet; his application for the Cairo professorship; work on the Ay inscription; excavation work at Amarna; travel in Egypt; repeated applications to study at University College; his application for a post at Liverpool University.

Foucart, George - correspondence

Correspondence from George Foucart including relating to an article by Keimer in the Bulletin de l'Institut Francaise d'Archeologie Orientale, and the state of the Theban necropolis.

Gardiner, (Sir) Alan Henderson - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Alan Gardiner including on research, travel, his family, publication of articles in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, and contemporary Egyptologists.

Includes correspondence relating to: the Ramasseum papyri; inscriptions including the inscriptions of Mes; work in Egypt including at the tombs of Amenemapt, User and Rekhmara, and the Osireon at Abydos; occurrences of names; the Carnavon tablet; Gardiner’s catalogue of Theban tombs; requesting notes from Newberry on tombs including the tomb of Khety; Gardiner's copy of an inscription compared to a copy by Max Müller; the Egypt Exploration Society (EES); Blackman taking pupils out to Egypt in 1919; employment of Mary Jonas as secretary to the EES; exhibition at the Burlington Fine Arts Club; confirmation of Newberry’s publication of scene in Tomb of Huy; work of Amice Calverley; funding for the EES; Newberry’s resignation from the EES; purchase of papyri for the British Museum; philology and deciphering hieroglyphs; Carter’s papers on tomb of Tutankhamun; the Second World War including news of Gardiner’s son John; research on the owl; agricultural land in Egypt; Menes; the Turin papyrus; Nitocris; writing a companion to Egyptian studies; obituary of Petrie written by Newberry; death of Paul Smither; Miss Phyllis Walker's donation of Howard Carter's records to the Ashmolean and infringement of copyright; contact with German Egyptologists after World War Two.

Egyptologists mentioned include Henry Lyons, Flinders Petrie, T. Eric Peet, Arthur Weigall, Pierre Lacau, Aylward Blackman, Raymond Faulkner.

Also includes some draft replies from Newberry and letters from Gardiner to Howard Carter relating to the publication of an article.

Also includes page of notes on names titled Sethe and notes on an article on Sebknofru and ‘On Transcriptions’.

A few letters include notes on the back mostly of one or two words.

MSS 18/1 is also numbered 5
MSS 18/2 is also numbered A.249
MSS 18/3 is also numbered 31
MSS 18/7 is also numbered A.1
MSS 18/8 is also numbered 67
MSS 18/10 is also numbered A.99
MSS 18/13 is also numbered A.302
MSS 18/18 is also numbered 354
MSS 18/19 is also numbered A.238
MSS 18/20 is also numbered A.241
MSS 18/21 is also numbered A.5
MSS 18/22 is also numbered A.295
MSS 18/29 is also numbered 263
MSS 18/31 is also numbered 288
MSS 18/32 is also numbered 253
MSS 18/35 is also numbered A.10
MSS 18/36 is also numbered A.11
MSS 18/37 is also numbered A.22
MSS 18/40 is also numbered 308
MSS 18/46 is also numbered 220
MSS 18/47 is also numbered 1a
MSS 18/48 is also numbered 1
MSS 18/55 is also numbered A.150
MSS 18/56 is also numbered A.137
MSS 18/57 is also numbered 151a
MSS 18/58 is also numbered A.157
MSS 18/59 is also numbered A.138
MSS 18/60 is also numbered A.138
MSS 18/61 is also numbered A.140
MSS 18/62 is also numbered A.141
MSS 18/66 is also numbered 143

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