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Harden, Donald Benjamin - correspondence

Correspondence from Donald Benjamin Harden (Ashmolean Museum) and draft replies from Newberry including relating to donations to the Ashmolean Museum and Newberry's research.

Includes correspondence relating to: Newberry leasing his house to St Thomas's Hospital during the Second World War; donation of Newberry's embroidery collection to the Ashmolean and Liverpool Museum; donation of Newberry's collection of millefiori glass fragments from Alexandria; donation of Howard Carter material; research including on bows and the figure-of-eight shield; drawing of the Scorpion Macehead requested by Newberry.

Hebblethwaite, Percival - correspondence

Letter from Percival Hebblethwaite (1849-1922) (Registrar, Liverpool University) informing Newberry of the resolution of the Council that a Professorship in Egyptology be instituted and he be appointed Brunner Professor of Egyptology.

Halton, E.G. - correspondence

Correspondence from E. G. Halton ("The Studio", Publishers) relating to the publication of an article on embroideries and preparation of proofs.

MSS 23/58 is also numbered A.20
MSS 23/59 is also numbered A.21A
MSS 23/60 is also numbered A.21

Hardy, Jean M. - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean M. Hardy (Associate of Theodore M. Davies) thanking Newberry and relating to travel in England and Florence.

MSS 23/96 is also numbered A.285
MSS 23/97 is also numbered A.248

Halliday, (Sir) William Reginald - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir William Reginald Halliday including relating to T. Eric Peet's candidature for the Brunner Chair of Archaeology at Liverpool University and research on labdanum.

MSS 23/55 is also numbered 289a
MSS 23/56 is also numbered 289b
MSS 23/57 is also numbered 12

Headlam, A. K. - correspondence

Correspondence from A. K. Headlam including letter describing a journey in Egypt and the sights including paintings and inscriptions. This letter has been dated 1892 during previous archival processing.

Hodson, Cass - correspondence

Letter from Cass Hodson (Secretary, The Eugenics Education Society) inviting Newberry to give a paper on racial aspects of Egyptian civilisation.

There is also a note by Newberry which states he answered 'no'.

Hogarth, David George - correspondence

Correspondence from David George Hogarth (1862-1927) (Ashmolean Museum) including relating to the arrival of a coffin and writing formal acknowledgement to Whitaker; recommendations for digging at Sakha; requesting Newberry to bid on items at auction; and photograph of the Scorpion Macehead.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry including list of amounts offered by people towards purchase of a prehistoric figure at auction.

MSS 24/37 is also numbered A23a
MSS 24/39 is also numbered A.23b
MSS 24/40 is also numbered A.23

Holden, Thomas - correspondence

Correspondence from Thomas Holden relating to flora and gardening including enquiry from Lord Rennell relating to the discovery of old seeds.

MSS 24/45 is also numbered A.167
MSS 24/46 is also numbered A.167b

There are two letters without reference numbers, one of which is numbered A.167a

Holmes, Edward Morrell - correspondence

Correspondence from Edward Morrell Holmes (1843-1930) including relating to oil, seeds,

Egyptian gardens, gardening, depiction of plants in Punt, labdanum and perfumery.

Also includes letter to the secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society requesting books from the library for Newberry.

MSS 24/48 is also numbered A.301
MSS 24/49 is also numbered 23

Hill, (Sir) Arthur William - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Arthur William Hill (1875-1941) (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) including relating to the donation of plants and photographs and the results of an analysis on a walking stick handle, walking stick, bow and throwstick from a tomb at Thebes.

Also includes: letter to Professor F.W. Oliver (Egyptian University, Cairo) from Hill asking whether there is any work available for L.A. Boodle identifying Egyptian fossils; draft letter from Newberry relating to research on the olive.

Holme, Geoffrey - correspondence

Letter from Geoffrey Holme (Editor, "The Studio" Publishers) asking to speak to Newberry about a volume on embroidery.

There is a note by Newberry to say that he will call at 11am Wednesday, 20 February 1921.

Home, Gordon - correspondence

Correspondence from Gordon Home including relating to a letter written to The Times opposing the industrialisation of part of Surrey and the loan of books on North Africa and the Swedish expedition to Cyprus.

MSS 25/1 is also numbered A.136
MSS 25/3 is also numbered A.176

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