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Graffito House C.IV, Deir el-Medina

1 inked tracing of 3 lines of a hieratic graffito, from the house of Amennakht (C.IV), Dyn. XX, at Deir el-Medina (see TopBib i2.702).
Tracing made by Michel Malinine.

Egypt. Dahshur. Pyramid Field

Views of the pyramid field at Dahshur (TopBib iii2.876):
-pencil sketch on paper
-11.2 x 8.5 cm
-[on sketch] '1 Mustaba Faraoon' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] '1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5' (pencil note)

Egypt. Saqqara. Step pyramid enclosure of Netjerikhet. Tiled rooms I and II

Plans with measurements and inscriptions of tiled rooms I and II of step pyramid enclosure of Netjerikhet at Saqqara (TopBib iii2.400):
-pencil sketch on paper
-17.1 x 11.3 cm
-[on sketch] 'height of room A 7„4 / doors 5 feet' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] '4 repetitions' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'hieroglyphs over door 22' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'passages blocked up all dismantled masonry stones / masonry destroyed / cavern' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] '3.8 wide / masonry / masonry' (pencil note)

Egypt. Thebes. East Bank. Karnak. Great Temple of Amun. Tenth Pylon

View of North face of Tenth Pylon of Great Temple of Amun at Karnak, on the East Bank of Thebes (TopBib ii2.186):
-pencil sketch on paper
-29.8 x 14.9 cm
-[on mount] 'Karnak' (pencil note, almost certainly by Dr Moss)
-[on mount] encircled '3' (pencil note, almost certainly by Dr Moss)
-[on mount] '6' (black ink note, previously '4', almost certainly by Bonomi)

Egypt. Thebes. West Bank. Deir el-Bahari

View from top of mountain at Deir el-Bahari, on the West Bank of Thebes, looking East:
-pencil drawing on paper
-36.9 x 23.3 cm
-[on drawing] 'A Propylon of Karnak / B Ptolemaic gateway / C Luxor / D E F The 3 remarkable mountains behind Luxor /G Dra Abu Neger/ H the road that leads up to the small temples under the mountains of the valley of Tombs Biban el Moluk/ J K The crude bricks for pylon/ L Crude brick buildings /M the large crude brick propylon/ N Village' (pencil note, by Bonomi) [key to places shown in drawing]
-[on drawing] encircled '5' (pencil note, almost certainly by Dr Moss)

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