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[250] Rain worn cliffs

-The rocky landscape formed by rainfalls in the Valley of the Kings (Luxor, West bank).
-TopBib i2.495.
'Rain worn cliffs,
in valley of tombs of the Kings, Thebes.'.

[97] Cliffs of Nile valley near Tehneh.

-Rocky landscape formed by natural phenomena (flood, rainfalls, wind) near Tihna (Middle Egypt).
'Cliffs of Nile valley near Tehneh.
Shewing that the river level has permanently been about
1/4 up the cliff; the rock below that being dissolved out
in holes, and above it weathered by air and rain.'.

[488] Medinet el Faium.

-View of modern Medinet el-Faiyum, with its Islamic cemetery in the foreground (taken from the remains of the old town).
'Medinet el Faium.
from the mounds of the old town.
Cemetery in front.'.

Back of front cover

Inside the front cover of the album.

'Any of these prints may be
ordered by the numbers from
[Mr. R.V. Harman,
75 High St,
Bromley, Kent. (crossed out)]
His charge for printing is
2s 3d per dozen.
The titles must be noted down
as he will send them only numbered.
50 [131 (underlined and crossed out] in this set.'.

[942] Set of objects found together. Kahun XII.

-el-Lahun, town (‘Kahun’): mirror, two copper chisels, four copper piercers, flint knife, copper knife, copper torque, five vessels.
-The same assemblage as in Petrie MSS 5.8.3a [upper]).
'Set of objects found together. Kahun XII.'

-Also, labelled:
'Flint knife with handle'.

This photograph is in a section titled:
'Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952'.

[944] Ivory ape, and scarabs. Kahun XII

-el-Lahun, town (‘Kahun’): ivory ape; scarabs of Nesu-montu [Nsw-Mnṯw] (Petrie Museum, University College UC11441), of Meryre [Mry-Rʿ], and of Senebsuemai [ḫtm-bjty smr-wʿty (j)m(y)-r(ȝ)-ḫtmt Snb-sw-m-ʿj]; prism from the family-tomb of Maket, with the Horus name of Thutmose II [Ḥr kȝ-nḫt wsr-pḥty].
'Ivory ape, and scarabs. Kahun XII'
'Tahutmes II'.

This photograph is in a section titled:
'Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952'.

[950] Bronze & alabaster. Gurob XVIII-XIX.

-Kom Medinet Ghurab ("Gurob"): objects made of bronze (blades, razors) and of calcite or 'alabaster' (various vases); a vase made of 'faience' or 'Egyptian blue'.
Bronze & alabaster.

  • Also label for 'blue vase'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'Kahun & Gurob antiquities 1890 942-952'.

[917] Canal at Hawara cutting through Labyrinth

-Hawara: canal cutting through the funerary temple of Amenemhat III (the so-called Labyrinth), with blocks from the monument.
'Canal at Hawara cutting through Labyrinth,
shewing blocks of front wall of Labyrinth.
Looking S.W.'.
-With an arrow pointing at blocks.

This photograph is in a section titled 'Hawara Canal 917-930'.

[933] Dimay, nearer.

-Landscape in the Faiyum, with the ruins of Dimai (Soknopaiou Nesos) in the background.
'Dimay, nearer.'.

This photograph is in a section titled 'Back of Birket Karun 928-940'.

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