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Jaroslav Černý Collection
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Notebook Černý MSS 17.180

Transcription of papyrus in Turin, Museo Egizio, Cat. 1983 (verso, lines 69-109) = T. 1 in:Edwards, I. E. S., Hieratic Papyri in the British Museum. Oracular Amuletic Decrees of the Late New Kingdom (1960) (OEB 6338).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.19

Transcriptions of papyri:Bologna, Museo Civico Archeologico, 1086Bologna, Museo Civico Archeologico, 1094Papyrus judiciaire de TurinPapyrus at Centre Golenischeff, Paris, with Lacau papers

Notebook Černý MSS 17.21

Černý's first year in Egypt, 1926.Notes on Amenophis I in the Theban Necropolis.Transcriptions from various objects:graffitihieratic graffiti in Theban tombsostracon Černý 13other Deir el-Medîna ostraca

Notebook Černý MSS 17.22

Ostraca, transcriptions of:Brussels, Musées Royaux d’Art et d’HistoireCairo, Egyptian MuseumFlorence, Museo Archeologico, 2625London, British Museum, EA 5639Turin, Museo EgizioIFAOBreasted No. 2Papyri, transcriptions of:Boulaq 10Boulaq 11Objects, ...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.24

Transcriptions of papyri in:Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 10460Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 10462Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 10463Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 10485Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, Inv. 3040ALeningrad 1119Transcription of Spiegelberg's Abno...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.25

Sinai. Hand-copies of texts made at Serâbît el-Khâdim with the Harvard-Boston Expedition in 1935. Some entries are in diary form and list texts found in March and April 1935.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.25A

Tuthmosis III inscription from the Island of Saï.A list of fragments of the Turin Kings' Papyrus and their present position.Texts from the "Offerings Rock" at Aswân.

Notebook Černý MSS 17.27

Workmen in the Place of Truth:Index of Ostraca up to 19.6.1953plan of chapter headings for Parts I & IIOutline for kings and viziers, as well as foremen and scribes on the communitycomposition and size of the crew, with attestations

Notebook Černý MSS 17.28

Transcriptions.Ostraca:Cairo, Egyptian Museum, 25217 (love poem)Edinburgh Royal Scottish Museum, Moir Bryce tabletPapyri:Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 8527Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 10003ABerlin Ägyptisches Museum, 10012Berlin Ägyptisches Museum, 100...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.3

Transcriptions of papyri:Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 196Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 197Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 198Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 199Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 201Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, 237

Notebook Černý MSS 17.31

Transcriptions. Ostraca:Cairo, Egyptian Museum, JE 54948Faulkner (now in London, University College)Gardiner (one belonging to Miss Cochrane)Gardiner Weight 12 = Oxford, Ashmolean Museum, HO 1246IFAO AG. 48

Notebook Černý MSS 17.35

Transcriptions. Ostraca.Aberdeen University, 1317Geneva, 12550Glasgow, Art Gallery, 4788Heidelberg 567Leipzig 1-34 (with omissions)Leningrad 2973Liverpool, County Museum, M13624-6Madrid 16, 243Munich, Antiquarium, 19 & 22aOxford, Ashmolean Mus...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.36

Transcriptions. Ostraca.Berlin, Ägyptisches Museum, 10616London University CollegeColin Campbell collectionPetrie (now in London, Petrie Museum)Gardiner 52Gardiner 101

Notebook Černý MSS 17.38

London, British Museum. Statues, stelae, reliefs, offering-table, etc., belonging to sḏm-ʿš n/m st-mȝʿt (Servants in the Place of Truth, necropolis workmen).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.39A

Transcriptions of objects in:Florence, Museo Archeologico - statues, stelae, etc.Pisa Museum - reliefsTurin, Museo Egizio - statues, stelae, etc.Vatican, Museo Gregoriano Egizio - statues, stelae, etc.Index of monuments of sḏm-ʿš n/m st-mȝʿt (Ser...

Notebook Černý MSS 17.39B

Transcriptions of objects in Turin, Museo Egizio, statues, stelae, etc. Most monuments of sḏm-ʿš n/m st-mȝʿt (Servants in the Place of Truth, necropolis workmen).

Notebook Černý MSS 17.39C

Transcriptions. Most monuments of sḏm-ʿš n/m st-mȝʿt (Servants in the Place of Truth, necropolis workmen). Various objects in:Berlin, Ägyptisches MuseumBonn MuseumBrooklyn Museum of ArtBrussels, Musées Royaux d'Art et d'HistoireCambridge...

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