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Note on a marble statue in the collection of Dr Lee of Hartwell and on the artistic representation of the effects of alcohol in the human body

Note on a marble statue in the collection of Dr Lee of Hartwell and on the artistic representation of the effects of alcohol in the human body:
-pencil text on paper
-loose, adjacent to Bonomi MSS 43.1
-11.1 x 18.1 cm
-[text] 'Statue of a man sleeping on a / wine skin in Pentelic marble. / S of this proper line long wide This statue in the / collection of Dr Lee of Hartwell is of excellent sculpture and probably / by an Athenian artist since it / is [made (crossed out)] carved out of a marble found in / the vicinity of Athens. / Very early indeed did the thinking and in / telligent man of antiquity such as poets / painters and sculptors describe and / pourtray [each in (crossed out)] with admirable truth the effects / of persistant indulgence in alcoholic / beverages on the intellect and on the / external configuration of the human body / X They indeed had more [than we have (crossed out)] and better'


Portfolio entitled 'Designs / JB'
Pencil note: '3'
Ink table of contents on piece of paper glued to cover:
-'3' (pencil note)
-'1 Sthodart's Canterbury arranged for / sculpture'
-'2 Days of the Week as seals'
-'[4 (crossed out)] 5 Ruined Pylon Karnak / Transferred to another book'
-'6 (added over 5) 7 Quarrantine Marseilles / Transferred do do'
-'7 (added over 6) 8 Profile sculpture St Jacques Bruges'
-'8 (added over 7) 9 Outline priest men playing long / trumpets supported on the shoulders / of others'
-'9 (added over 8) 10 Design for Rail road Seal'.

Designs of cavalry

Designs of cavalry:
-partially inked pencil sketch on paper
-23.7 x 30.2 cm
-[on mount] '1' (ink note)

Europe uniting Asia and America

Europe uniting Asia and America:
-pencil sketch on paper
-26.6 x 32.0 cm
-[on sketch] 'AMERICA' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'EVROPA' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'ASIA' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'J Bonomi del.' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Europe uniting Asia and America / She extends to them Commerce and Peace / The wheels indicate the means, viz, the rail road' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'America youthful / attired in the costume / of the Mexicans stands / on the right of Europe / the position that / continent has with / respect to [Europe (crossed out) / others (crossed out)] the other two' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Asia more matronly / attired in more ample / garments stands on / the left of Europe' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Europe younger than / Asia wears the mural / crown surmounted by / a dome and a cross as / this division of the earth / entirely Xtian' (pencil note)
-[on mount] '10' (ink note)

Design of pediment in grid

Design of pediment in grid, with some parallels with the East Pediment of the Parthenon:
-pencil and ink (purple) sketch on paper
-22.7 x 28.6 cm

Various sketched designs from the Odyssey

Various sketched designs from the Odyssey:
-pencil sketches on paper
-31.8 x 22.0 cm
-[on sketch] 'B2 / TEL / MENTOR' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'B3 / Tel / Mentor / Mentes(?)' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'BIV / Athena / Penelope / (?) / Medon' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Philomeledes who ? / Eidothea who ? / Thyesties how connected with / Ægysthus / Rhadamanthus who ? / (?) King of Sidon ? / Icarius who ? / Laertes' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Minerva desends to / Ithaca' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'BI / PHEMIUS / SUITORS / PENELOPE' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Ajax BIV' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'BVI / VLYSSES / NAVSICAA / VERGINS' (pencil note)

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