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Letter from George W. Murray (22 May 1909)

Letter from George W. Murray dated 22 May [1909] with notes and queries on words and proper names in Kenzi, Mahas and Old Nubian. Corrections to Griffith MSS 14.5.2 above. Mention of Murray's list of Nubian personal names, cf. Griffith MSS 14.5.4 below.

Letter from W. E. Crum (28 February 1912)

Letter from W. E. Crum dated 28 February 1912 on the original provenance of the Rustafjaell MSS: MS. 1 from [serrah (Coptic transcription)], being dedicated to a church at Edfu, the scribe having been from Esna; MSS. 2 and following taken to Nubia and joined to MS. 1.

Enclosures with letter from Murray [Griffith MSS 14.4]

Enclosures with letter Griffith MSS 14.4:

  1. "Feyadika" [Mahas] Nubian love song: "Alla Dessi Barama". Translation and notes.

  2. Arabic story in Kenzi Nubian: "The Abyssinian Slave". Translation and notes.

  3. Three songs in Kenzi Nubian. Translations:

    • A father thinking of his dead daughter.
    • Insulting song by one woman to another.
    • A woman preparing food for her husband's return, has it stolen.
  4. List of some 18 words in Kenzi and Mahas Nubian. Glosses. List of Nubian proper names: 37 for men and 11 for women.

Letter from G. W. Murray (2 September 1909)

Letter from G. W. Murray dated 2 September 1909. Comments on Griffith's translation of the Old Nubian text on St. Menas [British Museum Or. MS. 6805], especially on the location of Philoxenite. Comments on an element in a place name.

Bodleian Papyri

Photographs of Bodleian Papyri:
-1-7: Skrine papyri - Nespeheran
-8-10: Demotic and Greek
-11-16: Religious Hieratic and Demotic
-17-19: Coptic
-20-22: Coptic
-23-26: Coptic

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