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Research notes relating to religion and culture

Various research notes relating to religion and culture. Includes:
-typed paragraph on the dessication of the Sahara Plateau
-a note on bukalamun
-a footnote relating to Moringa
-typed notes relating to the olive and the use of olive oil
-note on the administration of justice
-notes on titles
-notes on expressions in hieroglyphs including to filter and negative expressions
-notes on the offering formula

Copies of papyri and texts

Handwritten copies and translations of papyri. Notes by Diana Magee suggest that these are second hand copies or copies of copies done by somebody else.


-Handwritten copy of the text and translation of 'The Destruction of Mankind' (PEN/G.II/E.G.)

-Handwritten translation of Papyrus Berlin 9784

-Handwritten copy of British Museum Medical Papyrus mentioning name of Khufu and tracing (PEN/G.II/E.F.)

-Handwritten copy of the Tale of the Eloquent Peasant

-Handwritten notes and extracts including chronology from 'Obeliscus pamphilius' by Athanasius Kircher (1650).

-Extract in Coptic titled 'Sections of Acts of Apostles missing in Hosner supplied by the MS of Chester Beatty'.

Extracts from and notes on classical authors

Typed and handwritten extracts from and notes on classical authors.

-Typed and handwritten extracts from Claudius Aelianus, 'De Natura Animalium' ('On the Characteristics of Animals'), a collection of seventeen books on natural history. Extracts are headed with book and verse numbers and there are handwritten notes in the margins.
-Extracts from Hellanicus Lesbius, Lucian and Porphyry of Tyre.
-Handwritten index, mainly of plants and animals, to the Deipnosophistae by Athenaeus of Naucratis
-Handwritten index to 'Bibliotheca Historica' by Diodorus Siculus
-Typed notes on Diodorus Siculus
-Handwritten index to work by Plutarch
-Handwritten index to Geographica by Strabo
-Typed notes on Clement of Alexandria
-Extracts from works by Lucian

Notes on egyptological publications

Handwritten notes on the following egyptological publications:
-Edgerton, William F. 1933. <i>The Thutmosid succession</i>. Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 8. Chicago: University of Chicago Press (OEB 138819).
-Kees, Hermann 1938. Die Opfertanzdarstellung auf einem Siegel des Königs Usaphais. <i>Nachrichten von der Gesellschaft der Wissenschaften zu Göttingen: Philologisch-Historische Klasse, Fachgruppe I, Altertumswissenschaft, Neue Folge</i> 3 (2), 21-30 (OEB 142358).
-Kees, H. 1954. Das Gottesweib Ahmes-Nofretere als Amonspriester. <i>Orientalia</i> 23, 57-63 (OEB 1725).
-Vogliano, A. (ed.) 1938. <i>Mostra delle antichità rinvenute nelle campagne d'Egitto condotte dalla Missione della R. Università di Milano, 1934-37 / organizzata a cura delle podesteria di Milano dalla soprintendenza dei Musei del Castello Sforzesco di Milano</i>. Milano: Bestetti (OEB 145697).
-1906. <i>Catalogue of the collection of Egyptian antiquities, formed in Egypt by R. de Rustafjaell: which will be sold by auction by Sotheby, Wilkinson & Hodge [...] on Wednesday, the 19th of December, 1906</i>. London: Davy (OEB 136636).
-Drioton, Étienne 1933. Essai sur la cryptographie privée de la fin de la XVIIIe dynastie. <i>Revue d'égyptologie</i> 1, 1-50 (OEB 138351).
-Klebs, Luise, 1934. <i>Die Reliefs und Malereien des Neuen Reiches (XVIII.-XX. Dynastie, ca. 1580-1100 v. Chr.): Material zur ägyptischen Kulturgeschichte</i>. AHAW: philos.-hist. Kl. 9. Heidelberg: Winter (OEB 142537).

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