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-pencil sketch on paper
-8.4 x 9.6 cm


-pencil sketch on tracing paper
-11.1 x 13.0 cm

Ornaments, pots and cups from Ialysos and Mycenae

[Upper left] Pot and ornament from Ialysos; [upper middle] Mycenaean ornaments; [upper right] Mycenaean pot and statuette; [lower] Mycenaean cups:
-ink sketches on paper, mounted on paper
-[upper left] 6.9 x 11.9 cm, [upper middle] 5.7 x 11.7 cm, [upper right] 5.5 x 12.2 cm, [lower] 9.6 x 6.1 cm (24.4 x 29.8 cm with mount)
-[on upper left sketches] 'Ialysus.' (ink note)
-[on upper middle sketches] 'Mycenae ornament. Octopus' (ink note)
-[on upper right sketches] 'Mycene. Hera' (ink note)
-[on lower sketches] 'Mycene cups' (ink note)

Anatomical study (ribcage with shoulder)

Anatomical study (ribcage with shoulder):
-ink and pencil sketch on paper
-18.2 x 22.7 cm
-[on sketch] 'vertebrae of neck' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'R sternum' (pencil and ink note)
-[on sketch] 'clavicle H' (ink and pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'C. acromiun of scapula' (pencil note)

Alpine landscape

Alpine landscape:
-watercolour on paper, mounted on paper
-16.2 x 22.4 cm (21.1 x 29.2 cm with mount)

Letter to Bonomi from 73, Lombard Street

Letter to Bonomi from 73, Lombard Street:
-print and ink (brown) text on paper
-9.9 x 14 cm
'73, Lombard Street, E. [C.]
London 3 Jan[y...
[Joseph] Bonomi Esq
Sir John Soane's...
13 Lincoln's In[n Fields...
W[. C...
[Dear] Sir
We beg to ackno[wledge]
[the rec]ipt of your Letter of yesterday...
[containi]ng a Remittance of ₤ 3 ,, 2...
[... cre]dit of the Biblical Archeol[ogy...
[... t]he names you mention.

Profile of man in fine dress

Profile of man in fine dress:
-pencil drawing on paper
-10.5 x 12.9 cm
-[on drawing] 'face of[?]. debt.[? <perhaps debutant>]' (pencil note)
-[on verso] '10' (pencil note)


Coastline view of Gibraltar and the Apes Hill:
-watercolour on paper
-15.2 x 6.9 cm
-[on sketch] 'Apes hill' (ink note)
-[on sketch] 'Gibralar SW by W' (ink note)

Spain. Grosa island, Cape Palos and Cabo de Gata

Four coastline views of Grosa island, Cape Palos and Cabo de Gata in Spain:
-pencil sketches on paper
-14.3 x 22 cm
-[on sketch] 'GROSSA W&S 3 miles off' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'NNE / CASTLE OF C PALOS / GROSSA' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'CAPE DE CAT / NW' (pencil note)

Germany. Boppard/Boppart. Romanesque cathedral

Exterior view of the Romanesque cathedral at Boppard/Boppart in Germany:
-pencil sketch on paper
-27.7 x 37.9 cm
-[on sketch] 'Cathedral / Boppart / October 1845' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Cathedral' (pencil note)

Palestine. Bethlehem. Church with well

View of interior of church at Bethlehem in Palestine, with figure looking into well:
-pencil sketch on paper
-18.9 x 16.4 cm
-[on sketch] 'The church at Bethlaim' (pencil note)
-[on verso] 'Well in Church at Bethlehem' (pencil note)

Israel. Nazareth

Cityscape of Nazareth in Israel:
-pencil sketch on paper
-20.5 x 13.5 cm
-[on sketch] 'Nazareth' (ink note)

Israel. Jerusalem. Damascus Gate

View of figures on camels in front of the Damascus Gate at Jerusalem in Israel:
-pencil sketch on paper
-22.7 x 18.9 cm
-[on sketch] 'Damascus Gate / Jerusalem' (pencil note)

Ergebnisse: 901 bis 930 von 1090