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Honey, William Bayer - correspondence

Correspondence from William Bayer Honey (Victoria & Albert Museum, London) including relating to glass fragments on loan from Newberry and the date of three predynastic Egyptian pots for an exhibition.

Hubbard, Helen Falmestock - correspondence

Correspondence from Helen Falmestock Hubbard (married John Hubbard, née Campbell) including relating to financial contributions to the Egypt Exploration Society as well as her marriage and children.

MSS 25/62 is also numbered A.172
MSS 25/63 is also numbered A.173
MSS 25/64 is also numbered A.178

Hughes, M. C. - correspondence

Correspondence from M. C. Hughes sending Newberry the diary of his Father's tour in Egypt and photographs from Didlington Museum.

MSS 25/67 is also numbered 40a
MSS 25/68 is also numbered 40

Keeves, Winifred A. - correspondence

Correspondence from Winifred A. Keeves (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Society) including relating to Newberry's subscription to the EES and in response to enquiries by Newberry on material held by the EES.

Kelham, Doris L. - correspondence

Correspondence from Doris L. Kelham (née Tattersall) including arranging to meet in London and with reference to Howard Carter and the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun.

MSS 27/59 is also numbered A.18
MSS 27/63 is also numbered 223

Laing, C. G. - correspondence

Letter from C. G. Laing (Director, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston) requesting photographs of papyrus being grown at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in relation to research on Egyptian columns.

Lucas, Alfred - correspondence

Correspondence from Alfred Lucas including relating to: arranging to visit Newberry; cleaning an inscribed bowl; response to criticisms by Newberry of a book by Lucas; wish to see a wooden tongue from Tututankhamun's shrine; Walter Segal and his study of furniture from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

MSS 29/50 is also numbered 217a
MSS 29/51 is also numbered 217
MSS 29/52 is also numbered 13
MSS 29/55 is also numbered A.107

MacGregor, (Rev.) William - correspondence

Correspondence from Reverend William MacGregor including advising Newberry to stick to the limits of his permit for Beni Hassan, 1891; and relating to purchasing Newberry's collection of seals and a court case MacGregor was involved in.

MSS 30/22 is also numbered 109
MSS 30/24 is also numbered 14
MSS 30/25 is also numbered 271
MSS 30/26 is also numbered 361
MSS 30/27 is also numbered 250

Mair, Alexander - correspondence

Correspondence from Alexander Mair relating to the publication of a book and Newberry's resignation from Liverpool University.

MSS 30/53 is also numbered A.289

Maxwell, (Sir) John Grenfell (1859-1929) - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir John Grenfell Maxwell (1859-1929) including letter suggesting to Newberry where he should dig at Sakha with sketch map, and including notes by Newberry on flora (1912).

Also includes letter to Mary Jonas on asking Lord Carnavon to 'preside' (1922) and circular requesting donations to the Egypt Exploration Society (1928).

One letter does not have a Dawson reference but is also numbered A.80

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