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[394] "False door" of Xemten.

Giza (Gîza). West Field, tomb G 5210, Khemetnu (Khemtnu).
Caption reads:
'"False door" of Xemten.'

Also labels for 'name of [<-W9-E11-x-w-f->] at top', 'forced stones' and 'original width'.

[529] Brick walls of the "Labyrinth" of Lepsius.

Hawara. Foreground, Labyrinth of Amenemhet III; background, Pyramid of Amenemhet III.
Caption reads:
'Brick walls of the "Labyrinth" of Lepsius.
The bricks are the size of Roman bricks, & not of earlier
forms; the chambers are full of broken Roman pottery;
and are like those of Greek and Roman villages.'

Inside front cover

Inside front cover.
On left:
'W.M. Flinders Petrie,
8 Crescent Road,
Note attached to page:
'As some friends have desired to have copies of these photographs (which at present I have no time to prepare myself) I have placed the plates in the hands of Messrs Murray & Heath, 37 Dartmouth Park Hill NW; and arranged with them to supply copies to order (not less than 6 at once) at 3d per print, post free. Only the numbers need be mentioned, but a list of the titles should be retained.'
'There is far more detail in the negatives than can be transferred to a print; and any one wishing to refer to them for scientific purposes will please to apply to me. Prints on glass are almost as good as the original negatives for examination, and can be easily supplied, as well as enlargement to any scale.'
'W. M. Flinders Petrie.'

[506] Obelisk of Ebgig from the West.

-Abgig or Begig.
-Obelisk of Senusret (Sesostris) I.
'Obelisk of Ebgig from the West.
It is 82.7 ins wide at base and 56.4 at top. About 90 tons
The total length from base to rounding of top is 39 ft 3.7 ins.'

-Also labelled in photograph:
'Gebel Sedment'.

[135] Tombs of Beni Hassan.

-Beni Hasan (Beni Hassan).
'Tombs of Beni Hassan.
2 Tomb of Ameni-Amenemha, shewing rows of stones cleared
from the approach, and laid on each side (see arrows) but
not running quite to the middle. 3 Tomb of Nūmhotep.'

-The photograph is annotated '1', '2', and '3' to indicate the relevant tombs.

[309] Queen Hatasu.

-Deir el-Bahri (Deir el-Bahari).
-Temple of Hatshepsut.
'Queen Hatasu.
Nourished by Hathor as a cow.
One of the very few unerased portraits of Hatasu, in the inner
chamber of Deir el Bahari temple; cartouche erased.'

[303] Granite gateway at Deir el Bahari.

-Deir el-Bahri (Deir el-Bahari).
-Temple of Hatshepsut.
'Granite gateway at Deir el Bahari.
with standard of Hatasu and cartouches of Thothmes III,
with the unusual form [<-i-mn:n-U6-C3-F31->]. Behind is the door of the shrine
of Thothmes, circular-roof stones behind it, & pent roof over that.'

[208] Half relief statues on limestone.

-Sheikh ʿAbd el-Qurna.
-Rock-cut statues, a woman holding child and man squatting on the ground holding child.
'Half relief statues, on limestone.
On the hillside at Shekh abd-el-Gurneh, at the
North end overlooking El Assassif.'

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