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Wallis, Harold - correspondence

Correspondence from Harold Wallis relating to Newberry's purchase of articles from his collection on loan to the Victoria and Albert Museum, including receipt of payment signed by Alice and Violet Wallis (1933).

MSS 44/85 is also numbered 26a.
Warren Dawson's list of correspondence includes MSS 44/84 however this letter is now missing.

Webster, Charles K. - correspondence

Letter from Charles K. Webster (University of Liverpool Press) thanking Newberry for his services 'to the cause of scholarship in Liverpool' and enclosing letter from Ernest Hodder Williams (3 November 1920) on the University of Liverpool Press.

Wellcome, (Sir) Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Henry Wellcome relating to a collection of objects excavated and the possibility of hiring Thomas Eric Peet to catalogue them, including copy of letter from Peet suggesting a rate of pay.

Williams, Caroline Ransom - correspondence

Correspondence from Caroline Ransom Williams including relating to the Medical Papyrus and James Breasted's publication of it; Newberry visiting the New York Historical Society's collections; comments on articles on the Abbott objects; her publication of a book on jewellery; visiting museum collections.

MSS 45/66 is also numbered A 105

Woodhouse, W. - correspondence

Letter from W. Woodhouse (Nicolson Museum, University of Sydney) relating to Sir Charles Nicholson's collection and a photograph taken for Newberry of a slab containing the cartounches of Akhenaton and his wife.

Woolley, (Sir) Charles Leonard - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Charles Leonard Woolley including relating to: writing an article on Hittite graves (1913); introduction of vines to Egypt (1922) etymology and link between Asia and Egypt (1922); research, publications and visting Newberry.

Also includes letter forwarded by John Garstang, to him from Woolley, relating to writing an article on Hittite burial customs.

MSS 46/63 is also numbered 364
MSS 46/64 is also numbered 365
MSS 46/65 is also numbered 363
MSS 46/66 is also numbered 352
MSS 46/78 is also numbered 215

Scarabs and seals

Notebook containing cuttings and drawings of scarabs; cuttings and rubbing of cylinder seal impressions, (one dated 1929); notes on scarabs, seals and the sealing process.

Also includes envelope containing photographs of scarabs.

This notebook was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Sealings, Scarabs, Cylinders'.

Dynasty XVIII

Folder titled ‘Dynasty XVIII T.IV A.III Amarna excluding Ay’. Folder contains several envelopes listed below containing material relating to the 18th Dynasty.

Envelopes include:

  1. Notes on the tomb of Tuthmosis IV (TopBib i.559) including sketches of the tomb, notes and sketches of items found in the tomb including a throne and wooden boats.

-Notes and copy of hieroglyphs on wooden panels from sides of a throne (Right side: Boston Museum, 03.1131; Left side: Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 30.8.45) (TopBib i.561)
-Notes and sketch of fragment of a wooden fan (Cairo Museum, 46095) (TopBib i.561)
-Notes and sketches on the back of a throne (Cairo Museum, 46096) (TopBib i.561)
-Notes and sketch of the right side of the inside of a chariot (Cairo Museum, 46097) (TopBib i.560)

  1. Notes relating to inscriptions in tomb TT64 belonging to Hekerneheh (TopBib i.128), including inscriptions from the vestibule of the tomb used in Newberry, Percy E. 1928. <i>The sons of Tuthmosis IV.</i> Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 14 (1/2), 82-85 (OEB 146401). Also includes letter from H.E. Winlock on work in Tomb 64 (2nd April 1925).

  2. Notes and inscriptions relating to Tuthmosis IV and his family. This material also references and relates to Newberry, Percy E. 1903. Extracts from my notebooks (VII). <i>Proceedings of the Society of Biblical Archaeology</i> 25, 357-362 (OEB 187707).
    -Copy of inscription on statuette of Hekerneheh found by Newberry in 1898 in tomb TT63.
    -Notes, tracings, drawings and translations of wooden mummy labels with hieratic inscriptions (National Museum Scotland, 1956.154-67) found by Alexander Rhind in the tomb of Amenophis III (TopBib i.671)
    -Drawing of a wooden label of Amenemapet daughter of Tuthmosis IV, purchased by Newberry at Thebes in 1901
    -Photographs of ostracon with hieratic inscription (Metropolitan Museum of Art, 90.6.3)

  3. Notes, drafts and copies of inscriptions relating to Amenhotep III including on his wife Queen Tyi (also spelled Tiy or Tiye), father Tuthmosis IV, and daughters.

  4. Notes on Amenhotep IV [or Akhenaton], Nefertiti, Semenkhkare, Yuya, tombs at El Amarna and history of the 18th Dynasty.
    -Notes relating to Newberry, Percy E. 1928. Akhenaten's eldest son-in-law 'Ankhkheprurē'. <i>Journal of Egyptian Archaeology</i> 14 (1/2), 3-9 (OEB 146342), and Tomb 139 (TopBib i.252) including tracing of slab (shown in figure 4, p.8).
    -Family tree of Amenhotep III
    -Notes on the chronology of tombs at El Amarna
    -Notes on Petrie, W. M. Flinders 1894. <i>Tell el Amarna</i>. London: Methuen & Co. (OEB 147222)

  5. Notes on Tutankhamun including on the tomb and copies of inscriptions.
    -Letter from Howard Carter to Newberry on the identity of Tutankhamun and the meaning of an inscription on a whip from his tomb, 3rd December 1931
    -Copy of inscription from the vestibule of Tomb 64 used in Newberry, Percy E. 1928. <i>The sons of Tuthmosis IV.</i> Journal of Egyptian Archaeology 14 (1/2), 82-85 (OEB 146401) (see item 2 in this folder).
    -Notes on botanical specimens found in tomb and letter from Royal Botanic Gardens Kew on the analysis of a piece of wood from the shrine of Tutankhamun, 3rd July 1925

  6. Notes, sketches and copies of inscriptions from the Rock Chapel of Min at el-Salamuni, Akhmin (TopBib v.17). Also includes notes not by Newberry titled ‘Suggestions as to P.E.N.’s copy of Ay inscription, Akhmin’.

  7. Notes, sketches, sketch plans of tomb, copies of inscriptions from Tomb 23 of Ay (TopBib i.550).

  8. Handwritten and typed drafts, notes and copies of inscriptions relating to Tiy, Ay, Tutankhamun, Amenhotep III, and their relationship to one another. Includes typed drafts titled ‘The problem of Ay and his Queen Tyi’.

  9. Letter from Norman de Garis Davies to Newberry on tomb TT192 belonging to Kheruef, the Steward of Queen Tiy.

  10. Letter from Henry Hall to Newberry on a stela depicting Seker and Tutu (British Museum, EA 211), 31st January 1923, with a rubbing of an inscription on a granite fragment (identified during previous archival processing as a fragment of sarcophogus in the tomb of Ay (Cairo Museum, (TopBib i.551). The letter has been labelled by Newberry ‘King Ay’.

  11. Notes relating to Ay including reference cards with copies of inscriptions, and notes on tomb.

  12. Notes and reference cards relating to Tyi, Amenhotep III, Akhenaten, Amenhotep IV and Nefertiti.

Dynasties II and III

Folder titled 'DYN II and III' containing material relating to possible Kings of 2nd Dynasty and 3rd Dynasty. This folder includes three empty folders at the back which presumably used to house this material titled 'Dyn 2 - Khasehem - Khasekhemui', 'Dyn III ? [sic] Horus Khaba', and 'Horus Hotepsekhemui [in hieroglyphs] and Horus Raneb/Nebra [in hieroglyphs] - Dyn II or III'.


-Copy of King lists for the 2nd and 3rd Dynasties

-Copies of inscriptions relating to Hotepsekhemwy

-Notes on a Tarkhan seal

-Notes on the 9th name on the Abydos King List titled 'King Bed W.'

-Cuttings of objects from the Tomb of Peribsen including inscriptions relating to Hotep-Ahaui and King Raneb (also known as Nebra)


-Notes, rubbing and drawing of inscription of Nubnefer (Cairo Museum, JE 55268)

-Notes, cutting and drawings of inscriptions of Nynetjer (also known as Ninetjer) (Cairo Museum, JE 34938, JE 34933)

-Notes, rubbings and drawings of clay sealing and inscriptions of Sekhemib (including Cairo Museum, JE 55262, JE 55263, JE 55264, JE 55266, JE 55267)

-Rubbing and drawings of inscriptions of Khasekhemwy

-Notes on 'The Horus King Khaba'

Dynasty XVIII

Folder titled 'DYN XVIII to death of AII [Amenhotep II]' containing research material on the 18th Dynasty.


-Typed and handwritten notes on Kings and Queens of the 18th Dynasty, including King lists, occurences of names on inscribed objects, notes titled 'Sethe's view of Th. [Tuthmosis] I. II. III. and Hatshepsut', typed draft on the history of Dynasty XVIII, typed draft on Queen Ahhotep, and notes on mortuary temples

-Handwritten notes on Kamose

-Handwritten notes on Ahmose I, Amenhotep I, Tuthmosis I

-Handwritten notes on Ahmose I and Queen Ahmose-Nefertari including drawing of a scarab

-Handwritten notes on Tuthmosis I

-Handwritten notes on Tuthmosis II

-Handwritten notes on Hatshepsut and copy of an inscription from the base of an obelisk taken from Lepsius, R., Denkmaeler aus Aegypten und Aethiopien, (1849)

-Rubbings and drawings of inscriptions on vase fragments relating to Hatshepsut

-Handwritten notes on Tuthmosis III and draft lecture on relations with Asia under Tuthmosis III

-Handwritten notes on Amenhotep II

-Handwritten notes on the 18th Dynasty including notes on Amenhotep, son of Hapu and notes from a publication on New Kingdom Stelae, Leiden

Libya and Sudan

Folder titled 'Geography. Nubia and the Sudan' and numbered 5.


-Notes on countries to the south of Egypt including Sudan and Ethiopia

-Notes on Punt and its inhabitants including a postcard featuring the Queen of Punt

-Notes on Cyrenaica (now known as Libya), flora and fauna in Libya

-Typed draft on olive trees in Cyrenaica (now known as Libya)

-Typed notes on Colonel R.L. Playfair's travel in Libya in 1876

Animals - Rekhyt bird, Rhinoceros, Snakes, Graffiti of Animals, Libyan Desert, Various Mammals

Folder titled 'Rekhyt bird, Rhinoceros, Snakes, Graffiti of animals, Libyan Desert, Various Mammals' containing five handbound notebooks titled 'The Rekhyt-Bird', 'Rhinoceros', 'Snakes', 'Graffiti of Animals - Libyan Desert', 'Various Mammals' and some loose notes.

Notebook titled 'The Rekhyt-Bird' includes notes and draft on the rekhyt-bird and Newberry's identification of it with the Crested Bustard rather than the Plover. Also includes:

-Notes on bustards including photograph

-Use of the hieroglyphic sign in the name of King Aha

-Drawings and tracings of the rekhyt-bird

-Cuttings from publications of depictions of the rekhyt-bird in tomb scenes

-Rubbing and cutting of a slate palette fragment (Cairo Museum, CG 14238 bis) (TopBib v.105A)

Notebook titled 'Rhinoceros' contains notes on the rhinoceros and tracings.

Notebook titled 'Snakes' contains notes on snakes including references to snakes or the serpant god, snake cults, cobras, and winged snakes. Notes include a reference to 'small card index "snakes"' and 'folder serpents'. Notebook also includes two loose pages which appear to have been inserted by Diana Magee. These pages are a handwritten draft of Newberry, Percy, 'Fy "cerastes"', in Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, Vol. 34 (Dec., 1948), p. 118 (OEB 1466).

Notebook titled 'Graffiti of Animals - Libyan Desert' contains notes on rock graffiti and prehistoric rock engravings, notes on the Libyan Desert including a bibliography and a draft titled 'On the former fertility of the Libyan desert'.

Notebook titled 'Various Mammals' includes notes on cats including a tracing, the wolf, fox and jackal including tracing, the mouse, the rat, the hedgehog or porcupine, mythical animals and domestication of animals. Also includes:

-Cutting of images of a carved handle of a ceremonial knife (Metropolitan Museum, 26.7.1281)

-Drawings on a board of animal heads including oryx, ibex and dorcas gazelles.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Flora and Fauna 2'.

Royal titulary

Folder titled 'Royal Titulary' containing notes and drafts on royal titulary including the Horus title.

Harris description:
Notes and refs. On royal titles: the title the Smsw-Hr, the Vulture Goddess Nhbyt, the Griffon Vulture, the titles Noty Osiris priesthood. Coronation of Hatshepsut (copy). The Predecessors of Menes. The union of Upper and Lower Egypt, The royal titulary, etc. Notes on thnw and thn.t. (Transfer to G.XIII] Aiguptos - A derivation and some suggestions: a note on the origin of the name Egypt.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Special Subjects 4'.

The god i3ks

Folder titled 'The god i3?s' including notes on i3?s, the scorpion macehead (Ashmolean Museum, AN1896-1908.E3632), the cuirass or leather garment worn by early kings of Egypt, and leather working. Also includes drafts of a letter to Alan Gardiner, c.1946, and a draft titled 'The shepherd's crook'.

This folder was previously in a box labelled, during previous archival processing, 'Religion 1'.

Research material on the Bull Kingdom

Research material relating to the 6th nome of Lower Egypt, also known as the Bull Kingdom.

-Photograph of a graffito of a boat with the bull ensign
-Cuttings of bulls and bull ensign
-Notes on cattle including bulls and cows
-Notes titled 'The King as a Bull in the Archaic Period and later'
-Notes on compound ensigns which include the bull
-Copies from publications of bull ensigns and flint knives
-Notes on the location of the Bull Kingdom

Research material on the harpoon and harpoon ensign

Research material relating to the harpoon and the harpoon ensign representing the 7th and 8th nomes of Lower Egypt. Includes notes on the use of the harpoon for hunting including hunting hippos, lists of occurences of the harpoon ensign on predynastic pottery and compound ensigns which include the harpoon and notes on the harpoon shaft including tracings.

Research material relating to throw sticks and boomerangs

Research notes, tracings and drawings relating to throw sticks and boomerangs, and the associated ensigns and cults. Includes tracings of a boomerang on the mast head of a boat.

-Draft titled The Cult of the Boomerang
-Notes relating to occurrences of the boomerang and throw stick ensigns on Predynastic pottery
-Cutting of Eggers, H., 'A Study of the Boomerang', in Proceedings of United States National Museum, (1888), pp.363-367
-Photographs of throw sticks including man holding two throw sticks

Research material on the pomegranate tree and pomegranate ensign

Research notes on the pomegranate tree and ensign identified by Newberry as the branch of a pomegranate tree.

-Copies of Newberry, Percy, 'The Tree of the Herakleopolite Nome', in Zeitschrift für Ägyptische Sprache und Altertumskunde, Volume 50, pp. 78-9 (OEB 146413)
-Tracings and drawings of depictions of the pomegranate tree or <i>ncr</i>-tree
-Tracings of ensigns from Morgan, J. de, 'Recherches sur les Origines de l'Egypte', (1897) (OEB 145679)
-Drawing of a pot with a boat and pomegranate ensign
-Notes on the pomegranate as the gift of Athena

Research material relating to the sand dune symbol

Research material relating to the sand dune symbol [N25].

-Photograph of a pot from the MacGregor collection featuring a boat with the symbol for sand dunes on the mast head [N25]
-Notes, drafts, cuttings and tracings on the sand dune symbol [N25], occurences of the symbol on predynastic pots, the bull kingdom or 6th nome of Lower Egypt and the God Ha
-Notes on the geographic distribution of the sand dune cult

Research material on nomes and standards

Research material on nomes and ensigns or standards. Folder contains a range of loose notes not specific to a particular nome or standard. The notes include a number of references to Newberry's other notebooks.

-Notes relating to the geographical distribution of nomes
-Sketch maps of nomes
-Table of nome ensigns and variations in the predynastic period, protodynastic period and Old Kingdom
-Cutting of an image of statue of a Nome triad: King, Hathor Mistress-of-the-Sycamore and Jackal-nome goddess (Cairo Museum, JE 40679) from the pyramid complex of Menkaurec (TopBib iii.28)
-Notes on Anubis
-Notes on flint knives
-Notes on governors of nomes
-Notes on guinea fowl including sketch of predynastic pot and a guinea fowl
-Notes on Poseidon
-Cutting of golden emblem of Anubis

Also includes a collection of photographs of predynastic pots featuring standards on the mast heads of boats.

Research material relating to the Scorpion and Narmer maceheads

Research material relating to the Scorpion macehead (Ashmolean Museum, AN1896.1908.E.3632) (TopBib v.194) and the Narmer macehead (Ashmolean Museum, AN1890.1908.E.3631).

-Cuttings, tracings, drawings and photograph of the Narmer macehead
-Notes on the scorpion, the scorpion king and the scorpion macehead
-Rubbings, tracings and cuttings of the scorpion macehead
-Photographs of the scorpion macehead
-Correspondence between Iowerth Eiddon Stephen Edwards, Ashmolean Museum and Miss Sewell, Griffith Institute, on Myrtle Broome's drawing of the Hierakonpolis macehead made for a lecture by Newberry c.1948, 9-11 December 1958

Also includes photograph of a scene showing Ptolemy IV hacking the ground from the Temple of Horus, Edfu (TopBib vi.137(117-118)).

Research material on King lists

Research material relating to King lists and the chronology of the Kings of ancient Egypt.

-Notes on the Turin King List including tracing and copy
-Notes on Manetho
-Notes on the Karnak King list (Louvre Museum, E 13481)
-Notes on the Saqqara King list including photograph (Cairo Museum, CG 34516) (TopBib iii.666)
-Notes on the Abydos King lists from tomb of Ramesses II (British Museum, EA 117) and Temple of Seti I
-Notes on the Marseille stela (Marseille Museum, Inventory Number 204) (TopBib i.743)
-Copy of cartouches from burial chamber TT10 Penbuy (TopBib i.21(6))

Research notes on early Egyptian history

Typed and handwritten notes on the history of Egypt including <i>smsw-Hr</i> or 'Followers of Horus', 'the Scorpion King', early kingdoms and predecessors of Menes.

Also includes:
-Typed notes on Breasted, J.H. 'The Predynastic Union of Egypt', Bulletin de l'Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale 30 (1931), pp. 709-724 (OEB 135364)
-Typed copy of Phythian-Adams, 'Aiguptos: a derivation and some suggestions', in <i>The Journal of The Palestine Oriental Society</i>, 1922 (OEB 147278)

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