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Martindell, Kate M. - correspondence

Letter from Kate M. Martindell (Secretary, The Royal Anthropological Institute) asking Newberry whether he would be willing to serve as Vice-President of The Royal Anthropological Institute.

This letter is also numbered A.78

Meux, (Lady) Valerie Susie - correspondence

Letter from Lady Valerie Susie Meux relating to a request by Newberry to see some scarabs.

Letter includes notes on the back by Newberry including a list which is possibly a contents list for a book.

This letter is also numbered 35

Moldenke, Harold N. - correspondence

Correspondence from Harold N. Moldenke (The New York Botanical Garden) including relating to: travel in Europe; in response to an enquiry from Newberry on the identification of a fragrant gentian from the Colorado mountains; thanking Newberry for his paper on olives.

Moss, Rosalind Louisa Beaufort - correspondence

Correspondence from Rosalind Louisa Beaufort Moss relating to her work at the Griffith Institute and research for the Topographical Bibliography. Includes research on Princess Ahmose Hentempet, early travellers in Egypt, Queen Khnemtnefert-hezet, as well as seeking information on Egyptian antiquities, and collections of antiquities and manuscripts.

Also includes letter relating to Charles Wilkinsons' work in Iran (1941) and cataloguing the papers of William John Bankes which were donated to the Griffith Institute.

Also includes draft replies from Newberry including relating to a sketchbook belonging to Sir Charles Barry, the papers of Bankes, and photographs from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

Also includes letter of thanks to Newberry's wife Essie.

MSS 31/29 is also numbered 52
MSS 31/31 is also numbered 228

Mountford, James Frederick - correspondence

Letter from James Frederick Mountford (Vice-Chancellor, Liverpool University) on candidates for the Brunner Chair Egyptology, and draft reply from Newberry on the merits of Herbert Walter Fairman, Raymond Oliver Faulkner, Miles Frederick Laming Macadam and Walter Emery.

Murray, G.W. - correspondence

Letter from G.W. Murray asking Newberry to identify a tree found in a Ptolemaic temple in the Libyan Desert.

This letter includes calculations on the back by Newberry.

Myres, (Sir) John Linton - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir John Linton Myres including relating to: publication and preparation of articles for the Annals of Archaeology; Gunn papers and expedition finds 1909; support for T. Eric Peet and his candiature for positions; possibility of Lord Carnavon giving a lecture; the British Association for the Advancement of Science; scarabs including publication of scarabs found in Cyprus by Newberry; olives including comments on a paper by Newberry; copyright of the Carter material held at the Griffith Institute; publication of the diaries of Joseph Bonomi by Mrs de Cosson; Egyptian and Libyan horses (1938).

Also includes letters from Newberry to Myres including relating to: Egyptian and Libyan horses (1938); arranging to meet Myres and reference to war work (1943); Newberry's health with notes on forms of bow (1945); details on the donation of Carter material by Miss Walker including copy of two letters from E.T.Leeds (Keeper, Ashmolean Museum) to Miss Walker in 1939 (1945); Joseph Bonomi and Mrs de Cosson's plans to publish his diaries, and the Minoan-Mycenaean Goddess of the Bow (1947).

MSS 32/41 is also numbered 37 and A.95
MSS 32/43 is also numbered A.94
MSS 32/48 is also numbered A.341
MSS 32/52 is also numbered 252
MSS 32/54 is also numbered 387
MSS 32/55 is also numbered 383
MSS 32/56 is also numbered 296
MSS 32/57 is also numbered 333
MSS 32/58 is also numbered A.327
MSS 32/60 is also numbered A.326

Paterson, Emily - correspondence

Correspondence from Emily Paterson (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Fund) relating to Newberry's work for the Egypt Exploration Fund including payment of his salary. Includes correspondence relating to the work of Naville at Deir el Bahari, publication of Beni Hasan, work at Tell el Amarna and communication with Jean-Jacques de Morgan, work by Howard Carter.

Also includes copies of letters from Newberry to Paterson reporting on his work. Includes letters relating to work at Sheikh Said and Gebel el Gebrawi, work by his brother John Newberry and Howard Carter.

MSS 34/69 is also numbered 28
MSS 34/70 is also numbered 26a
MSS 34/71 is also numbered 2
MSS 34/72 is also numbered 3
MSS 34/73 is also numbered 26

Radziwill, Louise (Princess Bl

Correspondence from Louise Radziwill (Princess Blücher) including relating to Newberry's marriage, inviting Newberry to stay, publications by Newberry and refering to international politics.

MSS 38/34 is also numbered A.29b
MSS 38/35 is also numbered A.299
MSS 38/36 is also numbered A.29a
MSS 38/38 is also numbered 10
one letter does not have a Dawson reference but is numbered A.29

Rankin, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Rankin including relating to the Archaeological Institute at the University of Liverpool, reference to the First World War and invitations to Newberry.

MSS 38/43 is also numbered A.93
MSS 38/44 is also numbered A.336
MSS 38/48 is also numbered A.242
MSS 38/49 is also numbered A.239
MSS 38/53 is also numbered 261
MSS 38/54 is also numbered 248
MSS 38/55 is also numbered 232
MSS 38/56 is also numbered A.311
MSS 38/57 is also numbered A.309
MSS 38/58 is also numbered A.310
MSS 38/59 is also numbered A.312

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