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The Editor of Nature - correspondence

Correspondence from the Editor of Nature relating to the publication of Newberry's presidential address to the British Association for the Advancement of Science (1923), and obituaries of Sir Robert Mond (1938) and Howard Carter (1939).

Thompson, (Sir) D’Arcy Wentworth - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson including relating to his research on the Great Frigatebird; an Egyptian dog like a greyhound; philology; comments on Newberry's paper on the Shepherd's Crook.

Also includes draft reply from Newberry referring to Thompson's question about dogs in ancient Egypt, war work and the crane dance (1942).

MSS 43/45 is also numbered A.100

Thorpe, Jocelyn - correspondence

Correspondence from Jocelyn Thorpe including relating to his nomination by Newberry to the Burlington Fine Arts Club (1923) and apologising for not using an article by Newberry (1938).

Thurburn, Isabel - correspondence

Correspondence from Isabel Thurburn including relating to an exhibition of embroideries.

MSS 43/64 is also numbered A 272
MSS 43/65 is also numbered A 273

Turrill, William Bertram - correspondence

Correspondence from William Bertram Turrill (Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew) including referring to Newberry's trip to Morocco, Newberry's paper on the olive, and requesting botanical specimens. Also includes draft letter from Newberry on Euphorbia resinifera.

Wace, Alan John Bayard - correspondence

Correspondence from Alan John Bayard Wace including relating to his work at the VictoriaAlbert Museum and embroideries.

Includes correspondence relating to: embroideries belonging to Newberry; his appointment to the V (1924); requesting information on vase found in tomb of Thutmose IV inscribed 'Vase of Keftiu'; inviting Newberry to give lecture on textiles; arranging to visit embroidery collections including Newberry's; the purchase of embroideries in Egypt; trip to America (1929); donation of a Persian papier mache panel by Newberry (1932); olives in Greece (1933); on appointment to the University of Cambridge; silphium columns; requesting reference for Pendlebury.

MSS 44/5 is also numbered 294
MSS 44/9 is also numbered 25
MSS 44/14 is also numbered A.125
MSS 44/15 is also numbered A.126
MSS 44/16 is also numbered A.125a
MSS 44/20 is also numbered A.133

Waddell, William Gillan - correspondence

Correspondence from William Gillan Waddell including relating to his book on Manetho, research on Egyptian chronology, the translation of words including the Latin words baca and baculum, news from Egypt including via Mrs Ghorbal (1933).

Wainwright, Gerald Averay - correspondence

Correspondence from Gerald Averay Wainwright including relating to travel to Egypt; a stela in the Cairo Museum; the tomb of Teti-ki; 'finances of independent Egypt' and the Egyptian Railway (1925); Newberry's research on nome standards (1932); hieroglyphic sign of a seven petaled flower.

MSS 44/44 is also numbered 208
MSS 44/45 is also numbered A.131

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