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Hardy, Jean M. - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean M. Hardy (Associate of Theodore M. Davies) thanking Newberry and relating to travel in England and Florence.

MSS 23/96 is also numbered A.285
MSS 23/97 is also numbered A.248

Holme, Geoffrey - correspondence

Letter from Geoffrey Holme (Editor, "The Studio" Publishers) asking to speak to Newberry about a volume on embroidery.

There is a note by Newberry to say that he will call at 11am Wednesday, 20 February 1921.

Home, Gordon - correspondence

Correspondence from Gordon Home including relating to a letter written to The Times opposing the industrialisation of part of Surrey and the loan of books on North Africa and the Swedish expedition to Cyprus.

MSS 25/1 is also numbered A.136
MSS 25/3 is also numbered A.176

James, M. R. - correspondence

Correspondence from M. R. James (Provost of Eton) relating to selling a blue faience chalice and cataloguing the Myer collection of Egyptian antiquities.

MSS 26/42 is also numbered A.179

Kirwan, Larry P. - correspondence

Correspondence from Larry P. Kirwan including relating to his application and interview for a post at the Victoria & Albert Museum and draft reply from Newberry on the post and referring to T. Eric Peet's death.

Knight, Alfred E. - correspondence

Correspondence from Alfred E. Knight (Spink & Son Ltd., Art Gallery and Museum of Antiquities) relating to the sale of the MacGregor collection of Egyptian antiquities including terms of agreement with Newberry for his part in the sale.

MSS 27/116 is also numbered A.378

Kuentz, Charles - correspondence

Letter from Charles Kuentz thanking Newberry for an article for publication and with reference to the impact of the first world war on relations between France and the UK [in French].

Lamb, (Sir) Walter Rougeby - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Walter Rougeby Lamb (Secretary, Royal Academy of Arts, London) relating to an 'International Exhibition of the Art of Greater India' scheduled to be held in 1940 but cancelled due to the outbreak of war.

Langdon, Stephen Herbert - correspondence

Correspondence from Stephen Herbert Langdon (1876-1937) including relating to ladanum, making arrangements to visit and a lecture by Newberry at the University of Oxford.

MSS 28/26 is also numbered 312
MSS 28/27 is also numbered 312a
MSS 28/28 is also numbered 382

Loret, Victor - correspondence

Correspondence from Victor Loret (1859-1946) including relating to excavation work at Drah Abou'l Neggah (1898) and research on the olive and moringa (1923).

Includes letter granting permission to the Marquis of Northampton assisted by Newberry and Wilhelm Spiegelberg to excavate at Drah Abou'l Neggah including sketch map of the permitted area, 2 November 1898, and draft letter to Loret relating to the contract and the geographical limits of the excavation.

Also includes telegram from Howard Carter to Newberry stating work had been stopped by the inspector, December 1898.

MSS 29/31 is also numbered 10
MSS 29/32 is also numbered 14
MSS 29/34 is also numbered 12
MSS 29/35 is also numbered A.183
There is also a telegram without a reference which is numbered 11

Lythgoe, Albert Morton - correspondence

Correspondence from Albert Morton Lythgoe including:

-Telegram apologising for misunderstanding relating to work on a site from Lythgoe and Mace (1910) [concession for Palace of Amenhotep III]

-Letter relating to shipping and mounting the Amherst papyri (1922)

-Copy of letter to Mary Jonas (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Society) on a relief sculpture from El Amarna sent to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and letter of thanks to Henri Frankfort for information on its provenance (1927)

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