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Album of newspaper cuttings

Album of newspaper cuttings relating to the discovery of the tomb of Tutankhamun, excavation of the tomb and finds. The album includes a partial index. Roughly half of the album has been filled.

Philae, Elephantine, Aswan and Kom Ombo

Portfolio entitled 'Philoe. / Elephantine, Assuan, Comombo' (ink, last word added in pencil)
Red pencil note at top right corner: encircled 'F' (reference to previous arrangement, almost certainly introduced by Dr Moss).


Portfolio entitled 'Designs / JB.'
Pencil notes: 'Designs / Completed'.


Portfolio entitled 'Designs. / JB'
Ink table of contents (not complete) on piece of paper partially glued to cover:
-'3 Angel good'
-'4 Designs Mother and Child'
-'8 Chair'
-'9 Mother and Child'
-'10 Exhibition Book'

Pencil notes partially covered by piece of paper glued to cover: 'Various designs / Complete'.


Portfolio entitled 'Designs / JB.'
Pencil notes: 'Designs / Designs & Mottos / Complete / Vol 1'.

Designs Tracings

Portfolio entitled 'Designs / JB / Tracings'
Pencil notes: 'Tracings / Complete / Vol 2'.

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