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Philae, Elephantine, Aswan and Kom Ombo

Portfolio entitled 'Philoe. / Elephantine, Assuan, Comombo' (ink, last word added in pencil)
Red pencil note at top right corner: encircled 'F' (reference to previous arrangement, almost certainly introduced by Dr Moss).

Egypt. Thebes. East Bank. Luxor Temple

View of the Luxor Temple on the East Bank in Thebes (TopBib ii2.301):
-pencil sketch on paper
-16.3 x 11.3 cm
-[on sketch] 'Karnac? (crossed out) Luxor. 7' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] encircled '7' (pencil note, almost certainly by Dr Moss)

Sudan. Between Second and Third Cataracts. Kisbita

View of rock called Kisbita/Kisbeta on the right bank of the Nile above the Second Cataract in Sudan:
-pencil sketch on paper
-mounted on p. 3, together with Bonomi MSS 24.4 (top, middle left and bottom)
-11.1 x 7.2 cm
-[on sketch] 'Kisbita' (pencil note)
-[on sketch] 'Kisbita' (pencil note)

Sudan. Between Second and Third Cataracts. Cataract or rock

View of cataract or rock on the Nile above the Second Cataract in Sudan:
-pencil sketch on paper
-loose, adjacent to p. 7; too small to be the item originally mounted there
-8.5 x 6.2 cm
-[on mount] 'South of Nour' (pencil note) [does not refer to sketch]
-[on mount] 'glazed' (pencil note) [does not refer to sketch]

Note in Italian

Note in Italian:
-ink text on paper
-12.2 x 6.2 cm
-[text]: '- presenta i suoi rispetti alla signoria / e la prega di [?] il frutto / [?] (crossed out) a lui [?]'

View of town through window

View of town through window:
-pencil sketch on paper
-13.6 x 18.9 cm
-[on sketch] 'view out of the window of the / house of the Sheikh of Ajunia[?]' (ink note)

Egypt. Asyut

Two views of Asyut from the Nile in Egypt
-pencil sketches on paper
-41.2 x 29.2 cm
-[on sketch] 'Siouth' (pencil note)

Italy. Sicily. Catania. Fragment of a seat from the amphitheatre, with measurements

Fragment of a seat from the amphitheatre at Catania in Sicily (Italy), with measurements:
-pencil drawing on paper
-21.4 x 29.8 cm
-[on drawing] '2 palmi / 3 palmi meno 4 onci / 4 palmi meno 2 onci / 2 palmi 6 onci / 2 " 2 / 1 1/2' (pencil notes)
-[on drawing] 'Catania destroyed by an eruption from Monte Rose / il villaggio di Nicolosi anno 669 / Catania. Sunday august 29 1824 / Fragment of a seat found in the amphitheatre' (pencil notes)

Shopping list

Shopping list:
-ink text on paper
-9.6 x 8.4 cm
-[text] 'Biscuits (dog) / Soaps / Brush (underlined) / Spr(?) (crossed out) - Bath (underlined)'

Top half of vase

Top half of vase:
-inked pencil drawing with white paint details and some black paint on paper
-20.2 x 12.5 cm

Woman and man in historical dress

Woman and man in historical dress:
-pencil sketch on paper, mounted on lined paper
-11.4 x 13.9 cm (12.3 x 14.8 cm with mount)
-[on sketch] 'over & over, with the perpetual / humming of a drone running under / neath them - Addison - Satler (underlined)' (pencil note)

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