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Coptic Psalter

Photographs: Coptic Psalter.See W.H. Worrell, <i>The Coptic Psalter in the Freer Coolection</i> (New York, 1916) = W.H. Worrell, <i>The Coptic Manuscripts in the Freer Collection</i> (New York, 1913), 1-112.

MS. 136

Photographs 136.Published W. H. Worrell, ‘Coptic Magical and Medical Texts’, <i>Orientalia</i> 4 (1935) pp. 1-37, 184-194.

White Monastery fragments

Photographs: White Monastery fragments. Originally numbered 550, now 158.Cf. Introduction W. E. Crum, <i>Coptic Dictionary</i> (Oxford, 1939), and W. H. Worrell, <i>Coptic Texts in the University of Michigan Collection</i> ...

Fragments penes Peterson

Photostats: Fragments penes Peterson. Note on envelope: For history of Michigan papers see R. van der Brock, <i>The Myth of the Pheonix</i>, (1972), p.33 ff.Includes part of a letter from W.H. Worrell, 16 November 1931 and note by P.E....

Cosmas and Damianus

Photographs & Photostats: Cosmas & Damianus: Paris 102 fol. 8; Zoega 153; 2 copies of one fol. from Berlin - Or. 1611, 6 copy in C/G IV.I.

Two festal letters in Greek

Photographs: Two festal letters in Greek.(a) Berlin Museum (now Library), published Schubart: P.G.B.(b) British Museum (now Library) papyrus DCCXXIX.Published Grenfell & Hunt: Greek Papyri II, 163.

Various MSS

Photographs and photostats of various MSS:CopticHeidelberg 375 - 363 unidentified papyrusMS from ? LouvainStrasbourg, published Rev. XXV 1903Coptic/ArabicMarciana Oriental 193 (Venice - see Mingaselli)Copenhagen, MS. from Erman 1924MS. from Malloy...

Papyri and wooden tablets

Photographs of papyri and wooden tablets:Papyrus belonging to W. MertonGeneva magical papyrusVerso of Meletian.Published by W. E. Crum, ‘Some Further Meletian Documents’, in JEA 13 (1927), 19-26.Piece of papyrus and 3 wooden tablets from Major Gey...


Photographs of various ostraca:Ashmolean 1892 523Fitzwilliam 506-515 (1 only)Aberdeen Univ. o.25Vienna 7 ostraca sent by Till, 1930Cairo ostracon with note “Winlock ‘69”Turin unnumbered

Stelae and Graffiti

Photographs of stelae and graffiti:Lyons: (a) various stelae from Musée GuimetLyons: (b) stela published Re. XXIIIBoston: stela 4347; stela 4348; stela 5055; stela 5054Alexandria: stela 110. Published M. Cramer: Die Totenklage bei den Kopten (Wie...


Photographs: (a) 51278-9 Jeremiah. Note by Crum "joins B.M. 51 - Schleifer I p.28".Includes letter from A.J.B. Wace (Department of Textiles, Victoria & Albert Museum) relating to a Coptic inscription, 25 April 1931, and correspondenc...

British Library Oriental 7594 (Colophon)

3 Photographs British Library Oriental 7594 (colophon).Cf. E. A. W. Budge, <i>Coptic Biblical Texts in the Dialect of Upper Egypt </i>(London, 1912);C. Schmidt, ‘Der Kolophon des MS. Orient. 7594 des Britischen Museums’ in <i>Sit...

Rustafjaell photographs

Rustafjaell photographs. Also photographs of carved wooden panels with note by Crum.Note on envelope states that these manuscripts have been published by Budge.

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