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Frowde, Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Henry Frowde (Oxford University Press) including one letter to Lord Carnavon relating to the press release for Five Years' Exploration at Thebes, and an acknowledgement of Newberry's letter.

Also includes draft re-write of the press release by Newberry.

Gladstone, Isla - correspondence

Two letters (possibly sent at the same time) from Isla Gladstone to George (surname unknown) relating to her family history and Alexandrina Francesca Pietronella Tinne, including a summary of what is known about her and her travel in Egypt.

Glanville, Stephen Ranulph Kingdon - correspondence

Correspondence from Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville (British Museum) relating to his work at the British Museum, Egypt Exploration Society and University College London, and referring to several contemporary Egyptologists.

Includes correspondence relating to: an oblong pottery box (British Museum, 32639);
various research queries including predynastic pots, palettes, Akhenaton, Ay, beekeeping; the Carnavon collection; publication of articles by Newberry; excavation at Erment and discussion of Emery's character; the possibility of a position for Battiscombe-Gunn; excavation at El Amarna; Mrs Hubbard's funding for the EES; possibility of excavation starting at Soleb; finding Käthe Bosse work; the death of Robert Mond and relating to his obituary; Flinders Petrie and a lecture by Glanville for the Royal Institute.

Also includes draft replies from Newberry including relating to the lotus pattern, El Amarna, Käthe Bosse, Petrie's obituary, and selling Dorothy Hood's necklace.

MSS 17/39 is also numbered 299
MSS 17/40 is also numbered 209
MSS 17/43 is also numbered 3
MSS 17/44 is also numbered 20
MSS 17/53 is also numbered A.144
MSS 17/57 is also numbered A.148
MSS 17/58 is also numbered A.147
MSS 17/60 is also numbered A.170

Grenfell, Bernard Pyne - correspondence

Correspondence from Bernard Pyne Grenfell (1869-1926) including relating to his excavation work at Fayoum (or Faiyum).

MSS 20/60 is also numbered A.367
MSS 20/61 is also numbered 5a
MSS 20/63 is also numbered 326

Gunn, Battiscombe George - correspondence

Correspondence from Battiscombe George Gunn (1884-1950) including relating to excavation work at Amarna and Asyut (1922); Sethe's book Urgeschichte und aelteste Religion der Aegypter and his opinion on Newberry's theories on labdanum, and Min and the thunderbolt; Gunn's wife and child; application for position including the readership at Oxford University; work at the University Museum, Philadelphia; Newberry's house in Cairo; work at Cairo Museum; travel; work at Oxford University; requesting articles and reviews for the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology; obituary of Howard Carter; and work by Rosalind Moss on the Topographical Bibliography.

MSS 22/10 is also numbered 325
MSS 22/11 is also numbered A.9
MSS 22/15 is also numbered A.6
MSS 22/27 is also numbered A.164
MSS 22/28 is also numbered A.165
MSS 22/29 is also numbered A.169

H., C. B.[?] - correspondence

Photocopy of a letter presented by José Manuel Galán on 12 July 2004, found by the Proyecto Djehuty in TT 11 in February 2003; from C. B.[?] H. referring to enclosing a copy of the publication Beni Hasan and a sports race.

Halton, E.G. - correspondence

Correspondence from E. G. Halton ("The Studio", Publishers) relating to the publication of an article on embroideries and preparation of proofs.

MSS 23/58 is also numbered A.20
MSS 23/59 is also numbered A.21A
MSS 23/60 is also numbered A.21

Hardy, Jean M. - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean M. Hardy (Associate of Theodore M. Davies) thanking Newberry and relating to travel in England and Florence.

MSS 23/96 is also numbered A.285
MSS 23/97 is also numbered A.248

Holme, Geoffrey - correspondence

Letter from Geoffrey Holme (Editor, "The Studio" Publishers) asking to speak to Newberry about a volume on embroidery.

There is a note by Newberry to say that he will call at 11am Wednesday, 20 February 1921.

Home, Gordon - correspondence

Correspondence from Gordon Home including relating to a letter written to The Times opposing the industrialisation of part of Surrey and the loan of books on North Africa and the Swedish expedition to Cyprus.

MSS 25/1 is also numbered A.136
MSS 25/3 is also numbered A.176

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