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Godron, Gerard - correspondence

7 letters from Godron
1 carbon copy of a letter from (Helen Murray?, Černý's colleague) written on behalf of Černý's to Godron
1 copy of a letter to Godron, presumably forwarded to Černý
Godron's studies in early dynastic material, Palermo stone, collections at Mariemont, and Godron's Coptic studies; Godron's visits to the United Kingdom.

Goedicke, Hans - correspondence

19 letters from Goedicke, 2 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Goedicke.
Goedicke's research, book exchange, and ostraca in Vienna.

Grapow, Hermann - correspondence

3 letters from Grapow, 4 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Grapow.
Exchange of research information, book exchange; Grapow refers to wartime conditions. Černý promoting networking and sustained contact among Egyptologists.

Grdseloff, Bernhard - correspondence

14 letters from Grdseloff, 4 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Grdseloff.
2 letters from Misha Grdseloff (brother of B. Grdseloff).
1 letter from Leonard Grdseloff (brother of B. Grdseloff).
Professional as well as personal matters.
-Grdseloff's work plans
-personal news of other Egyptologists (H. W. Fairman, J. Leibovitch and H. J. Polotsky)
-exchange of off-prints and other publications
-most significant topic is Deir el-Medina fieldwork and finds of ostraca, including the Cairo love songs (O. DeM 1266 + CGC 25218), published by G. Posener, see Posener, G. Catalogue des ostraca hiératiques littéraires de Deir el Médineh II: Nos 1227-1266 (1972) (OEB 15763), and later Fox, M. V. 'The Cairo love songs', in Journal of the American Oriental Society 100 [2] (1980), 101-9, (OEB 22733)
-another significant topic is Grdseloff's illness (stomach cancer), Černý sent his own rations of Hovis bread to Egypt to Grdseloff as it was one of the few foods Grdseloff could still digest

Griffiths, John G. - correspondence

12 letters from Griffiths, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Griffiths.
-consultation of J. G. Griffiths' research on Horus and Seth eventually published as: Griffiths, J. G., The Conflict of Horus and Seth from Egyptian and Classical Sources. A Study in Ancient Mythology (1960) (OEB 1819)
-recommendations for A. B. Lloyd from Swansea
-Černý's support for J. G. Griffiths' application for a Leverhulme fellowship

Gunn, Battiscombe G. - correspondence

68 letters from Gunn, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Gunn.
Regular exchange of professional information, including:
-Černý's publications, and publications exchange
-purchase of books from Alec Dakin
-A Festschrift for A. Gardiner - negotiating with authors, application to potential sponsors (considered Chester Beatty, John D. Rockefeller, IFAO, etc.), major sponsors declined so the idea was transformed into a dedicated volume of the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology
-reading of Egyptian literary texts, including Černý coming to attend seminars at Oxford
-mutual consultations
-advising each other's students - P. Massart, E. Jelínková(-Reymond), Z. Žába

Haardt, Robert Jr. - correspondence

2 letters from Haardt Jr., 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Haardt Jr.
Haardt Jr. research on Coptic grammar, publication options.

Habachi, Labib - correspondence

4 letters from Habachi.
1 letter from Habachi to Marie Černý.
Publication exchange, social contacts, Černý's stay in Egypt in 1958, especially his sojourn in Nubia.
The letter to Marie Černý concerns copies of obituaries.

Hacker, Louis M. - correspondence

1 letter from Hacker, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Hacker.
Reference letter for Jürgen von Beckerath, also some personal matters, Černý had just retired.

Harari, A. - correspondence

8 letters from Harari, 1 carbon copy of a letter to Harari from I. E. S. Edwards sent on behalf of Černý.
Professional and personal matters; the death of B. Grdseloff and Grdseloff's papers; book purchases; and Harari's work on the ancient Egyptian legal system.

Harris, John R. - correspondence

15 letters from Harris, 5 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Harris.
An invitation from the Board of the Faculty of Oriental Studies to act as Supervisor to J. R. Harris, 1 carbon copy of a reply from Černý to the Secretary of Faculties.
A communication from Merton College (Elizabeth Ratcliff, College secretary) concerning a reference for J. R. Harris, 1 carbon copy of a reply from Černý to Merton College.
A communication from Christ Church College (Dean of Christ Church) concerning a reference for J. R. Harris, 1 carbon copy of a reply from Černý’s to the Dean of Christ Church College.
A communication from Brasenose College (the Principal) concerning a reference for J. R. Harris, 1 carbon copy of a reply from Černý to the Principal of Brasenose College.
1 payroll notice from the Committee of Advanced Studies, for Cerny, for the supervision of J. R. Harris.
1 Notice of appointment of Examiners for Černý concerning his student J. R. Harris.
2 letters from H. W. Fairman (University of Liverpool) concerning J. R. Harris' examination, 1 carbon copy of a reply from Černý to H. W. Fairman regarding the examination of J. R. Harris.
1 invitation from Černý to I.E.S. Edwards to act as examiner for J. R. Harris
Correspondence concerned mainly with J. R. Harris' studies, examinations and grant and scholarship applications.

Hayes, William C. - correspondence

10 letters from Hayes, 7 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Hayes.
Correspondence mainly concerned with professional matters:
-Deir el-Medina finds in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, notably from the tomb of Sennedjem, TopBib i2.5, photographs of the objects from the tomb
-question of ownership of a scribal palette in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 47.123, bought from the art dealer, John Tano
-21st Dynasty chronology
-publications exchange
-Černý's plan to finalize his book on the royal workmen
-Hayes satisfied with Eric Young as their new team member, Young had been recommended by Černý
-also personal matters, including a planned visit by Černý to New York

Heckel, Ursula - correspondence

6 letters from Heckel, 3 carbon copies of letters from Černý to Heckel.
Heckel organising her visit to Oxford, arranged with Černý's help.

Helck, Hans Wolfgang - correspondence

1 letter from Helck, 1 carbon copy of a letter from Černý to Helck.
Correspondence represents the smaller part of a larger exchange (existing letters contain references to other letters) concerning Helck's publication: Helck, W. Zur Verwaltung des Mittleren und Neuen Reichs (1958) (OEB 6234). Following this publication, Černý decided not to publish his planned paper on Viziers (see Černý MSS 5.7-8), which Helck regretted.

Hintze, Friedrich - correspondence

3 letters from Hintze.
History of ancient Egyptian language, etymologies; book and off-prints exchange. Černý obtained H. J. Polotsky's books for Hintze.

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