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Walter Ewing Crum Collection
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Notebook 18

List of numbers of ostraca at New York found in the excavation of the Monastery of Epiphanius and nearby sites - also a few notes.

Notebook 23

Index and notes of Fayyum papyri.
Stern ZÄS 1885 27 ff.
Coptic MSS. from the Fayyum, also Fainer I & II.

Notebook 45

Greek words in Coptic texts CSCO 43 (Hyvernat & Balestri, Acta Martyrum) [see also CRUM MSS 11.43 and Notebook 4].
Budge, Coptic Homilies [see also CRUM MSS 11.11].
Missoin Francaise IV pt. II.

Notebook 58

British Library Or. 4723 (Arabic), translation of fols 23b - 40a and notes on fols 45b & 46b.
British Library Or. 686 (Ethiopic), analysis of fols 258b - 266b.
British Library Or. 692 (Ethiopic), analysis of fols 116a - 126b. Copy of Paris Arabe 251 fol 323 ff.
Various notes for W. E. Crum, The canons of Athanasius of Alexandria. The Arabic and Coptic versions (London, 1904).

Notebook 59

Classified notes etc. on: Theology; History and Biography; Geography - Egyptian and non-Egyptian; Chronology; Philology; Palaeography and scribes; Bibliography; Archaeology; Miscellaneous.

Notebook 61

Michigan [..damage to photocopy..]yrien - copy of French text (from published work).
Copy of papyrus “Demotic - Magic[…])
Bibliography of Crum’s works, see JEA 25 (1939), 134-8.

Notebook 65

Copies of ostraca belonging to Crum and N. de G. Davies (now in Bodleian); mostly published in W. E. Crum, Varia Coptica, Aberdeen 1939.

Notebook 77

Jeme papyri in MMA and British Library Or. 9525, published P.CLT.
Papyri from Jeme now in British Library (Or. 7526) and at Michigan.

Notebook 93

P.Lond.Copt. I 124 (Romans etc.).
A few published papyri from O.CrumST with a few unpublished.
British Library Or. 6953-6954, copies [these could not be traced in the British Museum, before moving, possibly Michigan - possibly recheck.]
Göteborg papyri. O.T. index.

Notebook 95

British Library White Monastery MSS, copies of P.Lond.Copt. I 69, 175, 107, 118, 193.
Lepsius Denkmäler VI 102ff, copies.
Amherst Collection - papyri, ostraca, stelae.
BM Add MSS. 31,291 - Goodwin’s copies of BM ostraca.
Copies of ostraca, papyri and stelae later published by Turaijef: Materiali.

Notebook 103

(a) O.T. fragments in Paris, 1293 fols 158-161, 173, 182, 199.
(b) British Library Or. 6954 with photograph, Genesis XXVII 32-46.
(c) Copy of Fayyumic texts published by J. David in Revue Biblique VII 1910.
(d) Genesis XL 8-19, XLI 45-55, from Munier ASAE XIII p. 188.
(e) Coptic Museum, Cairo, 2 tablets containing Psalm LXXXIX 1-17, I John III 2-12, 13-20, 21-24 in Fayyumic.
(f) Vienna K 9378, Genesis XLII 34 - XLIII 22.
(g) Michigan P. 545 (20) Mark X 21-22, 39-40, XII 14 in Fayyumic.
(h) Berlin P. 10623, 4 Kings II 25 - III 7, IV 1-4 (Polotsky’s copy).

Notebook 109

British Library Or. 8903, copy published by Crum in ZÄS. LX 103.
Papyri penes Maggs Brothers belonging to E. von Scherling.

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