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Meux, (Lady) Valerie Susie - correspondence

Letter from Lady Valerie Susie Meux relating to a request by Newberry to see some scarabs.

Letter includes notes on the back by Newberry including a list which is possibly a contents list for a book.

This letter is also numbered 35

McLellan, Grace Tytus - correspondence

Correspondence from Grace Tytus McLellan (formerly Grace de Peyster Tytus, wife of Robb de Peyster Tytus, née Henop) to Newberry and his wife.

Includes letter (MSS 30/48) relating to the death of her first husband Robb de Peyster Tytus, writing a memoir in his memory, items belonging to him from the Palace of Amenhotep III and marriage to her second husband.

Also includes Christmas card (1924) with a photograph of her house at Ashintully, Tyringham, Massachusetts in snow.

MSS30/46 is also numbered 244
MSS30/47 is also numbered 334a
MSS30/48 is also numbered 334
MSS30/49 is also numbered A.67

McIntosh, Hugh - correspondence

Correspondence from Hugh McIntosh including relating to slabs or stones at the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities, Sydney University.

MSS 30/29 is also numbered A.380

McClure, Marie Louise Dora - correspondence

Correspondence from Marie Louise Dora McClure including relating to the Egypt Exploration Fund, social events and accommodation for Egyptologists visiting for a congress.

MSS 30/15 is also numbered A.247
MSS 30/17 is also numbered 17
MSS 30/18 is also numbered 22
MSS 30/19 is also numbered 16
MSS 30/20 is also numbered 30
MSS 30/21 is also numbered 30

Maxwell, (Sir) John Grenfell (1859-1929) - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir John Grenfell Maxwell (1859-1929) including letter suggesting to Newberry where he should dig at Sakha with sketch map, and including notes by Newberry on flora (1912).

Also includes letter to Mary Jonas on asking Lord Carnavon to 'preside' (1922) and circular requesting donations to the Egypt Exploration Society (1928).

One letter does not have a Dawson reference but is also numbered A.80

Maspero, (Sir) Gaston Camille Charles - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Gaston Camille Charles Maspero (1846-1916) including congratulating Newberry on finds (1900) and relating to granting permission to dig at the Palace of Amenhotep III (1901) and Akhmim (1911).

Also includes letter to Howard Carter arranging to 'see the mummies' (n.d.).

MSS 30/71 is also numbered 3
MSS 30/72 is also numbered 24
MSS 30/73 is also numbered 1
MSS 30/76 is also numbered A.32

Martindell, Kate M. - correspondence

Letter from Kate M. Martindell (Secretary, The Royal Anthropological Institute) asking Newberry whether he would be willing to serve as Vice-President of The Royal Anthropological Institute.

This letter is also numbered A.78

Martin, F. R. - correspondence

Correspondence from F. R. Martin including arranging to visit Newberry and relating to purchases made by the dealer Benochi for a museum.

MSS 30/66 is also numbered 211a
MSS 30/67 is also numbered 211

Mair, Alexander - correspondence

Correspondence from Alexander Mair relating to the publication of a book and Newberry's resignation from Liverpool University.

MSS 30/53 is also numbered A.289

Mackay, Dorothy - correspondence

Correspondence from Dorothy Mackay (Assistant Keeper, Ashmolean Museum) and first page of a reply from Newberry relating to textiles donated to the Ashmolean Museum.

MacGregor, (Rev.) William - correspondence

Correspondence from Reverend William MacGregor including advising Newberry to stick to the limits of his permit for Beni Hassan, 1891; and relating to purchasing Newberry's collection of seals and a court case MacGregor was involved in.

MSS 30/22 is also numbered 109
MSS 30/24 is also numbered 14
MSS 30/25 is also numbered 271
MSS 30/26 is also numbered 361
MSS 30/27 is also numbered 250

Mace, Arthur Cruttenden - correspondence

Correspondence from Arthur Cruttenden Mace (Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) including relating to: excavation work in egypt, 1901; decorated predynastic pottery at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York including sketches of boats with ensigns on mast heads, 1909; research by Newberry on boats and the pomegranate branch, 1910; his posting to the Supply Reserve Depot in Deptford, S.E., 1917; accession of the Munich collection; apology relating to concession for the Palace of Amenhotep III; purchase of the Macgregor and Hood collections; Carter and Breasted's negotiations with the Egyptian government, 1924.

Also includes a cablegram from Lythgoe cancelling option on the MacGregor collection, 1921.

MSS 30/6 includes a few words on the back relating to boats, 1921.

MSS 30/1 is also numbered 34
MSS 30/12 is also numbered 293

Lythgoe, Albert Morton - correspondence

Correspondence from Albert Morton Lythgoe including:

-Telegram apologising for misunderstanding relating to work on a site from Lythgoe and Mace (1910) [concession for Palace of Amenhotep III]

-Letter relating to shipping and mounting the Amherst papyri (1922)

-Copy of letter to Mary Jonas (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Society) on a relief sculpture from El Amarna sent to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, and letter of thanks to Henri Frankfort for information on its provenance (1927)

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