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(a) The Times: 9.x.1895: Report on the Church Congress held at Norwich; various archaeological papers read.
(b) Academy: 7.ix.1895: Part of an article on the Hyksos by A. H. Sayce.
(c) Standard: 1.viii.1896: Discovery of Coptic MSS. by Dr Karl Schmidt.
(d) The Times: 17.iv.1897: “A New Syrian Version of the Apocalypse” (MS. belonging to Earl Crawford).
(e) Church Congress: 5.x.1898: Mr Montagu R. James on New Testament Apocrypha
(f) Catholic University Bulletin: 31.xii.1911: “The Pierpont Morgan Collections of Coptic MSS.”
(g) Theologische Literaturzeitung 1912: Pierpont Morgan Collection - Prof. Hyvernat
(h) The Times: 15.iv.1912: Discovery of a papyrus of Deuteronomy, Jonah and the Acts acquired by the British Museum.
(i) The Nation, N. York: 4.i.1912: Pierpont Morgan Collection - Prof. Hyvernat
(j) ? (German): 20.ii.1912: Pierpont Morgan Collection
(k) Strasbourg Post: 10.iv.1912: Pierpont Morgan Collection
(l) The Times: 14.v.1913: Freer MS. possibly from the White Monastery


Photographs of colophons: Paris 129 (13) (fol. 41); Paris 129 (14) (fol. 95); Paris 129 (16) (fol. 105); Paris 131 (3) (fol. 39); Paris 131 (7) (fol.51); Paris 131 (1) (fol. 66-72, 74).


Photostats and photographs - Varia: Paris Copte 129 (14) (fol. 63); Paris 129 (17) (fol. 2, 3); Paris 131 (1) (fol. 37b); Paris 131 (1) (fol. 75b); Paris 131 (3) (fol. 77); Paris 131 (5) (fol. 45).

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