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Frankfort, Henri - correspondence

Correspondence from Henri Franfort mainly in relation to his work for the Egypt Exploration Society.

Includes letters on: the Pepy cylinder; work at Abydos; Peker; work at Erment; visiting the Bissing collection and museum in Leiden (1928); work at Armana; identifying scarabs;
possibility of finding Dr Käthe Bosse work outside Germany (1937).

MSS 16/14 is also numbered A.81
MSS 16/15 is also numbered 230
MSS 16/16 is also numbered 5
MSS 16/17 is also numbered A.71
MSS 16/18 is also numbered 297
MSS 16/23 is also numbered 21
MSS 16/24 is also numbered 2
MSS 16/25 is also numbered 7

Fraser, George Willoughby - correspondence

Correspondence from George Willoughby Fraser including one letter to Miss Edwards (13 January 1892) relating to the transport of items from Egypt and discoveries made with M.W. Blackden. Four letters sent to Newberry (1920-22) including relating to The Outline of History by H.G Wells, and a coptic cap.

MSS 16/39 has been removed for conservation and has not been included in this description.
MSS 16/35 is also numbered 32
MSS 16/37 is also numbered 234
MSS 16/38 is also numbered A.14

Frowde, Henry - correspondence

Correspondence from Henry Frowde (Oxford University Press) including one letter to Lord Carnavon relating to the press release for Five Years' Exploration at Thebes, and an acknowledgement of Newberry's letter.

Also includes draft re-write of the press release by Newberry.

Gann, Thomas - correspondence

Correspondence from Thomas Gann including two letters to Professor J. L. Myres relating to the shipment of antiquities and two letters to Newberry relating to sending him orchids and the sale of Gann's collection.

MSS 17/3 is also numbered A.342
MSS 17/4 is also numbered A.343
MSS 17/5 is also numbered 286

Gardiner, (Sir) Alan Henderson - correspondence

Correspondence from Sir Alan Gardiner including on research, travel, his family, publication of articles in the Journal of Egyptian Archaeology, and contemporary Egyptologists.

Includes correspondence relating to: the Ramasseum papyri; inscriptions including the inscriptions of Mes; work in Egypt including at the tombs of Amenemapt, User and Rekhmara, and the Osireon at Abydos; occurrences of names; the Carnavon tablet; Gardiner’s catalogue of Theban tombs; requesting notes from Newberry on tombs including the tomb of Khety; Gardiner's copy of an inscription compared to a copy by Max Müller; the Egypt Exploration Society (EES); Blackman taking pupils out to Egypt in 1919; employment of Mary Jonas as secretary to the EES; exhibition at the Burlington Fine Arts Club; confirmation of Newberry’s publication of scene in Tomb of Huy; work of Amice Calverley; funding for the EES; Newberry’s resignation from the EES; purchase of papyri for the British Museum; philology and deciphering hieroglyphs; Carter’s papers on tomb of Tutankhamun; the Second World War including news of Gardiner’s son John; research on the owl; agricultural land in Egypt; Menes; the Turin papyrus; Nitocris; writing a companion to Egyptian studies; obituary of Petrie written by Newberry; death of Paul Smither; Miss Phyllis Walker's donation of Howard Carter's records to the Ashmolean and infringement of copyright; contact with German Egyptologists after World War Two.

Egyptologists mentioned include Henry Lyons, Flinders Petrie, T. Eric Peet, Arthur Weigall, Pierre Lacau, Aylward Blackman, Raymond Faulkner.

Also includes some draft replies from Newberry and letters from Gardiner to Howard Carter relating to the publication of an article.

Also includes page of notes on names titled Sethe and notes on an article on Sebknofru and ‘On Transcriptions’.

A few letters include notes on the back mostly of one or two words.

MSS 18/1 is also numbered 5
MSS 18/2 is also numbered A.249
MSS 18/3 is also numbered 31
MSS 18/7 is also numbered A.1
MSS 18/8 is also numbered 67
MSS 18/10 is also numbered A.99
MSS 18/13 is also numbered A.302
MSS 18/18 is also numbered 354
MSS 18/19 is also numbered A.238
MSS 18/20 is also numbered A.241
MSS 18/21 is also numbered A.5
MSS 18/22 is also numbered A.295
MSS 18/29 is also numbered 263
MSS 18/31 is also numbered 288
MSS 18/32 is also numbered 253
MSS 18/35 is also numbered A.10
MSS 18/36 is also numbered A.11
MSS 18/37 is also numbered A.22
MSS 18/40 is also numbered 308
MSS 18/46 is also numbered 220
MSS 18/47 is also numbered 1a
MSS 18/48 is also numbered 1
MSS 18/55 is also numbered A.150
MSS 18/56 is also numbered A.137
MSS 18/57 is also numbered 151a
MSS 18/58 is also numbered A.157
MSS 18/59 is also numbered A.138
MSS 18/60 is also numbered A.138
MSS 18/61 is also numbered A.140
MSS 18/62 is also numbered A.141
MSS 18/66 is also numbered 143

Garnot, Jean Saint Fare - correspondence

Correspondence from Jean Saint Fare Garnot (École des Hautes Études, Paris) relating to a Congress of Orientalists in Paris, a collection of photographs he is compiling and a bibliography of Newberry's publications.

Also includes draft replies from Newberry including referring to other Egyptologists and asking Garnot to look for particular ensigns on predynastic red on buff pots in the Louvre.

Garstang, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Garstang including relating to excavation work in Egypt and Jericho, and collaboration with Newberry on publications.

Includes correspondence relating to inscriptions, Beni Hasan, Garstang's forthcoming marriage, Liverpool University, scarabs and seals including sketches and a draft reply from Newberry.

MSS 19/4 is also numbered 23
MSS 19/6 is also numbered 31
MSS 19/7 is also numbered 30
MSS 19/8 is also numbered 29
MSS 19/9 is also numbered A.45
MSS 19/11 is also numbered 29
MSS 19/12 is also numbered 42
MSS 19/13 is also numbered 11
MSS 19/14 is also numbered 40
MSS 19/15 is also numbered 39
MSS 19/16 is also numbered 36
MSS 19/17 is also numbered 35
MSS 19/18 is also numbered 37
MSS 19/19 is also numbered 34
MSS 19/20 is also numbered 33
MSS 19/22 is also numbered 38
MSS 19/23 is also numbered 61
MSS 19/24 is also numbered 51
MSS 19/33 is also numbered 267
MSS 19/34 is also numbered A.371
MSS 19/35 is also numbered A.370
MSS 19/36 is also numbered A.334
MSS 19/38 is also numbered A.46
MSS 19/39 is also numbered A.48
MSS 19/41 is also numbered A.44
MSS 19/42 is also numbered A.47
MSS 19/50 is also numbered 355
MSS 19/54 is also numbered 336
MSS 19/56 is also numbered 336a
MSS 19/58 is also numbered A.77
MSS 19/61 is also numbered A.149
MSS 19/62 is also numbered A.166
MSS 19/64 is also numbered A.160
MSS 19/65 is also numbered A.161
MSS 19/66 is also numbered A.162

Gayer-Anderson, Robert Grenville - correspondence

Correspondence from Robert Grenville Gayer-Anderson (1881-1945) including relating to an article sent by Newberry (1926) and asking his advice on identifying his collection of scarabs and seals at the Fitzwilliam Museum (1944).

Gladstone, Isla - correspondence

Two letters (possibly sent at the same time) from Isla Gladstone to George (surname unknown) relating to her family history and Alexandrina Francesca Pietronella Tinne, including a summary of what is known about her and her travel in Egypt.

Glanville, Stephen Ranulph Kingdon - correspondence

Correspondence from Stephen Ranulph Kingdon Glanville (British Museum) relating to his work at the British Museum, Egypt Exploration Society and University College London, and referring to several contemporary Egyptologists.

Includes correspondence relating to: an oblong pottery box (British Museum, 32639);
various research queries including predynastic pots, palettes, Akhenaton, Ay, beekeeping; the Carnavon collection; publication of articles by Newberry; excavation at Erment and discussion of Emery's character; the possibility of a position for Battiscombe-Gunn; excavation at El Amarna; Mrs Hubbard's funding for the EES; possibility of excavation starting at Soleb; finding Käthe Bosse work; the death of Robert Mond and relating to his obituary; Flinders Petrie and a lecture by Glanville for the Royal Institute.

Also includes draft replies from Newberry including relating to the lotus pattern, El Amarna, Käthe Bosse, Petrie's obituary, and selling Dorothy Hood's necklace.

MSS 17/39 is also numbered 299
MSS 17/40 is also numbered 209
MSS 17/43 is also numbered 3
MSS 17/44 is also numbered 20
MSS 17/53 is also numbered A.144
MSS 17/57 is also numbered A.148
MSS 17/58 is also numbered A.147
MSS 17/60 is also numbered A.170

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