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Percy Edward Newberry Collection

  • NEWB
  • Colección
  • 1629-1999

The Percy Newberry Collection has been listed thanks to a cataloguing grant from the The National Archives in 2015. The collection comprises a wide range of material on topics including Predynastic Egypt, Theban tombs, Egyptian flora and fauna, early Egyptian travellers, ancient Egyptian religion and culture, as well as Newberry's genealogy. Formats include notebooks, research notes, photographs, tracings, rubbings and neswpaper clippings.

The collection has been divided into 5 series: Biographical Material; Correspondence; Research Notebooks; Subject Files and Research Material.

The following key subject terms collate material on the same subject which have been listed in different series:
<a href="">Nome Ensigns</a>
<a href="">Flora and Fauna</a>
<a href="">Predynastic Egypt</a>
<a href="">Scarabs and Seals</a>

Newberry, Percy Edward

Paterson, Emily - correspondence

Correspondence from Emily Paterson (Secretary, Egypt Exploration Fund) relating to Newberry's work for the Egypt Exploration Fund including payment of his salary. Includes correspondence relating to the work of Naville at Deir el Bahari, publication of Beni Hasan, work at Tell el Amarna and communication with Jean-Jacques de Morgan, work by Howard Carter.

Also includes copies of letters from Newberry to Paterson reporting on his work. Includes letters relating to work at Sheikh Said and Gebel el Gebrawi, work by his brother John Newberry and Howard Carter.

MSS 34/69 is also numbered 28
MSS 34/70 is also numbered 26a
MSS 34/71 is also numbered 2
MSS 34/72 is also numbered 3
MSS 34/73 is also numbered 26

Radziwill, Louise (Princess Bl

Correspondence from Louise Radziwill (Princess Blücher) including relating to Newberry's marriage, inviting Newberry to stay, publications by Newberry and refering to international politics.

MSS 38/34 is also numbered A.29b
MSS 38/35 is also numbered A.299
MSS 38/36 is also numbered A.29a
MSS 38/38 is also numbered 10
one letter does not have a Dawson reference but is numbered A.29

Rankin, John - correspondence

Correspondence from John Rankin including relating to the Archaeological Institute at the University of Liverpool, reference to the First World War and invitations to Newberry.

MSS 38/43 is also numbered A.93
MSS 38/44 is also numbered A.336
MSS 38/48 is also numbered A.242
MSS 38/49 is also numbered A.239
MSS 38/53 is also numbered 261
MSS 38/54 is also numbered 248
MSS 38/55 is also numbered 232
MSS 38/56 is also numbered A.311
MSS 38/57 is also numbered A.309
MSS 38/58 is also numbered A.310
MSS 38/59 is also numbered A.312

Roxby, Percy M. - correspondence

Correspondence from Percy M. Roxby relating to the constuction of a road in Kent and a change in deanship at Cairo University (1930).

MSS 38/84 is also numbered 224

Schäfer, H. - correspondence

Correspondence from H. Schäfer (Königliches Museum, Berlin) relating to the delivery of some imprints (1901); and apologising for not being available when Newberry visited the museum (1928) [in German].

MSS 39/41 is also numbered 20

Schweinfurth, Georg - correspondence

Correspondence from Georg Schweinfurth including relating to tombs near Drah abu'l Negga including sketch map and drawing (1902); Quartz, Emery and its possible mining in Assuan (1914); plant remains in the tomb of Tutankhamun and a publication by Keimer on the flora of ancient Egypt (1923).

Smith, Cecil Harcourt - correspondence

Correspondence from Cecil Harcourt Smith (VictoriaAlbert Museum) relating to a lecture by Newberry on the tombs of the Kings.

MSS 40/52 is also numbered A.313
MSS 40/53 is also numbered A.314
MSS 40/55 is also numbered A.315

Stearn, William Thomas - correspondence

Correspondence from William Thomas Stearn (Royal Horticulture Society) relating to botany and gardening including identification of plants, Moringa and his research on the genus Allium (onions). Also includes draft reply from Newberry on the pomegranate.

Stevens, Dorothy - correspondence

Letter from Dorothy Stevens and two draft replies from Newberry relating to his collection of embroideries and movement of belongings during the Second World War, as well as a small glass vase.

Thurburn, Isabel - correspondence

Correspondence from Isabel Thurburn including relating to an exhibition of embroideries.

MSS 43/64 is also numbered A 272
MSS 43/65 is also numbered A 273

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